Delicious Huckleberry Ice Cream E-juice

Deliciousness has a story. And although we like to believe the story of Huckleberry Ice Cream began years ago on the bed of a great river, the real tale of how Huckleberry came to be is quite interesting. Aside from being one of the key flavors in Huckleberry Ice Cream E-juice, did you know the word “huckleberry” is actually a mispronunciation?

It’s true.

Or at least it is according to research, which has found that huckleberry actually got its name from a simple mistake in speech. It is said that early American colonists misidentified the American berry as a European blueberry known at the time as the “hurtleberry, whortleberry or bilberry.” In 1670, the name was “corrupted” becoming the “huckleberry” name we use today.

Mmmm Huckleberry!

If you haven’t tried Huckleberry Ice Cream E-juice, you are truly missing out. A dessert vape comprised of a creamy blend of mountain huckleberries and vanilla cream, Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice is not only flavorful, but it has a great cloud. Simply put, it’s nothing short of delish!

Read what one of many happy customers had to say:

Stellar Flavor; Great Cloud

“I’ll preface by saying I had no idea what a huckleberry was before buying this juice. I find my palette gravitating toward creamy dessert flavors these days, and I’m so happy I tried this. The inhale had a subtle, but prominent blueberry/raspberry (without the tart zing) flavor. The exhale is a smooth, creamy custard/vanilla flavor. In short, it’s utterly outstanding. Many of these flavors can be cloying and overdone- good for the hit it and quit it vape sessions- this is not one of them, I use it all day. The cloud output is outstanding for a 50/50 PG/VG blend. I’d err with more PG on this one- much less and I’d worry about losing the flavor. There’s certainly no shortage of clouds on my Kanger Subvod.”

Reviewed On: blue label (pre-steeped) bottle, 12mg, 50% PG/50% VG.

Try Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice today. You will love it. (Pro tip: mix with our Blue Moo E Juice for a dash of blueberries with your ice cream).

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  • Leo says:

    I already tried so many flavored e-juices and I’m a fan of them all. Now I’m interested in huckleberry ice cream e-juice. I hope I can easily get this online. I am so excited on how would it tastes like.

  • anon says:

    This flavor is really underrated. I kinda like that because it’s in stock more often 🙂

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