The Positive Impact of Vaping on the Environment

1. Preventing cigarette butts being deposited into the environment. 

Despite what many people think, cigarette butts are essentially non-biodegradable. They typically take over 25 years to break down under ideal conditions. One of the worst consequences of smoking, is the litter caused by butts being deposited into landfills, rivers, lakes and oceans. On many beaches and parks around the world, cigarette remnants are the number one type of trash found. Also, 10% of forest fires are caused by discarded cigarettes. Using the averages from Arizona smokers, we found that the average smoker discards 7,300 butts per year. (20 x 365). For a smokers average lifetime (assuming they start smoking at 18 and live until 77), they discard around 430,700 butts. The impact of vaping would be immense. Imagine if all these smokers switched to vaping! 


2. The Impact of vaping prevents money from ending up in the hands of Big Tobacco. 

Big Tobacco is causing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Most people can agree that we do not want to give them any more money. MBV takes pride in the fact that former smokers make the switch using our products, pulling funds away from tobacco corporations. Let’s look at the numbers: the average annual spend per smoker is $1,789. Therefore, we prevented $35,933,854 from ending up in the hands of Big Tobacco so far this year. In terms of lifetime spend, the average smoker spends $105,551. Imagine if we kept this money out of the hands of big tobacco and gave it to small businesses? It is worth noting that some of this money will be spent on vape supplies, helping the economy, as opposed to huge, dangerous corporations. The impact of vaping is huge!


3.  Preventing trees from being cut down.

One of the worst things that Big Tobacco is guilty of is deforestation. For every 15 packs of cigarettes, one tree is cut down. The average smoker destroys 6 trees per year due to their habit and 352 trees over their lifetime. The impact of vaping would prevent whole forests from being cut down!


4.   Preventing CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Big Tobacco really contributes to climate change issues and the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere due to their manufacturing processes. Per year, the industry releases 22 millions tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. There are 5.5 trillion cigarettes produced annually. Therefore, .03066 tons of CO2 is released per cigarette which translates to 62 pounds per smoker, per year if you assume that each smoker smokes a pack a day. Making the switch would prevent this.


5. Preventing chemicals from being leaked into soil, oceans, lakes, and rivers. 

When butts are disposed of, over 600 chemicals are leaked into the environment per butt. Because 7,300 butts are disposed per smoker per year, 4,380,000 chemicals are leaked into the environment per year per smoker. Over a lifetime, this is 258,420,000 chemicals. Switching to vaping would prevent this from occurring!

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Caroline Sparks

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