Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Derek’s Story

As of March 2015 I was Tobacco free for a full year. I let the addiction get the best of me, and there were points where I was not afraid to admit that I LOVED taking a dip. I took my first chew with some buddies when I was 15; I didn’t fully develop the habit for a year after that, but it was always on my mind. For the next seven years after I chewed about a half, a can a day (if not more.)

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It was always a thing I hid from girls, my parents, even from some of my “yuppier” friends. I hid it because I understood how gross it was, but at that point it had already gotten the best of me. I knew my teeth would never be the same or the back pockets of my jeans, but I honestly didn’t care. I think the first realization was when I swore I could see the roots of my teeth from all the decay. I know that is a really gnarly description, but it’s the truth.

When getting a job at MBV, I was not very familiar with electronic cigarettes. I had seen them around and loved the idea, but that’s about all I had. Although I had never smoked cigarettes like most e-cig users, I was willing to give it a shot because I knew it had to be better than chew regardless of how little I knew about it. After working for a while at MBV, I was put in Customer Service to train a bit and ended up getting a pretty powerful call that changed how I felt about my transition to e-­cigs. The customer was fellow chewer and told me his whole story, and I reluctantly admitted that I had yet to quit, and I was really struggling with it. He told me that it was tough for him, but he preached that it could be done and the next time he called he wanted to hear that I quit. Although I never received a call back from this particular customer he put the guilt on me to make it happen. How could I work at such an awesome company and care about such a powerful cause and not make the switch myself, so I did.

That was about two years ago, and I feel so much better now! My taste, my breath, and my white teeth came back so fast it was amazing! My lovely girlfriend is very grateful also! Now I probably have 25 mods and every tank/dripper/RTA that we have carried since. I take pride in the vape community and advise everyone to make the switch. The best part of the vaping community to me is that we all have that niche on our back that we beat one of the hardest addictions know to man, and we are all here together.

Written by: Derek Frigaard
Assistant General Manager
Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Maria says:

    Thanks Derek! I hail from North Idaho, where alot of loggers like to chew & know how hard that habit is on the teeth. It’s soo cool that you were able to quit the chew via vaping! Not only does vaping save lives, it’s way fun! 🙂 Kepp up the good work…

  • Bill says:

    Derek, your story sounds so familiar. I used to do a combination of smoking, chewing and dipping. I drive an 18 wheeler and dip was an alternative to chain smoking behind the wheel. Like you, I also noticed how hard the chew and the dip were on the teeth. I’ve had a half dozen root canals and ground almost all my teeth down to nothing too. At the time I was dipping I didn’t even realize I was doing it until it was too late.
    When I first learned about vaping, I thought that some of the flavors sounded ridiculous. Once I decided to try vapor, I was surprised to discover there were many flavors I tried that I actually enjoyed. Flavors I really enjoyed. Enjoyed better than smoking. Much better than smoking and I’m no longer grinding down my teeth. I’ve only been vaping for 2 months now but I can say it was a very easy (and pleasant) transition from cigarettes and dip to vapor and, thanks to companies like yours, I don’t see myself ever turning back.
    Thanks for the great work you’re doing there at Mt Baker!!!

  • Madalena says:

    Derek sounds like a badass to me!

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