Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Ashley F’s Story

I started smoking in high school as a form of rebellion and quickly got out of control by age 21. Only smoking when I drank quickly turned into smoking multiple packs a day by 23. I loved smoking; I loved everything about it. I loved every cigarette from that 1st one of the day to the smoke on my porch right before I went to bed. In the car, after meals, with friends. I was able to hide my smoking habit from my parents until I was about 27. They only caught me after I was dumb enough to light up in the yard with my younger brother while we were working on my car. Shortly after that my little brother told me that he wanted to quit and because he was the one person who meant more to me that anything in this world I decided I would follow suit.


My situation at the time seemed like the worst possible time I could have chosen to quit smoking. I had just moved back in with my dad, had just ended a three-year relationship, was working as a bartender and going through the EMT academy. Everything I did seemed to be centered around my next cigarette. But I thought that If my Grandmother Saint Viva could quit smoking with five mouthy teenage girls at home while she was going through menopause and a divorce then I could quit too.

My introduction to vaping, like so many other people came in the form of the crappy gas station disposable e-cigarettes. They made me feel like I was pretend smoking with one of those fake candy cigarettes I remember getting at the corner store. They were equally unsatisfying as in they were expensive, and it seemed like they were gone in minutes. I thought, “There has to be something better than this”.

That all changed when I went to my first vape store. March 3, 2013 was the day I stopped screwing around and got a tank style vape pen. Nothing fancy, just a Nova tank on a vision spinner battery. I got the lanyard because I knew that I had a tendency to drop things, and I didn’t care how silly I may look with that thing swinging from my neck. I was quitting smoking, and anyone who was gonna make fun of me for it could kick rocks.

I quickly realized that one battery wasn’t enough if I was serious, so I quickly started buying batteries, coils, extra bottles of e-juice. I then realized that there were lots of companies out there, and lots of other people were vaping. Vaping was a subculture that was blowing up, and I was a part of it. Eventually, I left my job bartending to work at that vape shop that gave me my start in the vape community. Working there I met so many people who like me just wanted to quit smoking. I was so excited to tell them about my experience and help them with theirs. I was thrown into a world of PG/VG, volts/watts of ohms and DIY. I was a mad mixologist, and soon I began the cloud chasing.

I am now working for Mt Baker Vapor I couldn’t be happier. I really never thought that the simple choice to quit smoking, thus hopefully saving my life would have changed everything. I am now in a wonderful job that I hope will be my career, and I even met the love of my life working in that first vape shop. My brother still vapes, and I was able to get my father to start vaping as well. I’m always talking to his friends and my friends about switching to vaping. I am living the vaping lifestyle, and I couldn’t be happier.

Something to think about:

What was your motivation to switch from smoking to vaping?

Written by: Ashley F.


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Desiree says:

    Good for you. It’s crazy how vaping has changed your life. You stopped amoking, you’ve met you love. This is a good story. Thanks for sharing.

  • edward fieldus (Australia) says:

    I smoked tobacco for 59yrs and was well hooked, I had decided that I would die from smoking related illness and so be it, I could not give up no matter what I tried, then allong came my first e-cig purchased from china, it worked and I have not had tobacco since the day it arrived and that was 8mnths ago, I tried one puff of a friends tobacco cig a couple of days ago and it took me an hour to recover from that one puff, cough-cough nasty taste horrible thing, how I ever put up with THAT for 59yrs I dont know.

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