How to get vape juice out of your clothes?

Vape juice spills are not uncommon. Especially, when people try to refill on the move. Plain vape juice with no nicotine or flavors doesn't cause stains. A simple rinse can remove the vape juice from your clothes.

Flavored and nicotine vape juices are the ones that cause tough stains.
Getting the vape juice out of your clothes is easy. However, getting the vape juice stains out of your clothes can be an awful task. There are a few tested methods that can help you remove the vape juice stains from clothes. How to get vape juice out of your clothes? Let's learn. 


What's the first step?

Delayed action may not be as effective as you expect. Do it quickly after you spill vape juice on the clothes. Try to remove the spilled vape juice using a wet and clean washcloth. Use warm water to wet the cloth before using it.

Try to be as gentle as possible, harsh scrubbing can worsen the stain. If the stain feels too oily, then apply some dish-detergent on it and blot the stain gently. Plain vape juice stains can be washed away easily in this method. If the stain is visible even after applying the said method, then just go to the next step.

How to get a vape juice stain out of clothes?

If the above step was not effective on the stain, then it requires some deep cleaning. Before trying any home remedies, try branded stain removers. Branded stain removers contain hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate which is non-toxic and is proved to be effective on tough and oily stains.

In most cases, stain removers tend to remove the stains without damaging the cloth or the color. However, try to apply, rub and rinse as gently as possible to avoid damaging the cloth’s original appearance.

Especially, materials like cotton and silk tend to get damaged easily even with slightly hard scrubbing. If the stain removers are not effective, then you better skip to the next method immediately.

Last but not least

The above-said methods are tested and proved to be effective on e-liquid stains. If the stain is still visible, then it is time to send your clothes for professional stain removal service. Don’t try to do it the hard way, you might probably damage the cloth and make it unusable.

E-liquids with resins and colorants tend to be tough and can’t be removed using ordinary cleaning methods. It requires professional help, and a dry wash could solve the problem safely without damaging the cloth.


Firstly, try to do the refilling by following the recommended steps using appropriate tools. It is best to avoid the spills than to regret later. Avoid e-liquids that have colorants or resins in it. In case you are using an e-juice with oily substances and colorants, then be careful while filling vape juice.

Likewise, cleaning the clothes by following the above-said methods will work only when you blot gently. Scrubbing the stains harshly could push the stain deep into the cloth and makes it even tougher to remove.

If nothing works, then take help from a professional laundry service. I hope you now know how to get vape juice out of your clothes.


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