How to Help Friends and Family Members Switch From Smoking to Vaping

Almost all of us have an impulse to share the things we appreciate and enjoy. It’s what makes it so satisfying to get someone into a band or recommend a movie or book they end up loving. When it comes to sharing something like vaping with friends and loved ones, though, that impulse can be even stronger. There are a lot of good reasons to switch to vaping—some people do it to quit smoking and some people just do it for the fun e cig flavors. For some tips on how to help friends and family members switch from smoking to vaping, read on. 

Why It’s Worth It

As mentioned, there are a whole lot of reasons to switch over from smoking to vaping—finding vendors with delicious vape juice flavors being just one of them. One is also able to get rid of that stale smoker’s smell, enjoy the return of sharper senses of smell and taste, and much more.

Getting Them Started

One of the most common barriers to vaping among even those who are open to switching over is simply committing to doing so. The variety of hardware, which vape flavors to choose, and generally how it all works can be a bit intimidating. That means that the most crucial step in introducing someone to e cigarettes and vaping is just giving them the means to begin. Getting them a good vape starter kit with the necessary hardware and some enticing vape flavors is often exactly the thing that facilitates the switch.

Have Some Flavor Variety

Even if you know they love a particular food, drink, tobacco, or dessert, that preference may not transfer to a cloud of vapor. You should certainly include it as a selection when offering them a variety of flavors with their starter kit but add some variety. Consider including some flavors you love, some you think they’ll love: some sweet flavors, minty or menthol flavors, and tobacco flavors. Finding one they’re crazy about is a great motivator.

Have Some Nicotine Variety

Another common hurdle to successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping is a new vaper not getting the nicotine content right. All too often a long-time or heavy smoker will think that they should definitely go with a higher-nic juice to accommodate their smoking levels of nicotine intake, only to end up green-faced and nauseated from too much nicotine. On the other hand, they might vape a lower-nic juice and give up on vaping when they’re not feeling their craving met. Starting with low-nic juices but having higher content flavors available is always a good way to go so one can work their way up to a satisfactory level.

Have Some Transition Tips

While you may be all about your advanced sub-ohm RTA/RDA mod, a new vaper isn’t going to be, at least not right off the bat. Begin with a basic, user-friendly mod (which should be included in a vape starter kit). Additionally, be there to answer their questions, introduce them to other vapers, and generally show them the ins and outs of vaping. Remind them that having the occasional cigarette during the transition isn’t a failure. After all, it’s a transition, not a hard switch.


Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.