Happy New Year – Our Resolutions

Happy New Year Vape Fans! After an amazing year in 2014, we are excited to share our 2015 resolution with you!

We all know that with every new year comes reflection, confirmation of personal goals, and resolutions to obtain those goals. As a company we found there are really two things that we truly want to accomplish for our vaping community. First, we want to make vaping more accessible to everyone (of legal age of course) who wants to transition from smoking to vaping, regardless of their income. Second, we want to show our appreciation to all of you that have supported us, allowing us to grow into the company we are today. So, we have reduced our prices throughout our site! From e-juice (updated prices shown below) to accessories and hardware, we have reduced prices across the board!!








Now, I’m sure there are some of you who are wondering if we reduced our quality level in order to make a difference in the pricing. The answer: NO. We are still providing the high quality e-juice and hardware you have come to appreciate and expect and will continue to do so! Vaping is our passion, and this is our community, these changes are simply to make our passion financially accessible to everyone within the community as well as those interested in making the switch from smoking.

As the saying goes, But wait, there’s MORE……

We have 5 new flavors for your vaping pleasure in our Winter flavor release!

Slim Mints E-juice: The perfect balance of flavors, combining the taste of rich chocolate cookies with undertones of delicious creamy mint filling, making this flavor a refreshing yet decadent treat.


Firecider E-Juice: Pull on your comfy sweater, sit next to your freshly lit fire, and enjoy a spiced apple cider vape that will make any chilly day a comfy, cozy, and relaxing one. Firecider tastes just like farm fresh apple cider with a hint of cinnamon.


Arctic Heat E-Juice: A deliciously balanced vape, with an invigorating blend of spicy cinnamon and cool menthol, creating a refreshing mixture of hot and cold.


French Toast E-juice: This really packs in the flavor! With the delicious combination of sweet battered bread, rich cinnamon spice, and fresh maple syrup, get ready to prepare your mouth for an explosion of flavor!


Happy Rancher E-juice: Reminiscent of a familiar tart, and slightly sour, berry candy that will remind you of a simpler time.


Well vape fans, there you have it, reduced prices and new flavors to love! We are honored to be a part of your vaping journey and look forward to another great year in 2015. Let us know in the comments below what are you looking forward to or hoping to see from us in the coming year?

Vape on!


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Jamie says:

    Lower prices? That’s always good news when looking for some juice! Good job Mt. Baker. I bet a lot of people will be very happy to hear this news.

  • Carrie says:

    LOVE MBV! These new changes are AMAZING!!!!

  • Carloa says:

    Great news !!! Thank you 😀

  • James Joseph Ruda Sr. says:

    Happy 2015 to the Mt Baker Vapor Team, looking forward to another year as a dedicated customer. Keep up keeping the price of items attainable for all and love the new juice line up. Lets get more sample packs going so that everybody can taste and decide on a more varied vapor experience. No one wants to order 30ml bottles till you are sure you like it., right? Thanks team Mt Barker and keep it up.

  • James Joseph Ruda Sr. says:

    Happy 2015 to the Mt Baker Vapor Team, looking forward to another year as a dedicated customer. Keep up keeping the price of items attainable for all and love the new juice line up. Lets get more sample packs going so that everybody can taste and decide on a more varied vapor experience. No one wants to order 30ml bottles till you are sure you like it., right? Thanks team Mt Barker and keep it up.

    • Thank you for your support and encouragement. We are thrilled to take care of our vaping community! I will pass along your suggestion for the different sample packs to allow for more tasty options.

  • LJF says:

    Happy New Year to Mount Baker!! Thanks for the price reduction. You guys make the best and most affordable juice. I am so Happy that I found your site last year and I look forward to continue to buy your products. I wish you much continued success and a great 2015!!!

  • Jack G says:

    I want to see every e-juice you offer available as a flavoring so I can make my own. You offer very few flavorings compared to the number of e-juices you offer. Since every e-juice starts as a flavor there is no reason not to offer them all to you customers. If there is a reason please explain it to me.


  • Dissatisfied says:

    You lowered your prices because people are leaving. You should have just kept prices the same and used the extra money to actually fix your inconsistency problems instead! You could have cut the prices in half, and I still wouldn’t purchase again because your flavors do not taste the same month to month. They just get worse and worse for some reason. 🙁 I used to be loyal to you guys, but you’ve let me down too many times, and now you think dropping the price a few cents is going to solve your problems. That’s the wrong approach. I don’t know if it’s laziness or ignorance that is happening over there, but I can assure you that prices have nothing to do with the reason your customers are leaving and finding better vendors.

    • Honestly, the price reduction has nothing to do with the inconsistency issues you have experienced. We do recognize that there have been issues with e-juice being inconsistent. To be honest a lot of the inconsistency comes with being a company that is growing rapidly. This means hiring new employees often and along with that come some of these hiccups and errors.
      Although we only allow our most qualified and senior employees to deal with the nicotine, some of the duties that come along with mixing flavors do get assigned to newer employees. This can cause a consistency issue due to lack of experience.
      I can assure you we are sincere when we say we are serious about correcting this. We have invested a lot of time and resources into making our process much more consistent and efficient. This change won’t happen overnight but that is the goal we as a company are striving toward and have already seen some improvements.
      We keep a detailed record of every complaint that comes in so we can investigate where the errors are occurring in our process.

      If you haven’t already, please contact our customer service at support@mtbakervapor.com to let them know about your concerns with your orders so we can work to make it right for you.

      Thank you for your comments.Happy New Year!

  • W. Joseph says:

    How unusual it is for a vendor to be lowering their prices instead of raising them! Thank you and Happy New Year, MBV.

  • Sami says:

    Happy new year! Can’t wait to place my next order! My #1 juice site!

  • Johnathan D. says:

    Love you guys I can’t believe we are getting even better prices!!!!!

  • Wendy says:

    The new flavors sound divine, especially the hot cider. I’ve been buying e-juice locally but now that I’ve convinced the husband to take up vaping it’ll be worth the shipping to order for both of us. Happy new year and keep up the good work!

  • Kitty says:

    Whoo Hoo !!! Lower prices AND new flavors?! How sweet is that? Thanks MBV and very best wishes for continued success in 2015 and always.

    Possible new flavor … cherry cola?

  • Todd says:

    That’s awesome!…too bad I JUST ordered some juice! 🙁

  • Jack says:

    They taste cheaper last time I got them more “watered down” been ordering from yoh all a while and the last 3 30 ml order I got were horrible and I will now be going some where else. I had 3 shots of flavor in each too. The total on that order was like $34 down the drain

  • Paul and Nicole Stringer says:

    You guys have been integral in our vaping experience. We have been smoke free for 10 months! This price drop only solidifies to us that you are the right choice for us!

  • Yiannis says:

    Thank you for being such a great company! Happy new year to all. May 2015 bring happiness, health and harmony to the entire world!

  • joey says:

    Thanks MBV! You are my go to for DIY liquid. Price cuts are an awesome way to show all of us you have the greatest customer service around. Happy new year!

  • Chris McCaughan says:

    How about a price break on “GWAR” line. I order the “Bloodbath” every 1-2 weeks, maybe a deal on multiple bottles? HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Keep up the great juice

  • BP says:

    Awesome news on the price drop! I can’t do without my Rainbow Sherbert and Cherry Limeade e-juices. One quick question: will Mt. Baker ever go back to selling 50 ml. bottles of e-juice? I really miss that option.

  • Wendi says:

    Damn, I was really hoping you’d bring ginger back.

    I’m never going to stop whining about discontinuing the ginger flavor. 🙁

  • Rachelle says:

    I love MBV, they’ve been my first choice for juices and will continue to be. I’m still a little skeptical how they’re able to achieve a price reduction as large as this. Of course, as a customer I look forward to cheaper juices, but MBV was already ridiculously cheap to begin with. Are you changing suppliers? Refinancing your fixed assets? Changing leverage/equity?

  • Rachelle says:

    I have fortunately not experienced such consistency issues, but I am pleased to hear MBV’s dedication to improving this issue. From a customer perspective, consistency is nearly as important as price.

  • scott yosy says:

    Just stopping by to say keep up the gteat work also thankyou for helping me quit smoking cigarette s I feel 100persent better and Iknow I will live a healthy life with vaping I love it and the price reduction is sweet you guys dont seem greedy and its goodbto know that your sharing the wealth to all us vapers thankyou so much

  • Stu says:

    Awesome – will definitely continue using MBV as I have from the beginning – love the price of the 236ml too.

  • Linda Marshall says:

    I’m so impressed with your company. My husband and I quit smoking and switched to vaping 4 years ago, and we discovered Mt. Baker Vapor a couple of years ago. You’ve long been our fave e-juice and accessories company, and your attitude, philosophy, and price improvements further solidify our devotion. Every company makes mistakes from time to time, because people make mistakes from time to time. What sets a business apart is how it reacts to and corrects problems, and MBV is stellar in this respect. So thank you again from 2 fans who can’t wait to try Slim Mints!

  • Pedro R. says:

    I think the real cherry on top would have been to bring back the free 15ml sample of our choice with our orders so that we can explore more of your flavors. at least do 10ml of our choice of nic n flavor.

    The drop in price is a nice treat and I do look forward to trying that Jolly– I mean Happy Rancher.. 😛

  • julie says:

    First thanks for the better prices and happy 2015 to you too! Second I agree with the inconsistency of flavors. However it doesn’t stop me from coming back because I have tried many others and have not found better prices nor have I found better quality. Third, the free juice is cute but a total waste. With no nicotine I can’t imagine anyone will actually use more than a tiny drop to taste it and then dispose of the rest. Why not offer juice with nicotine in a small size for a buck? I would definitely try a new one every order. As a matter of fact the only reason I am currently using some of my favorites is due to the freebie originally offered. Please think about adding nicotine to samples. Thanks and keep up the great work! Love mvb!

    • Thanks for the feedback, we are working to resolve the consistency issues, and while I understand the displeasure, we will not be adding nicotine to the freebie. We love you too, vape on and have a happy new year!

  • Jonathan says:

    This is great news, and at no compromise? Good job mtbaker, we really appreciate it!

  • David Burlakoff says:

    I’ve been a customer since Jan 2012 & have tried some of your great flavors over the years.
    The new prices are fantastic for the consumer & I’ll be looking forward to trying even more in the future.
    Keep up the good work
    Happy New Year to all at Mt. Baker Vapor

  • Tyler Regas says:

    I’m sorry that some people are so angry, but I’m not. I’m actually a bit befuddled. Your prices are already really low. I’m glad you can lower them and still operate, but I had no issues. With your pricing.

    18 months analog free and happy in no small part to MBV. Thanks and HNY!!! -TC

    • Thank you for sharing your successful switch. We love hearing that we were able to make a positive difference and help people make the switch and stick with it. That’s the goal. Have a very happy new year!

  • Patrick says:

    I hope MBV has a great 2015 , and that requires a great business plan as you move forward in what continues to be an extremely competitive business. As a consumer the options seem to grow daily as far as my vaping options are concerned on line. The inconsistency with your juices was addressed in a earlier post and it sounds like you are aware and are working on the issues, although the reasoning was pretty lame. I would love MBV to be my one stop shop for my vaping needs, in order to do so you need to add some premium juices to your line up as well as getting more competitive on equipment and accessories. Every time I leave your sight because of juice availability and equipment the greater the risk of my not returning. Good luck moving forward.

  • Thnx MT.BAKER the news is awesome want to thank you for the great prices an now you went and beat those prices. I’ve been smokeless for a year and a half and at 0 nicotine I want to thank you for being a part of it MTBAKER

  • Mark dahlin says:

    Happy New Years to all of you at Mt Baker. Great to hear that you are lowering your prices across the board. I don’t want to bash you, but I used to buy All of my juice from you. But in the last few months I have had to go elsewhere. My biggest issue is the juice seemed to be getting More, and more watered down. Even after ordering up to 4 extra shots, it just didn’t seem to be as good as it used to be. I still recommend your Co. to new vapors. But with the cost of the added shots I just can’t continue buying from you. I wish you all the best, and maybe it’s not to late to turn this problem around. Take care. Mark.

  • Christi says:

    Wonderful news! Thanks! Going on my fourth month of no ciggs after 20 years of smoking. Vaping saved me!

    • That is fantastic! Congratulations on making the switch. We love hearing success stories and are always thrilled that we were able to be a part of such a positive experience in the lives of our community.

  • Elmer says:

    The price drop is great, but I still think the old free sample deal was better and would make people order more, or even give the samples with our preferred nic level and vg/pg ratio would be great. I have always had a good experience ordering from MBV. Thanks

    • The freebie sample is one of the many ways we have increased our efficiency and part of the reason we are able to make new year resolutions like reducing prices across the board. While we understand there are drawbacks, it is allowing us to provide more and take better care of our vaping community. Happy to hear that you’ve always had good experiences with your order. Have a wonderful year and vape on!

  • Lee and Lisa says:

    Happy New Year to our friends at Mt. Baker! Thank you for great products, service and SPEED! Seems like no matter how last minute we’ve ordered, we have never run out of our juice and hardware. Looking forward to our next order and the year ahead.
    PS. Across the board price drop? Hell Effing Yeah!

  • Tiffany H says:

    Thank you for your great customer service. My husband and I are grateful for the price drop. We would love to order more if you guys could measure out 9mg Nic. 6 is too weak and 12 is a tad too strong for me personally. So I have to go to a nearby Vape Shop to get my 9mg Nic, and they have higher prices with e-juice quality of a “starter shop.” Please consider this, your quality and prices are the best!!! Thank you Baker : )

  • Elise says:

    I have been ordering almost exclusively from MBV for a year and I have had one incorrectly mixed bottle of ejuice. I contacted customer service and the issue was resolved immediately. I consider your company an important partner in my success at quitting analog cigarettes. I have tried to quit countless times and spent thousands of dollars only to return to cigarettes. I am happy to say I have just completed 373 days as a non smoker- thanks to your products.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Our goal is always to help as many smokers as possible make the switch to vaping. It’s wonderful to hear when we’ve succeeded and helped make a positive impact on a life. Congratulations on making the switch and have a wonderful new year!

  • penmads says:

    Sounds good to me! Happy New Year… I will be putting in a new order very soon. I am just starting my second attempt at vaping and quitting the smokes (or at least reducing) I prefer ecig, its just a bit more complicated than buying a pack from local shops (im in australia) At moment Im having problems with “ce4 vision tank” leaking and waiting for more to arrive!

    • Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your tank leaking. We do have a blog that gives some troubleshooting tips for just that issue. http://blog.mtbakervapor.com/898/

      While the refillable tank systems do require a bit more than a cigalike system, there are actual studies that have shown the success rate of making the switch goes up with the tank system e-cigs. Good for you giving vaping another try and working to get off the analogs. We have several blogs that offer different tips and tricks, as well as video tutorials and tips. If you ever need help or have a question, please feel free to visit our website and chat live with a customer service representative. We want to help you achieve your goals. Happy new year and Vape ON!

  • Beckie WA says:

    Wow! For the amazing quality, you guys were already the least expensive I could find. There were cheaper juices but blah No Bueno

  • Walter S. says:

    Im extremely pleased and suprised someone is actually lowering prices. Prices that were lower than the average vendor. I came here 3 months ago cause the vendor I was using raised their prices 50%. I read on several forums youre juice was good and saw youre prices were some of the lowest in the biz so I decided to try you out and found that the juice was just as good as another vendors so I continued buying. $33 for 238 ml! Unbelievable. Thats like the price of DIY. With a code its only $30. Thats like 13 cents per ML! Happy new Year to you too. Keep up the good work and you got 2 customers for life. The wife and I.

  • Christo says:

    i really hate to say this but after seeing the post from someone else here i must say i to had inconsistent e-liquid my last order was really awful its why i ordered again so quickly, i ordered 2 extra shots and it seemed like non were added to any of my bottles

    the 2 big bottles i got last time were flavorless and tasted nothing like the big bottles i got just a month earlier. the inconsistancy was so great that i got maui sunrise as my sample bottle and it was not the same e-liquid as i got in my big bottle totally different

    this is an issue that needs to be fixed. can’t be throwing $40 a bottle away because of it. i didn’t say anything because i thought it was just my order and a one off thing.

  • Josh russelburg says:

    You guys never cease to amaze me!

  • Brandon says:

    Just wondering why your website still on the 5th of January does not reflect these price changes you claim to take effect. Me and my wife have been waiting to place our order. I’ve even contacted a service rep and they said we would have to call to place our order if we “felt” the pricing was wrong….. We don’t want to have to call.

  • Pattijo says:

    I am so in love with your new French Toast , so tasteful .. you sent me this as my freebie and now I’m back for a extra large bottle .. yummy

    Thank you so much for lowering the prices , it sure helps and because of that , I have found I’m even buying more ..

  • J Rodriguez says:

    I got recommended to MVB by a friend & couldn’t be more pleased! Service is great, fast & friendly, and their flavors are spot on. Great quality & value by MVB have made the switch to vaping excellent. Keep up the good work MVB!

  • louie says:

    MBV is always my go to for e juice maybe some extra discount codes every once in a while would be the icing on the cake

  • Aidan Cowgell says:

    I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Before the order I placed last night, I hadn’t ordered the same flavor twice, so I can’t speak to consistency issues (here’s hoping these bottles are just as awesome!), but I also see that as an expected growing pain. The day I got my Evod and first round of juice, I quit analogs and haven’t looked back. I didn’t even really consider getting juice from anywhere else until I accidentally waited too long to place an order and had no choice but to go to a local place (price was a bit high, but the juice I got is awesome). You guys helped me quit (just over two months now!) and you’ve got a loyal customer in me for that, and one other reason. All of my friends who vape said there was no good clove on the market. This made me extremely sad, as analog cloves were the exclusive cig choice of the friend who is the reason my husband and I met. He passed away almost two years ago, and the thought of never having that taste or smell again made me sad – until I got my first bottle of clove from you guys! Keep up the amazing work!

  • chris says:

    your juice sucks…..8/31/2015…..still inconsistent….if your going
    to mix juice do it right…..

    • Tim Mechling says:

      We’re sorry you’re not satisfied with your last shipment of E-juice. I would recommend contacting our wonderful Customer Service department! They will be able to help you out.

  • >