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HorizonTech is a company known for producing quality coils rather than making gaudy, showy tanks. This led them to produce disposable coils that really perform and have users get the most possible flavor out of their vapes — with some of the highest quality atomizers out there. When they release something it is usually a niche item and can be highly sought after. They previously released the Acro Tank, which didn’t get the attention it deserved. I think people were weary of trying coils that didn’t use traditional cotton wicking materials. Coils with flax fiber and flax paper seem to last longer than coils with cotton, which is where HorizonTech puts their focus. Enter the HorizonTech Falcon Tank. 

HorizonTech Falcon Tank Details

The HorizonTech Falcon Tank is a 25 mm sub-ohm tank with a threaded top-fill cap. It has two large fill ports with no vapor lock when filling because air can escape. This makes it a mess-free experience. There is very smooth threading on the top cap, which can be removed and replaced with a quarter turn. There is no cross threading. It comes with a resin drip tip, which is wide bore but with a standard 510 connection. It actually comes with two glass tubes — a 7 ml bubble glass and a standard 5 ml glass. It has adjustable dual bottom airflow. The airflow control ring has some resistance to it, which is nice because you can set it and it won’t move. The draw is smooth and not too airy. Four coil styles are available for the HorizonTech Falcon Tank — the M1, F1, F2 and F3. 

The HorizonTech Falcon Tank Coils

The M1 Coil uses mesh wire and cotton that uses wood pulp fibers. The coil is designed to run at 70w (plus or minus 10 watts). It is a 0.15ohm coil. The mesh wire of the coil heats up quickly, and there is no delay on vapor production when firing. There is a clean, distinct flavor. The cotton with wood pulp fibers wicks quickly and there is no cotton taste. I have noticed a significant difference when using this coil. Flavor on this coil is so good that I change mine every two to three days. The coils are actually designed to last about 7-10 days, however, because the initial flavor production is so good, I have been kind of picky about the condition of the coil and change it much sooner.

The F1 coil is a 0.2ohm standard paralell coil made of kanthal wire. Designed to run at 80w (plus or minus 10watts) This coil head utilizes 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp. These are the coils that I use when I can’t get my hands on the mesh coils. Mesh coils are hard to find and this is the next best thing. It is the combination of the mesh and wood pulp in the M1 Coil that make it perform so well. 

The F2 Coil is a 0.2 ohm paralell kanthal coil. It uses flax fibers in the wicking material. It is designed to run at 80w (plus or minus 10 watts).

The F3 coil is a 0.2ohm coil and uses flax fiber and flax paper for the wicking material. It is designed to be used at 70w (plus or minus 10 watts).

The HorizonTech Falcon is an impressive tank with amazing atomizer technology. It will be highly sought after an popular. On a personal note, I had gotten away from using large sub-ohm tanks because they were following a trend of using coils that were very large and designed to be run at high wattages. Tanks had too much airflow for my taste — made for cloud chasers. They always promoted great flavor, but never delivered. These tanks produced very hot vapor with distorted flavor that over exaggerated the qualities of the vape juice. The design of the falcon is very simple and clean and delivers on its promises.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank (Glass Bulb)
  • 1 x Set of O-Rings
  • 1 x M1 Falcon Coil (0.15ohm)
  • 1 x F1 Falcon Coil (0.2ohm)
  • 1 x 11mm Bore 510 Drip Tip
  • 1 x 8mm Bore Resin Drip Tip (Resin Color Random
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube


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