Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Endorses Mt Baker Vapor!

Is that a lightsaber? Nope, it’s Randy Blythe, lead vocalist of metalcore band Lamb of God, enjoying Mt Baker Vapor e Juice with his freaking AWESOME iTaste 134 mod! After years of smoking the singer has decided to quit with the help of Mt Baker Vapor. “…the cigs are gonna kill me (plus I sing for a living- I kinda of need my throat & lungs. So I had to quit smoking, but I need some sort of vice…” And that’s where Mt Baker Vapor stepped in, after a few days of vaping MBV e juice the singer has already cut down on his pack and a half day habit! “I have been using this thing for a few days and I have cut my cig to 1/4 of what I was smoking without even trying.” Well, Randy welcome to the wondrous world of vaping, we are stoked to be your new vice and cannot wait to work with you on some Lamb of God e juice flavors!


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  • Justin says:

    This is literally the reason I just bought your stuff.. That is my all time favorite band. Some wicked Lamb of God edition flavoring would be awesome.

  • Justin says:

    Well that and the fact that you have awesome prices and good reviews.

  • Grace says:

    Great pic!

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