How to Choose a Cartomizer for Your E-cig

Finding the right cartomizer for our needs can be a challenge. With so many different models, manufacturers and varieties currently on the market, sourcing a cartomizer which is best for our needs can often appear to be largely a matter of trial and error. Luckily, we know some fairly straight forward guidelines which can help steer you towards a suitable choice. Whether this is your first cartomizer purchase or you are an experienced vaper who wants to try something a little different and more enjoyable, then following these simple steps regarding how to choose an e-cig cartomizer will help ensure you end up with an e-cig which makes vaping an absolute delight.

Tank Size and Material Matter

Some cartomizer tanks benefit from an awesome capacity, as high as 7ml, whereas others have a tiny 1ml sized tank. Particularly for heavy vapers who depend on a regular hit of nicotine to get them through the day, it’s important to choose an e-cig cartomizer which has a generous capacity. Modern batteries are more than capable of keeping up with the bigger tanks, so don’t hold back! Smaller tanks can give a sleeker appearance to your e-cig and may also be useful for vapers who prefer to have a variety of e-juice flavors on hand. Traditional plastic tanks can warp or fractures when thicker vegetable glycerine (VG) based e-liquids are used. Unless you have a definite preference for the thinner, propylene glycol (PG) e-juices, opting for a Pyrex glass tank is the best way of ensuring vaping without ending up with a damaged tank.

Ease of Maintenance

Some people really enjoy tinkering with their e-cig, changing its coils, using aftermarket batteries, and messing with its wicks. For those people it doesn’t matter if parts are fiddly or need changing frequently, it’s all part of the vaping fun. For vapers who like to keep things simple and concentrate on the vaping rather than maintenance matters, bottom coil cartomizers are almost always the best option. Not only can coils be easily changed, but having coils at the bottom ensures a cooler vape which gives a really pleasing, mellow hit to the back of the throat. Many leading manufacturers have adopted the bottom coil style of e-cigarette cartomizers, so finding an e-cig cartomizer that’s straight forward to keep operational has never been easier.

E-cig cartomizers are constantly being updated, with new models and increasingly advanced technology resulting in a greatly improved vaping experience. No matter what your personal preference and individual requirements might be, there’s an e-cigarette cartomizer available to suit. Provided you stick with a reputable manufacturer and are clear about what you want your cartomizer to do and the performance features which matter to you, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to source something appropriate. If you need inspiration for selecting an e-cig cartomizer, we have an exceptional range of premium products designed to appeal to both novice and experienced vapers alike.


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