Mac Miller and Vaping: The Late, Great Rapper Had a Secret IG

As the world of hip hop still reels from the news of Mac Miller’s untimely death from drugs, many are realizing just how charming his personality really was. The perfect example to illustrate this comes in the form of perhaps an unlikely pair — Mac Miller and vaping. Following his death, sleuthing fans discovered Miller had a secret Instagram handle, @cloudywithachanceofawesome69. This account showcased tricks and was, in general, dedicated to a love of vaping.

Mac’s alter ego on the IG, Lars, showcased his tricks and in general used his account to “maximize the level of litness.” Lars was the perfect foil to Miller’s quirky personality and it delighted fans to discover this profile after Miller’s shocking death.

Mac Miller and Vaping, Do it For the Gram

Mac Miller (aka Lars), had some seriously funny posts, which can be viewed below (the full account can be seen by clicking on the posts). This account is a testament to how popular vaping has become, parodied or not.

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Mac Miller was a great hip hop artist, human being, and, apparently, secret member of the vaping community!

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