How to Find the Best E-Liquid or E-Juice

The increased popularity of vaping has led to an explosion in the number of e-juices and e-liquids currently available. At its most basic, an e-juice consists of three basic sets of ingredients: Nicotine, a base liquid (usually either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) and some flavoring. Usually each flavor is available in three different pre-prepared strengths, although as you will see below, enormous variations are possible. If you want to ensure your e-liquid gives you a premium vaping experience, then discover below how to find the best e-liquid or e-juice out of the hundreds of different choices available.

Check the Quality

Remember that this stuff is being inhaled into our lungs, so it needs to be made of high quality substances which are suitable for human consumption. Although there are high grade e-liquid imports out there, it’s often best to stick with reputable U.S. or European-based manufacturers who you can be confident are using ingredients of a sufficiently high caliber. Pharmaceutical grade materials are required, ideally made in hygienic laboratory conditions to strict guidelines, ensuring the consistency and safety of each batch. Don’t be afraid to ask suppliers where they get their e-juice from and how it’s made; most will be happy to answer your questions regarding the origin of their products and how to find the best e-liquid or e-juice.

Try Different Flavors

With so many e-juice flavors out there, finding the best is quite a task! Generally ex-smokers frequently prefer a tobacco flavored e-juice, enabling them to enjoy the taste and experience of tobacco without also inhaling all the nasty’s which comprise a traditional cigarette. VG and PG bases each produce a distinctive flavor, so try both and find which one you like the most. Fruit flavors, mint, menthol and sweet tastes such as caramel or chocolate are popular with many vapers, especially those who like to change their vape throughout the day. Some people enjoy a mint vape after a meal, or rely on a coffee flavored e-juice to provide an early morning treat.

Mix Your Own

If you want to customize your e-juice to meet your own particular tastes, then making your own is definitely the best answer to the pressing question of “How to find the best e-liquid or e-juice?” All the supplies you need can be easily obtained online and it’s possible to blend some amazing tastes through experimentation. It’s also possible to vary the amount of nicotine in each e-juice to a significant degree, which can be helpful if you’re trying to limit your consumption, or conversely want a larger hit than average – we aren’t going to judge!

Selecting the right e-juice for your tastes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping. With so many different flavors to choose from, vaping offers an excellent opportunity to express your personal preferences. Making your own e-juice is a growing passion amongst vaping enthusiasts, as the trend towards customizing the vaping experience grows. For anyone needing high quality e-liquids made from premium ingredients, we have an excellent selection featuring some exciting new flavors as well as old favorites.


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    The nature of how we perceive taste and smell means that e-liquid flavors can become less noticeable if you vape them for a long time. Switching your flavors regularly is the best advice to combat against this: even if it’s your favorite juice, have some time away from it and it’ll be more enjoyable when you go back to it.

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