Juul Vape Study: Half of Smokers Quit After 3 Months of Vaping

According to the Harm Reduction Journal, and a scientific Juul Vape Study, a quarter of smokers are able to fully quit combustible cigarettes after vaping for a month. Moreover, over half are able to quite after vaping for 3 months.

This Juul Vape Study focused specifically on smokers using Juul-devices. It sampled a group of 15,000 traditional cigarette smokers and followed them as they attempted to switch over to the pod-system.

Another finding in the study, which flies in the face of acts of regulations, shows that flavors (like mint and mango), increase the chances of smokers being able to give up combustible cigarettes for good and make the switch. The Juul Vape Study helps to bolster the company’s ascertain that their product, and other vapes, help smokers to quit and use a healthier alternative.

CDC data from 2017 shows that smoking is down 67% from 1965, especially within the past couple of years. This decline correlates with a rise in the popularity of vaping. Previous studies have shown that vaping does in fact help people to quit smoking.

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Caroline Sparks

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  • Richard B Weitzel says:

    I was a 3 to 4 pack a day cigarette smoker. I purchaced a 36 milligram nicotine juice from mt. Vapor. Unfortunately this is now unavailable. I’m now completely off cigarettes. Vaping a 12mg. for the last 4 years. Thank you Mt.Vapor

  • CHARLES says:

    I am one of the people that smoked for over 44 years. I started with the ecigs then switched to vapor flavors. Came to find out it was cheaper then smoking taste good all the flavors to pick. Took 2 months then was able to say vapor only. What I found is do not use the cigarette flavor. Use a nice taste helped out a lot.

  • Cynthia says:

    Another device I would recommend is Smok Infinix. Although I have switched to another MTL device I have not had a cigarette since June 15th 2018. The flavors helped me as well. To me flavors taste way better than a cigarette. I smoked for 35 years. I am happy that I no longer smoke them. When the occasion presents itself and I crave a cigarette I switch to a eliquid with a higher nicotine and that nips it in the bud. I don’t know what the future holds for me but, I am pretty sure going back to cigarettes isn’t in my future

  • Nathan Vaksman says:

    55 years smoking. Stop the second day after starting vaping at 18%. No cigarette for almost five years.
    Thanks to vaping I tried medication, patches etc., nothing worked. Now I vape 0 to 3%. Good luck.

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