Mechanical Mods | A Guide

A Guide to Mechanical Mods

Around 40 million adults in America are smokers. However, the number is falling thanks to the concept of vaping, some using mechanical mods.

Vaping is a growing phenomenon and people all around the world are adapting to it. In fact, 70% of American vapers today turned to vaping all in 2014.

Vaping involves using an atomizer and filling it up with juice, then heating it up to its boiling point so that it transforms into vapor for you to inhale.

What are Mechanical Mods?

Mechanical mods are electronic cigarettes that do not have an electrical switch, chips, or circuit. They work on a simple mechanical phenomenon, which receives standard voltage from a battery connected to it.

Mechanical mods are tubes that come in aluminum, metal, brass, or steel. You insert one or more batteries into it depending on your needs and how strong you want your vaping experience to be.

However, they can’t be termed as the safest vaping devices because you’re basically vaping off a battery with no protection.

How To Use Them?

A mech mod is a tube that holds a battery (18650 or 26650). There’s a pin on top, a 510 connector, a small compartment to fill with juice, and a firing button at the bottom which accesses the battery and gives enough power to create vapes off the juice that you fill the mech mod with.

That’s it. You inhale the smoke. However, do not keep on vaping for a long time as vaping from a battery that’s close to dying can be dangerous. 

When the battery begins to drain, you will feel a difference in the experience as the hit will start to get weaker.

What To Consider When Buying Mechanical Mods

With so many mech mods on the market, it can be daunting to choose one. Buyers demand products that are durable and of the right quality. 

Here are some factors to consider:

Selecting A Mod: 

  • The mod should have a lock mechanism to prevent accidental firing.
  • It should have vent holes to release hot gas.
  • The mod should be durable to last a long time. Check reviews on websites to find a good one.

Selecting a RDA/Dripper:

It’s an atomizer that lets electricity to pass from the battery to the coil.

  • It should have adjustable airflow so that you can set the airflow higher for more vape and lower for more flavor.
  • Dual coil capability because it cuts the resistance in half and gives you more vapor.
  • Choose an RDA with good reviews.

Selecting A Battery:

  • Choose a battery that has at least 20 amp limit so that the mod doesn’t over stress the battery and cause venting.
  • Choose IMR (non protected batteries) to prevent the risk, since lithium batteries can get very hot and lead to accidents. 
  • The battery should be able to handle the mod’s output.
  • If possible, choose one with greater mAh for longer use.
  • A 16650 or 18650 battery is ideal.

Selecting A Charger:

  • Should show voltage reading to avoid overcharging, or have an automatic turn off.
  • Compatible with the battery you choose.

Selecting The E-Liquid

  • Try different flavors.
  • Choose the right level of nicotine.

Mechanical Mods Safety

  • The 510 connector pin should be insulated to prevent battery explosions.
  • Wrapper on the battery shouldn’t be torn, or else it can lead to a battery short.
  • Buy an Ohm reader to keep on measuring the coil’s resistance so as to prevent shorts.
  • Buy a voltmeter and attach it to the 510 connector pin to read the voltage. Make sure the battery isn’t drained beyond 3.4 volts. 
  • The mod should have vent holes to allow the passage of gas build up.
  • Should have a locking mechanism to avoid firing the button accidentally.

Mechanical Mods Pros and Cons


  • No electrical components means no chances of the frying of electrical parts or circuit failure.
  • Extremely durable and can bear physical abuse, too.
  • Replacing battery is easy and cheap.
  • Fires even with low coil resistance.
  • Multiple batteries can be used together.


  • No protection for short circuits.
  • Can’t regulate battery voltage.
  • Battery drains from use and must be charged.

Mechanical Mods versus Regulated Mods

The difference between a mech mod and a regulated mode is that of control. A mech mod is more like cooking on a campfire with little control while a regulated mod is like cooking on a stove with ability to regulate heat and safety elements.

Still, mech mods are known for their simple use and no hassle, as there’s no circuitry or menu to adjust. You simply fire a button and let the battery send current through the coil and vape the liquid.

At the end of the day, it is a personal choice but there appears to be a market for both products.

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