Immortal Corruptor E Juice will leave your taste buds corrupted in a good way!

Distinctively grotesque costumes, copious amounts of fake blood, urine, and at times semen. Yes, you read that right — semen. These are all just some of the trademarks that have come to define the American heavy metal band, GWAR. Whether you’re one of the multitudes who follow the band and their often crude, over-the-top violent performances, or abhor anything and everything that they stand for — one thing is for certain — the GWAR Fluids are seriously, and disturbingly, delicious! Like Spew, Immortal Corruptor E Juice is another electronic cigarette e-liquid flavor endorsed by Gwar and made by Mt Baker Vapor. And just like Spew, it’s a flavor that you are going to want to try — if you haven’t already done so.

About Immortal Corruptor E Juice:

Immortal Corruptor is a sweet e-juice that delectably blends cranberry, pineapple, whip cream, marshmallow and vanilla in an infernal sea of pistachio pudding. Some know it as the Watergate salad e-juice flavor. Those who’ve tried it know it to be delicious!

Where did the E Juice name, Immortal Corruptor, come from?

In late 2001, GWAR released their eighth studio album titled, Violence Has Arrived. Of the thirteen tracks on the album, Immortal Corrupter is the only song with a music video, which we have shared below for your viewing pleasure:

What are vapers saying?

Mark J. says:

“I LOVE this juice. It is one of my all-time favorites, hands down. It has reduced steeping time and the very, very light color is quite kind to the coils. I highly recommend giving it a try!”

 Edge says:

“I am new to vaping and didn’t think this would be good when I opened the bottle. But now… this is the best e-juice I’ve tried. A very special taste. I am going to try all the Gwar flavors. “ 

Machelle W. says:

“Love, love, love Immortal Corruptor. Bought 2 bottles, one is empty, started on the second. I love the flavor medley. I keep one tank filled with Corruptor since receiving it. A new favorite!

Isn’t “Corruptor” spelled incorrectly?

Yes, it is. Corruptor should be spelled with an ‘e’. The misspelling is a well-known, minor error that has been corrected on the back cover of GWAR’s first nationally released live concert CD, Live from Mt. Fuji.

Especially relevant: last week’s Flavor Friday.

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