Sleeping on the Hohm Base 4 Battery Smart Charger from Hohm Tech?

If so, it’s about time you wake up. When soda varieties are thought of, names like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are some of the tried-and-true brands that most likely come to mind. When a vaper is considering what battery to purchase for the best production out of their device, chances are, they’re thinking Hohm Tech. What about charging those batteries? That’s where the Hohm Base 4 Battery Smart Charger from Hohm Tech comes in.

First of all, who is Hohm Tech?

Founded in 2013, Hohm Tech’s mission is and has always been a pursuit to unite tomorrow’s lithium technologies with the world today. Teaming with fundamental members and organizations, along with utilizing the very best raw materials from Showa Denko and Magna Steyr, Hohm Tech believes “good is just not good enough”. Through consistency, assurance, power, and safety; Hohm Tech simply makes things even better.

What is the Hohm Base Battery Charger?

Let me begin by saying, the Hohm Base Battery Charger looks a lot meaner than she really is. In all honesty, she’s a sweetheart. Not to mention, she adds energy to your cells when they are low and depleted. She’s a lot less intimidating once you get to know her. Check out some of her features below.

Hohm Base Battery Charger Features

  • * 4 Bay Battery Charger
    • * Each bay is individually controlled by independent chips which allow for precision control.
    • * Automated Oscillation at 3 charge levels
      • * 5A, 1.0A, and 2.0A
    • * Compatible with Lithium Ion/LiFeP04/Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd batteries
      • * 26650/18650/18490/18350/AAA/AA/C/D
    • * Two-Tier Battery Bridge
      • * Small batteries have dedicated groove in each bay
    • * Maximum Charging Rates
      • * Four Bays to 4.2V
        • * 1A each bay
      • * Two Bays to 4.2V
        • * 2A per bay
      • * Four Stage Charge/Discharge Algorithm
        • * CC/CV/Oscillation/MicroPulse
      • * Battery Doctor
        • * Repairs Depleted or Dying Battery Cells
        • * 0V Activation Function
          • * Wakes “Sleeping” Battery
        • * Enhanced LCD Display
          • * Displays Each Battery’s Real Time Status
            • * Charge%/Volts/mAh/Cycle Time
          • * Intelligent Protection Suite
            • * Battery Chemistry Stress Match
              • * Charge at 0.5A, Discharge at 0.5A
              • * Charge at 1.0A, Discharge at 1.0A
              • * Charge at 2.0A, Hohm Base Initiates Battery Cycle Multiplier
                • * Alleviates Excess Battery Stress to Retain Optima Cycle Range
              • * Auto Maintenance Charge if Battery Voltage drops below 0.02V
              • * Buzzer alarm sounds with irregularities and/or battery error
              • * Overcharge/Over Time/Short Circuit/Reverse Polarity Protection
            • * Fire Preventative ABS Housing

Still confused on how to use Hohm Base?

Imagine you’re vaping and suddenly, your batteries die. After a hurled expletive or two, you pop your batteries into your charger and wait hours upon hours for a crappy charge. Realizing this, you decide to make the upgrade to a Hohm Base Battery Charger from Hohm Base, which happens to be the same maker of the batteries you’re currently using in your vape device.

With Mt Baker Vapor’s insanely fast shipping, your Hohm Tech Battery Charger appears at your door and you probably take the device out of its package only to then find yourself staring at it in bewilderment. Rest assured, all you need to know to achieve a great charge is that there are four bays labeled: Slot, Battery Type, Amp Rate and Mode. With your charger powered, the digital screen will light up. When the bays are empty, the screen will display random information as it has no battery data to read. As soon as you put your battery into a slot, the slot will begin to blink or flash. At this time and only then, can you make desired charging adjustments to the inserted battery.

The screen will tell you everything you need to know about your battery. It will detect the type of battery and charging rate. For batteries with voltage sag (dying battery cells), operation charge mode allows the battery doctor to go inside batteries and restore dying cells. The battery doctor can literally bring old batteries back to life.

You can customize each slot. If you are in a hurry to get back to vaping, charge just two batteries at a time for a faster charge. With the Hohm Base Battery Charger, you can walk away without the fear of overcharging. Once a full charge is reached, the slot the battery is inserted into will automatically shut down.

With three different points of contact, the Hohm Base Battery Charger by Hohm Tech accommodates most battery sizes.

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