Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Becky’s Story

Unlike the majority of vapers, I have never smoked a cigarette before. I took a drag off one cigarette when I was 15 out of curiosity, and hated it, so I decided never to smoke. My friends and family didn’t smoke either, so it wasn’t hard for me to follow through with that decision. I was first introduced to vaping in 2012 after my boyfriend got a job at Mt Baker Vapor. I spent months listening to him talk about the job and electronic cigarettes and vaping until I finally decided to work for Mt Baker Vapor as well. I wanted an opportunity to learn more about the culture behind vaping and what it was all about, and I honestly don’t think I could have found a better place to do that.

Becky and nick

Since I hadn’t ever used a vaporizer before, I spent the first couple of months asking lots of questions about vaping, vapor products, and the benefits of vaping versus smoking a cigarette. One of my co-workers gave me his old e-Roll (shown below) so I could see what vaping was all about and try some of the flavors we were making. I admit, I went a little crazy with the flavor testing after I got that e-Roll just because of how excited I was to finally have my own vaporizer! Within months, I had a whole box of e-liquid I had mixed up! Since I didn’t smoke or vape previously, trying to vape e-liquid with nicotine was rough, so I stuck to 3mg and below. Even now, I like to try the new flavors, and I will occasionally have my current personal vaporizer, a Gwar-wrapped MVP (shown below), at work to do this, which is awesome!

png;base64add34f2a18a2f50 GWAR-Wrap

The thing that kept me interested in vaping and working with Mt Baker Vapor was hearing all of the stories from customers and employees who have switched over to vaping from smoking cigarettes. These stories all talked about how vaping helped them quit using cigarettes, how vaping helped them reduce their nicotine intake, how they no longer had a smoker’s cough after only days of switching to vaping, and, most importantly, how vaping saved their life. I was inspired by these stories and wanted to help support this community in whatever way I could.

I’ve been working for Mt Baker Vapor for over two years now. Throughout my time here, I have learned a great deal about vaping, about the electronic cigarette industry, and about the culture. I have attended and exhibited at vape events, conferences, and meetings. I have also recently been involved in a few discussions on the legislative issues surrounding the electronic cigarette industry. It amazes me how much opposition and negativity there has been, even with the release of so many positive studies and articles. From every vaper I have ever met, I have only ever heard about the benefits of switching over. Sure, inhaling anything other than oxygen isn’t going to be “good” for you, but it sure seems like inhaling something without the thousands of harmful chemicals would at least be “better” for you. Additionally, I think it’s important to note here that I can both count on one hand and pronounce all of the ingredients involved in the e-liquid we manufacture. I cannot do the same for regular cigarettes, which just doesn’t sit well with me.

Even if the electronic cigarette industry continues to receive flak from legislation, and even if they give us ridiculous rules and regulations to follow, I believe the vaping community will continue to stand strong and fight for what they believe in. Having been included in this industry for the past couple of years, I can safely say that we will not go down quietly. As part of the vaping industry and community, we all have a part to play in supporting the cause. If there is anything, I have learned in this past year it is that as a well informed member of the community, you can make a difference.

Written by: Becky K.

Operations Coordinator

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing, Becky. And thanks for all you do to help our vaping community learn, grow and stand united. 🙂

    74 days cigarette free and still going strong!

  • Jasen says:

    Another never smoker, thanx for the support Becky

  • Lung Cancer Larry says:

    Ok. So this makes the third employee of Mt. Baker Vapor that never smoked and did not experience first hand the fight and stuggle of trying to switch and adapt to ecigs, as well as stay switched. I undestand that you are in Washington, the home of the tree huggers, and attempting to find an ex smoker that switched to ecigs is like saying Unicorn Milk really comes from Unicorns. You would have a hard time trying to find a youngen that smoked as smoking is not as popular among young people as it was 10 years ago. Every one knows a Lung Cancer Larry that recently died from smoking for many years. I undestand that.
    However, I would love to know the qualifications of your so called Asset Manager, that is in charge of important government advocacy and lobbying qualifications are other than the ability to hit a softball. He does not smoke and he never did smoke. He has never vaped, as well.
    Surely, a large reputable establishment such ad Mt. Baker Vapor, with a b&m presence did their due diligence before hiring this youngen for such an important executive position. Please tell me the nature of his background experience, political expertise, and level of education. I am sure you will be proud to post an updated article that touches on home boys qualifications for the job. Please remember to post specific details such as the name and location of all universities that my main man received his degrees from.

    • Prior addiction to anything should not, and is not a valid requirement for any job. Period. I understand that as vapers, we want to see other vapers succeed, but the reality is, in business you choose the best person for the job, not based on their personal addictions or habits. Qualifications and basis for hiring are honestly not the public’s business, and I am truly surprised and offended that our community would react this way. This is no different than treating smokers like they are less because they haven’t made the switch yet. People, whether they smoked or not, believe in what we do, and work hard to take care of the vaping community. Those are the only qualifications that should matter to the general public.

  • Bob Wilson says:

    Lung Cancer Larry,
    That was ignorant.

  • Harvey Webb says:

    I agree with Bob, that was comment was Ignorant and Inflammatory.
    (especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings.
    Lung Cancer Larry go trolling elsewhere, “you wiper of other people’s bottoms”

  • Harvey Webb says:

    Maybe I should taunt him a second time? I like you Michelle 😉

  • Lung Cancer Larry says:

    No, what is ignorant is when you own a large vape shop and the only people you can find to run your shop are people that never smoked and either never vaped or the occasional vapor.
    Hey, you all good ole boys run your business the way you want to but everytime I walked into a vape shop the employees seem to go out of their way to constantly blow huge clouds. You should have the employees that don’t vape start a youtube channel and review some of your products. When I go into a library or even Barnes and Noble, I would expect the librarian to have read a book or two in her life. Product knowledge is the key to any successful salesperson.

  • LCL says:

    Honesty? So, are you telling me that you do not hire ex smokers or heavy cloud chasers because they are all a bunch of worthless crooks? Your the only company I even heard of that posts bios of all your healthy, non vaping, honest employees. I guess you are so proud of them all. You should sell coffee in the shop too.

    • We post honest bios of all our employees, vapers or not. Many of us are vapers, some aren’t, but we’re all passionate about industry. Coffee is available in our B&M 🙂

  • Harvey Webb says:

    Troll’s never use their real name when posting. Unlike real people with real lives, they just troll the blog’s looking to flame someone. Don’t respond to them, just ignore them, they feed on the flames.

  • Harvey Webb says:

    What a sad group of “Tiny brined wiper’s of other people’s bottom’s, I fart in your general direction, I blow my nose at you! Now go away or I will taunt you a second time,

  • Sue says:

    Thanks and great story Becky. I am one of those 51 year smokers that finally found a way to quit through vaping. I never felt better and finally have a new lease on life thanks to MBV!

  • Angel Tibbs says:

    I live, vape, vote and consume in Washington State. I call my legislators and am a member of CASAA. I am 54 years old, smoked for 36 years, am smoke free for over year and would be smoking to this day without my local vape shop.
    Vape shops, we consumers love you, and will stand behind you all the way in lieu of Big Tobacco cigalikes – we just don’t know what’s in those things! No, seriously, we don’t, but we DO know they added stuff to cigarettes to make them more addictive and less healthy. So consider the source.
    I think it’s getting to the point where we need, not only lobbyists, but lawyers. Indiana’s downright unconstitutional.
    My favorite flavors as a granny are pomegranate, coconut cream pie and mint chocolate ice cream. Teens that want to act grown up seem to prefer tobacco tastes from gas stations, just like they did with cigarettes. Boo, cigarettes! It isn’t me, it’s you.

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