Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Amy’s Story

My journey to Mt Baker Vapor, surprisingly, did not begin with a cigarette smoking habit. I have been lucky enough to avoid picking up that habit over the years and working for Mt Baker Vapor only solidifies my resolution to not start. As I was never a cigarette smoker, I had no need to pick up the habit of vaping either. The first time I was introduced to vaping, I thought it looked just a bit silly. Being rather averse to embracing new technology, I wondered why anyone would pick up such an intimidating device to suck on, when they could continue with the good-old-fashioned burning of cancer sticks. Was this just a more effective method for getting cancer inside of your body? Are people just junkies nowadays and need nicotine delivered straight to their veins?


I took the time to ask these questions, and learn more about e-cigs before I judged further. I found a common theme in all the transition to vaping stories I heard: people are looking for ways to be healthier and do better by their bodies. I was told that vaping is, arguably, a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. While evaluating these health claims, I took into account that inhaling any foreign substance into your lungs is not encouraged. However, in comparison to the known toxins inhaled with cigarette smoke, vapor is a better alternative. I heard stories of smokers being able to smell, taste, and run again after making the switch to vaping. This was proof enough for me, and I embraced and supported those who chose this new alternative to smoking.

When the opportunity arose to work at Mt Baker Vapor, I was at a place in my life where I began seeking healthier alternatives to my current unhealthy habits. I started eating more fresh vegetables and less fried food, exercising more and drinking less beer, reading more and watching less TV. Including Mt Baker Vapor in my healthy expedition was just another natural step in my progression of change for the healthy. With my move from California to the headquarters of Mt Baker Vapor in Bellingham, Washington, I was able to breath easier. The pace of life in the Bay Area had become overwhelming, and I was ready to slow down and refocus on what mattered to me. This, of course, included focusing on improving my health. During my quest, I found that I had plenty of co-workers who would participate in and support my journey. I am a fan of nature, and amongst my coworkers, I found plenty of hiking buddies. Vapes are always welcome on these expeditions, as they do not slow anyone in the group down in comparison to the smoke breaks required by my college friends. I am also a fan of eating, and my coworkers had plenty of local restaurants that fit within my dietary requirements. I am not a fan of gyms; however Mt Baker Vapor even found a way to motivate me to get back to those and give it an honest try. Stepping into the company, I had no excuse not to improve my health. They provided me with almost everything I needed; all I had to add to the equation was motivation.

The encouragement to improve my health was a necessity and much appreciated. However, it is also something that can easily be taken for granted in life. Not all groups of people or companies can encourage the best in their employees both in the office and outside of it. Mt Baker Vapor was able to do that, however, by surrounding me with people on the path to health as well. We are not all focusing on the same health goals, but we’re in it together and the added support I received got me much farther than I would have on my own. And isn’t that what vaping is all about? Creating a community of support and encouragement in order to stop smoking cigarettes? That’s what we aim to be for all of you smokers out there attempting to make the switch. The Mt Baker Vapor community helped improve my health; now what can we do for you?

Written by: Amy B.

Marketing Account Manager

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • meredith foster says:

    Great read..thank u!
    I started smoking cigs when i was 13…
    in oct 2013 when i was 37 i was in an auto accident and found out i was going to need major back surgery..
    i had surgery may 2014
    I have been trying to quit smoking for a long time and just couldnt do ut..i tried the pills..gums..patches etc and nothing worked
    may 1 2014 i wound up getting my 1st rda and mech mod….i originally was using an itaste adjustable wattage battery and a tank..but i could not quit cigs
    i had my surgery may 20 2014 and have been cig free and im using a mech mod and rda
    i have tried a lot of juice vendors and i love exploring new ones
    ive heard amazing things about your juice and so excited for the order to arrive!
    Thank u again for offering an amazing variety and options for each juice as well
    and even on facebook..your moderators are great…very welcoming and they actually talk with people …like myself…who have posted
    looking forward to being a devoted customer!!

    • Thank you for your story! We are soo happy to assist in helping you move from cigarettes to E-Cigs, and also the ability to deliver some delicious tasting juices! We hope you enjoy your vape mail! 🙂

  • Christopher says:

    I started smoking at 15yo. When I was 18yo I was caught smoking for the first time. I smoked because I liked it, but I was ashamed of the smell and the conitations and nasty looks that came with it. I found vaping at age 30. I feel better and now instead of people saying: “Whew, you stink of smoke…” I hear: “Mmm is that Maple Syrup I smell?” (Mt Baker Vapor: Carmel Candy Max VG, 12mg Nicotine) It has liberated my enjoyment to smoke, and as a mechanically inclined person, I find rebuildables very enjoyable and therapeutic.

  • Ray says:

    I wish, I were read a different story, may from someone who vapes and enjoy flavors, I can’t wonder how marketer can promote a product that was not taste before. That is a dissapointment as a consumer of your really good juices.

    • Everyone is always entitled to their opinion. The main point of her blog was to show an outsider’s perspective who neither smoked or vaped. Our largest adversaries are those with lack of knowledge, they are the most harmful to our industry just simply due to not knowing the truth about electronic cigarettes. Her story tells how she overcame her assumptions about vaping, learned everything she could before make a concise judgement, coming to the realization that electronic cigarettes do play a part in assisting people to quitting cigarettes, and she ended up working for Mt Baker Vapor. Thus allowing her to spread the word about the vaping industry. This is a characteristic that we wish we could see in everyone, unfortunately again everyone is entitled to their opinion. All we can do is give them the information with a smile on and hopefully it sticks. We thank you for your opinion, and we encourage everyone to help others who have limited on knowledge about what electronic cigarettes really are.

  • scott says:

    I started smoking in my early teen as I hit my 30 years of smoking I realized I need to quit because no doubt in my mind itvwould kill me started vaping will be a year on the first day of spring I justvwanna thank you for saving my life I enjoy vaping more then I ever did smoking reg ciggs I can breath without wheezing so I know vaping works god bless you all and as long as I dont hear that anyone got cancer or died from vaping I will be vaping in my 90s

  • joey says:

    And this why I love mouny baker vaper..started with you guys and staying with you guys.Awlays showing me and teaching me about the stuff you have..I have litterally learned everything I now in my new way in life in vaping..from ohms to steeping .To mods and coils..you guys taught me everything..And when I say I love you guys I really mean it…God bless for saving my lungs and teaching me everything I need to now..Wouldnt now what to do with out you..My main question is how in the heck do you guys get from washington state to washington dc in shipping so freaking fast!!!!!!! that always pinched a brain over here.lol

  • Karli says:

    I really enjoyed this story. Well written with a peaceful heart. Sounds like you’re a great balance for mbv. Thank you for the encouragement to live healthier as a whole!

  • Henrietta says:

    People nolmlray pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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