How to Fill Your Electronic Cigarette With E-liquid

As you use your electronic cigarette, the initial supply of e-liquid will be used and it will be time to refill your e-cigarette. If you’ve never done this before it may seem a bit challenging, but rest assured that once you get the hang of it, refilling your e-cig is fast and easy. Detailed below, we’ve outlined a few tips on how to properly refill your e-cig.


After selecting the new bottle of e-liquid you want to use, you may want to lay a paper towel down on the surface you will be working over. This is to catch any liquids which may seep out during the disassembling and refilling process.

Disassemble the E-cig

Next, disassemble your e-cig by removing the tank from its location on the battery. Take the e-cigarette liquid refill bottle and squeeze the liquid into the holding tank of the e-cig. The tank should be filled only to the indicator mark located on the tank; do not overfill with liquid. Wipe away any liquids which may have spilled out and wipe down the battery prior to reassembly to preserve the battery life.

Consider Cleaning the Tank

If you are using the same flavor of e-liquid that was previously in your tank then you typically won’t need to clean the tank. However if you are changing the flavor, then it is highly recommended that you thoroughly clean the tank to make sure that there are no remnants of the previous flavor. Failure to clean the tank of the previous flavor can result in a mixture of the old and new flavors of e-liquid, which could result in a rather unpleasant taste.

Reassemble the E-cig

With the newly filled tank in an inverted position, take the battery and screw it back onto the tank. Double check the connection to make sure that there are no leaks. If you notice any moisture after wiping it with a clean dry cloth or towel, readjust to make sure that the tank is properly screwed into place and providing a tight seal. It’s important to thoroughly clean any spilled liquid found on your unit, not doing so can result in excessive wear on the components.

Additional Tips

While the e-cig is disassembled, this is a good time to take an extra moment to ensure the battery is clean. Removing any liquid, dust or other foreign particles can actually help to increase the life of the battery and unit as a whole. Assembling, reassembling and refilling the tank are fairly straight forward processes, but if you hit a snag don’t hesitate to refer back to your unit’s manual or seek additional clarification found on the web. We all love having a properly cleaned and freshly filled e-cig waiting for us, even the most experienced vape enthusiasts had to learn about proper maintenance and refill methods at some point – so don’t worry!


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