GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake | A Demonic Twist on A Classic

You may be aware that Mt Baker Vapor and GWAR have teamed up to create deliciously demonic vape juices. Our GWAR line includes favorites such as Immortal Corruptor, Bloodbath, Keyslyme Pie, and Jizmoglobin. Cooking up these recipes with the guys over at GWAR was a ton of fun, and the amazing taste in the juices definitely reflects that! But today is Flavor Friday, so we are going to zero in on one particular vape juice. GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake is a favorite from the GWAR line based on the classic flavor of German Chocolate Cake. In order to understand a bit more about this flavor. Let’s delve into the history of German Chocolate Cake.

The Origin of GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake Explained

German Chocolate Cake is a layered chocolate cake topped with coconut-pecan frosting. It originated, not in Germany, but in the United States in 1852. Samuel German, an American baker, created this recipe after he developed a type of dark baking chocolate for Baker’s Chocolate Company. Because of this, a product named Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate was named after him!

German Chocolate Cake kinda flew under the radar for almost a century until 1957 when it was featured as “The Recipe of The Day” for “The Dallas Morning News”. General Foods, the owners of the Baker’s brand, noticed this and distributed the recipe across the country. Sales of Baker’s Chocolate increased by over 70 percent! Since then, this yummy recipe has been a nationwide staple in kitchens across the country.

So here’s the kicker: everyone thinks that this cake has German origins. However, the cake is actually name after the originally creator Samuel German, Baker’s just dropped the apostrophe “s”. The cake isn’t German at all!

GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake Flavor Profile

So, how does our GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake vape juice taste in comparison to this dessert classic? Let’s look at the description:

A sweet cake flavor with the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel. This liquid was concocted from an ancient recipe enjoyed by all who reside on the planet Cholesterol. 

This vape juice is directly based off of the classic German Chocolate Cake and is delicious to boot. Don’t believe me? Here’s what our customers have to say:

The best ever. We only get it for special occasions. Tomorrow being our 36th wedding anniversary. Can’t wait.
This is really good. It’s truly flavored just like a German chocolate cake. Gooey thick dark chocolate worth a hint of coconut. One of my favorites. AND at a marvelous low price 🙂
Great stuff taste just like cake and coconut.

So, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of this delicious juice. You will love the sweet, chocolate flavor and be transported to a place of demonic bliss!
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