At last, the Best of Both Worlds: The Pocketmod

The current Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang, pronounced Lee Kuh Chang, once said, “changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Perhaps there is an association between the word “innovation” and the well-known Chinese e-cigarette technology company, Innokin.

Founded in 2011, with a goal of combining technological innovation and quality designs backed by high standards, Innokin vapor has been a consistent trailblazer for the electronic cigarette industry, designing and manufacturing products for vapors worldwide. Products like the MVP4, the Endura T22 and now, the Pocketmod Starter Kit.

Before we get into what the Pocketmod Starter Kit is all about, it must be noted that despite the uncanny resemblance to lipstick, the Pocketmod holds no allegiance to man or woman, but seeks to serve all of humanity! Didn’t mean for that to sound so epic.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into a brief overview of what this new, fashionable, and sleek device is all about.

The Pocketmod by Innokin

The Pocketmod by Innokin

Once you open the white box which mimics the Apple iPhone box; you will find one Innokin Pocketmod, one pre-installed 0.35ohm coil, one spare 1.5ohm coil, one Micro USB charging cable, one Lanyard and one instruction manual.

Portable, Easy, Small Enough to Put in Your Pocket

Men, upon first glance, your first impression of the Pocketmod may have you rummaging through your trash in search of your receipt to get your money back, but don’t fret. Though conspicuously shaped like a tube of lipstick, the Pocketmod is a pen device. A very advanced device in fact.

One of the many functionalities which make the Pocketmod such a desirable device is the freedom to choose. The mod comes with two types of coils, which allows for freedom of expression. To obtain a more immediate lung hit, there is a 0.35ohm slipstream coil. For those who enjoy a more restrictive mouth to lung experience, Innokin offers a 1.2ohm slipstream coil as well.

With a 2000mAh built-in battery, an integrated 2.0mL leak proof tank (because you know leaks are a no-no), and a precise top mounted dual airflow control ring, the Innokin Pocketmod is a major step up from the popular AIO.

So Small, Yet Powerful

In conclusion, don’t listen to what the critics say.

The Pocketmod wasn’t created to solely satisfy the needs of Venus without taking into account the needs of Mars. The Innokin Pocketmod was meticulously crafted in a compact and durable fashion to offer the very best in productivity and flavor to vapers worldwide.

Oh, and did I mention that the Lanyard is pretty cool? I like Lanyards.

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