How to start vaping?

Start vaping is not so difficult anymore. Be practical and think genuinely while preparing to start vaping. Try to recall any of your friends or colleagues who used to vape. Think about your everyday schedule, think about how you can accommodate the vaping sessions through your day. Fix a budget to purchase your vaping kit, accessories, and e-juices.


The first step to start vaping is to find the device that suits your lifestyle and preferences. The right vaping device can offer you a pleasant kick-start, and it will keep you away from smoking forever.

However, you should ensure you get the right vape juice to satisfy your nicotine craving. Well, how much does it cost to start vaping? You will be able to figure it out in a while. Let me help you in getting started with the basics.

Vape pen

Most of the beginners tend to choose a vape pen due to its ease of use and portability. A vaper doesn't need to know in-depth knowledge about vaping devices to use a vape pen.

However, a basic understanding of the coils, heating elements, and ohms law is mandatory. You can learn all these on our blog page. A vape pen is one of the easiest to use, and you can get a satisfying vaping session by using a vape pen.

Prime the coil, fill up e-juice and hit the fire button to inhale the warm and flavorful clouds with nicotine. It is very simple but effective.

Vape Pens


  • Unlimited flavor choice
  • Low maintenance
  • Customizable


  • Do not see any setbacks

Pod vapes

Pod vapes became familiar only in the last few years. Pod vape is a no-brainer, and you just need to learn to replace cartridges and to charge the battery. Anybody can start vaping with a pod vape without even learning about the technicalities involved in vaping.

Pod vapes often won’t have any control buttons. Such pod vapes are draw-activated, and you just need to take a puff to activate the device. Keep going until you finish the cartridge, and replace it to start the next session.

Pod Vapes


  • No-maintenance required
  • Perfect choice to start vaping
  • Just load the cartridge to start vaping
  • Low cost


  • Low nicotine level

Vaping kit with Box mods

A vaping kit comes with a mod, vape tank, additional coils, batteries (In-built or rechargeable), and tool kit. You should learn to load or unload a coil in the vape tank. Likewise, you should know to connect the vape tank to the mod kit. Further, learn to clean and maintain the vaping kit in good shape to avoid purchasing additional accessories.

Box mods


  • High-powered
  • Wide range of flavors and nicotine choices
  • Suitable for beginners and pro vapers too


  • Need to pass the learning curve to start enjoying it


There is no specific method to decide the best e-liquid. However, try to buy your favorite flavor that has sufficient nicotine to satisfy your cravings. That way, you will not miss smoking, and it will be easier for you to continue vaping and to quit smoking. But do remember to buy only smaller quantities in the beginning to experience it and to find the best suitable choice for you.


A simple rule for beginners is to spend money only on devices from experts. Don't buy from a random website or retail store just because they look attractive. Equally, try to get tips from experienced vapers in your community. In a while, you will become an expert, and you be able to scale up the quality and satisfaction of your vaping sessions.


Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.