How you can save money with your electronic cigarette

As a means of cutting my costs of smoking cigarettes and trying out a great alternative to smoking, I decided to take the plunge and buy my first electronic cigarette in October of 2009.

My first electronic cigarette was Joye 510 brand starter kit in blue with a Coca-Cola flavor. I loved the flavor of the vapor, the throat hit it provided, and the cost effectiveness. I went from smoking half a pack a day and spending over a $100/month on cartons to vaping on an electronic cigarette and spending less then half of that amount basically overnight. The Joye 510 provided a satisfying throat hit, solid vapor production, a variety of colors to suit my mood, and a seemingly endless variety of flavors. I’ve now been vaping for over 18 months and still find new flavors to try. The possibilities seem endless, and I’ve only sampled a few dozen flavors as of yet.

One day, I was getting to the end of my personal supply of atomizers and batteries, so when I needed a fix, and not wanting to go back to regular cigarettes or wait for the time for an order to ship online, I went to my local convenience store and purchased a disposable electronic cigarette. Instantly I was disappointed. Their was no variety of flavors available-just the default tobacco(and not even a good tobacco flavor at that), and I had no option for different strengths of nicotine(having found that certain flavors taste better with varying levels of nicotine distribution). In addition, all of them looked identical, and all the disposable electronic cigarettes were designed to emulate the look of a tobacco cigarette-a look that I found tacky. But enough with the aestethics, let’s get on to the important part-how well did it vape? Well, it was incredibly underwhelming. I immediately noticed on my first draw that the vapor production was lacking, and there was almost zero throat hit. I had to take a few quick drags on the disposable electronic cigarette to even tell I had taken a hit to begin with.  That was after months of vaping exclusively on my Joye 510, and I can only imagine the throat hit of the disposable electronic cigarette would have been worse had I tried it immediately after smoking a tobacco cigarette. Not only that, but the price of the disposable electronic cigarette was comparable to the cost of two joye 510 atomizers and 1 bottle of nicotine liquid(about $23). So i had spent nearly as much on a disappointing disposable electronic cigarette as I would have for a month of Joye 510 vaping on a product that would only provide me with one week of “optimal” vaping(and another week of sub-optimal vaping) that didn’t satisfy my craving at all.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are designed for two things-to be bought on impulse and to be thrown away and quickly purchased again. As such, the disposable electronic cigarette is cheaply made and conveniently marketed(their ubiquity is the only thing keeping them in business, I believe). The Joye 510, on the other hand, is designed with the serious vaper in mind. The atomizer is tuned to run hotter then the competition, and provides much better vapor production and a more satisfying experience over all. The atomizers, while lasting a shorter time period then some of their competitors, are still designed to give a satisfying result throughout their lifespan, whereas the disposable electronic cigarette is designed to work well for a couple of days and then give diminishing results on each subsequent use.

Considering the circumstances which led me to buying the disposable electronic cigarette to begin with, and based upon my own personal satisfaction with the Joye 510, me and my now business partner decided that we would not only sell the Joye 510 brand, but we would also offer home delivery to our home county and plan on putting incentives into place to promote the service in other areas as well. We feel that the Joye 510 electronic cigarette is the best brand on the market today, and we can stand behind the product as daily users of the product outselves. We think it is a much better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and a much cheaper alternative at that. We want to bring affordable, tastier and more customized electronic cigarettes to your door and provide a better service and value then the disposable electronic cigarettes ever could with their low-quality, impersonal product.


Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.

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    i have saved soooo much money since i have started vaping!

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