Moo Juice E Juice | In Honor of the Lunar Eclipse!

Hey everyone and welcome to ou flavor spotlight! Everyone is talking about the lunar eclipse AND the blood moon happening today (the eclipse was at 12 am EST), so we decided to choose an appropriate vape juice: Moo Juice E Juice. Our thought process behind this is that if you just add an “n” Moo Juice E Juice become Moo(n) Juice PLUS it is Strawberry flavored which jives with the blood moon theme. That’s good enough for us!

Check out the description on our website for this amazing juice:

It was the red cow that was despised until the first glass of pink strawberry Moo Juice was poured. Word traveled quick and folks from all four corners of the earth came to sample the stunningly delicious flavor of fresh strawberries and sweet creamy pastries.

Moo Juice E Juice, the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moons!

Lunar eclipses throughout history have not been well understood. Imagine not understanding astronomy and all of a sudden the moon disappears, turning red, appearing to be bleeding. People back in the day were extremely scared of this phenomenon. The first recorded instance of an eclipse and blood moon occurred in 1136 BC China during the Chou Dynasty. The reference to this occurrence was found in a text called the “Bamboo Annals” found in the tomb of King Xiang of Wei. This eclipse was considered by the Chinese at the time to be an omen, telling King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty to challenge to overlord.

In 413 BC, a similar eclipse occurred in Greece. It caused Athenian soldiers to panic. Syracusan forces took advantage of this situation and captured all the troops.

In 1504, Columbus, who was stranded on Jamaica, used an eclipse to trick the indigenous population. Three days before an eclipse was known to take place, he told the Arawak people that God was angry with them for not helping the Spanish soldiers. As a result, the moon will disappear from the sky, turning red with his displeasure. When this did in fact happen, the Arawak people came running to the Spanish ships with provisions.

The Babylonians believed that an eclipse foretold the death of a king. This was described in their holy book Enuma Anu Enlil (The Gods Anua and Enlil). Because of this, the royal families appointed a “temporary king”, who was then KILLED to kind of fulfill the prophecy. The original royal family then stepped back in. The Babylonians were very advanced in Astronomy and understood the sky much more than other civilizations at the time, but they had some messed up beliefs in terms of omens.

Today, we understand what causes eclipses (the Earth casting a shadow on the moon), and many are not frightened of them. In fact, many of those who follow astrology believe that this extremely long and potent eclipse/blood moon signify an important rebirth. So, from dark omens to beautiful rebirths, eclipses/blood moons have had an amazing history!

Moo Juice E Juice is one of our best and favorite flavors. It is our official vape juice of the lunar eclipse and blood moon! Celebrate this amazing celestial event the right way!

Moo Juice E Juice Vape Juice


Love this juice always one of my favs 🙂 Thanks Mt Baker for never disappointing and delivering some of the best juices at reasonable prices. You’ve made the ability to give up cigarettes affordable and enjoyable:) Just over a year now . Many thanks 🙂

Just like vaping on a strawberry cow’s udder

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