Vapor Visuals Abroad: Inverness, Scotland

Known as the capital of the Highlands, Inverness was established no later than the 6th century and has been the site of many important events in Scottish history. The area was once ruled by the Gaelic king Mac Bethad Mac Findláich (MacBeth) and has been occupied by the Celts, Picts, Gaels, Romans, and Vikings throughout history.

A climb up the Inverness Castle watchtower will give you a full view of the city in all of its glory. In the town center you’ll find our partners Vaporized on Church Street. Don’t forget to pop in and stock up on your favorite MBV e-juice.


On the outskirts of Inverness you will find Balnauran of Clava, which consists of three stone circles and four cairns. Radiocarbon dating of the site has determined that the structures were constructed around 2000 BCE. The entrances of the two open cairns are oriented south west towards midwinter sunset and are thought to have been used to track the harvest seasons.


Less than a mile away from the cairns is the site of the battle that ended the Jacobite Revolution on 16 April 1746. Today the National Trust for Scotland has erected a 6-meter-high memorial cairn to honor the men that fought in the Battle of Culloden on Culloden Moor and a visitor center details the history and logistics of the famous battle.


Leanach Cottage stands today where the English lines would have been arranged during the Battle of Culloden and was likely used as a field hospital for their men. The cottage was gifted to the National Trust for Scotland in 1944 by a local land owner and was used as the original visitor center when the site opened to the public in 1961.


The Battle of Culloden lasted for less than one hour and about 1,500 men were killed. Over 1,000 of the slain were from the Jacobite forces and today their passing is marked by headstones representing the clans that fought.


Cutting through the center of the city you will find the River Ness. Measuring at about 6 miles long, the river flows from Moray Firth to the northern end of Loch Ness.


On the banks of the River Ness, the Inverness Cathedral stands as the northernmost cathedral in mainland Scotland. The cathedral was the first Protestant cathedral to be completed after the Reformation in Great Britain.


Just 13 miles south-west of Inverness sits Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. The current ruins date from the 13th to the 16th centuries and was mostly abandoned by the middle of the 17th century. The castle was partially destroyed in 1692 to prevent its use by Jacobite forces, and subsequently decayed. Today it is one of the most visited castles in Scotland.


A full loop can be made around Loch Ness, taking you back to Inverness. On this path you will be routed past the Suidhe Viewpoint, which is certainly worth the stop.


A short detour on the trip around the loch will take you to the Falls of Foyers. The falls and gorge were a very popular destination for gentry during the Victorian era and attracted artists and poets such as George Washington Wilson and Robert Burns.


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