How Cool is Vaping? (Vaping is Cool)

Sometimes it takes a while for a new way of life to be accepted as “cool” to the general populace. Change is strange, and the initial skepticism to vaping still lingers, though it is becoming more and more mainstream. Today, we will explore whether vaping is cool or not, and we will conclude (spoiler alert) that vaping is cool.

Somehow, smoking was cool first.

The association between smoking and coolness dates back before living memory. Historical figures such as Mark Twain, Ulysses S. Grant, Al Capone, Babe Ruth, and Sigmund Freud constantly chomped cigars. American heroes on the front lines of World War II were supplied cigarettes in their rations. Revolutionaries, artists, bad-boys, movie stars, rockstars, authors, and comedians were often chain-smokers.

Somehow, smoking was associated with coolness. Finding out it was unhealthy only made it… cooler, somehow. Some say it’s the Freudian oral fixation. Some say it’s the Freudian “death-drive.” Some say Freud has been widely discredited.

Perhaps it’s a primal association: fire. Holding a tiny flame, a glowing ember, has a subconscious link to early humanity’s dependence on fire. How many times have you gotten lost in your head, staring into a campfire?

It could be as simple as marketing. Big Tobacco paid good money to have their products featured in magazines, movies, and billboards. Watch a season of AMC’s Mad Men, and you’ll get a glimpse into the business side of smoking’s appeal.

One thing’s for sure: there’s nothing cool about hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths. It’s time for a sea-change in perspective.

A New Technology:

People are positively hysterical about new technology. Look at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, in which thousands pay thousands to see new gadgets unveiled. A mass-mania occurs every time an incremental improvement to an iPhone is announced.

Keep in mind, people weren’t always so excited about computers and electronics. It was once a dry, clunky science in which a minority of tech-elites had access.

A similar phenomenon has occurred with vaping. At its genesis, with a patent from H.A. Gilbert in 1963, electronic cigarettes didn’t catch on. The patent was made, and was never successfully brought to market until Hon Lik introduced the “modern” electronic cigarette.

Since then, the technology has progressed to make vaping accessible to more and more people. Just like computers, the technology of vaping is advancing at a break-neck pace. Since millions have made the switch, and the industry is now making billions, I think it’s only a matter of time before society as a whole accepts the fact that vaping is cool.

The Hobby Effect:

Prolific writer Stephen King once wrote, on the subject of fiction-writing, “In polite society, we call our obsessions hobbies.” I couldn’t agree more. Hunters, piano restorers, stamp collectors, online gamers, and vinyl-record collectors (to name a few) are not passive about their hobbies. Hobbyists live and breath their passion. In the case of vaping enthusiasts, this is literally true.

To hear an elite vaper talk about their setups, juices, and cloud production is like hearing a high-end mechanic rave about performance cars. The level of passion here seems ludicrous at first, but is quickly contagious. Spend enough time with a hobbyist, and soon you’re speaking their language. Eventually, your passion might eclipse theirs…

A Shift in Media Coverage:

If you see electronic cigarettes in a movie or TV show, more often than not, vaping is met with scorn and incredulity. I’ve yet to see vaping addressed as a fact of life, and not a laughable novelty, in a production. This is similar to interracial couplehood, or transgender issues. Shocking at first, hotly debated, and then widely accepted. Society itself has a bit of a mass learning-curve, in which behaviors and ways of life evolve from unthinkable to mainstream. It is my personal hope that vaping becomes normalized in the media in the coming years, so that cigarette sales continue to plummet.

When’s the last time you saw the hero of the movie vaping without catching flak for it?

Revolution is appealing:

There’s nothing more exciting than being a part of history. To join a cause, rally, and scream yourself hoarse over an issue is undeniably appealing. If you think of vaping as a revolution, and not a practice, it becomes larger than just an activity.

Whether you think vaping is cool or not, if you vape, you are a part changing the world. Never underestimate the effect you have on your surroundings.

Something to think about:

Do you think vaping is cool? If so, what makes it cool to you? If not, what is your reasoning?

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    Where do i begin? The first movie and maybe only (i can recall) where the main character is vaping is The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Hes vaping one of those cigalikes where the tip lights up. Hes on the train and shows Angelina Jolie that its not “real” and that it produces vapor rather than smoke. That was the extent of that conversation and the rest of the movie saw Depp vaping and not receiving any flak whatsoever from other characters, it was just part of his character in the movie. If we can all agree one something its that Johnny Depp is cool. I dont know if vaping is cool but i do know Johnny Depp is so if hes vaping (even if its only as a character in a movie) than maybe vaping is cool. The fact the its not as harmful (truth is i cant say for certain that vaping isnt harmful at all b/c we dont have 50 years of studies on it like we do with tobacco) as cigarettes makes it cool. Its cool that i have a new hobby and something that keeps my busy for hours on end that doesnt harm any1 and is actually educating me in electronics and math and batteries etc etc….thats cool. Is a 9 year old on the street walking by me seeing me exhale a massive cloud that smells good too cool? Will that kid go home and google what he saw and count down the years till he can vape and blow clouds like he saw that stranger do that one day when he was 9 years old cool? I prefer no1 smoke nor vape but obviously vaping is awesome and if ur still smoking cigarettes in 2015 when theres flavours like Carnival Apple out there in a tfv4 on an IPV4S and ur smoking a nasty smelly parliament light….well u my friend are not cool! Learn to evolve, cigarettes are evolving into ecigarettes and u dont wanna be left behind. Speaking of evolution. ..Survival of the fittest, and if ur smoking cigarettes u sure as hell wont survive and death isnt cool but I’ll tell you what is………Life!

  • Martin Lustre says:

    I first got into vaping to stop smoking cigarettes. The more I vaped, the more I wanted to get into building my own coils, learn more about vaping, and eventually upgrading to more advanced “set-ups”. Vaping eventually became one of my favorite hobbies as I bought more and more mods, tools, juice, etc. It is also the only alternative I needed to try to keep me from smoking real cigarettes. Having a history of asthma, I knew I needed to stop smoking when I started to have trouble breathing. Vaping is cool because it has helped with my shortness of breath, while still providing me the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette.

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    Martin, you dont need to build any coils, u can get the Wotofo claptons right here at mtbakervapor.com (shameless plug). Why vape on a single wire flavourless coil when Wotofo already made an awesome clapton for you to use. Im a big clapton, fused clapton guy (i dont like the crazier ones cause theres no point other than they look really cool) i really believe they produce way more vapor and way better flavour. I dont remember the last time i had a single wire build in my rda. I’m all about flavour & i really like the Wotofo claptons. The hobby aspect of vaping is something i wasnt expecting when i started, but its the first real hobby ive had as an adult and thats cool!

  • Martin Lustre says:

    Ok cool! I will give the Wotofo claptons a try. Thanks for the tip Mitch!

  • Ken C says:

    Vaping is definitely cooler than smoking. Especially if your airflow is wide open.

  • Hollie says:

    Cigarette smoke smell is horribly uncool- blowing huge, sweet smelling clouds is thumbs up cool

  • Debbie says:

    I definitely think vaping is way cooler! No smoke smell, dirty ashtrays, tar, a the nasty taste! With vaping you get flavors you choose yourself, clean air, no tar, and no lighter needed. It’s enjoyable way beyond a cigarette and way less expensive especially through MBV! ?

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