Lord of the Peach Rings

In the land of fruity vape juice, sweet and sour Peach Rings E-Juice reigns supreme.

History of the Gummy

Gummy candy has a long history of deliciousness. The candy itself and the name “gummi” is said to have originated in Germany. Popular under the German name, Gummibär, gum arabic, a natural gum consisting of hardened sap was the original ingredient in the production of gummy bears.

The first gelatin-based candy was the gummi bear created in 1922 by Hans Riegel, a senior inventor at the German confectionery company, Haribo.

Gummies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. There is virtually no end to what the gelatin-based chewable sweets can be modeled into. And seeing how Haribo alone produces over 80 million gummy bears a day, we decided long ago that it was time to offer the same gummy flavor to vapers.

What is Peach Rings E-Juice by Mt Baker Vapor?

Peach Rings E-Juice is a new take on a classically sweet and sour peach gummy candy.

What are vapers saying?

Brendon S. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“Hands down best vape. If you like peach rings… let’s be real… get this NOW. I got 50/50 blend 6mg nic with 2 extra flavor shots in a 236ml bottle and vaping out of an aspire triton 2 on an istick 100W through a 0.5 ohm coil and this is hands down the best vape I’ve ever had.”

 Katherine C. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“This is a good one! The flavor is just enough. I got the 80/20 vg/pg and love it.”

 Leanne P. gives Peach Rings 5 stars.

“Peach rings taste like peach rings candy. I am finding the longer I let all Mt. Baker Vapor e juice sit, the more I enjoy them. Overall, their juices are really some of the best I have had. Thank you.”

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