Guide to Taking a Vape on an Airplane

People often panic about taking their vape on an airplane, but there’s really no reason to.

If you do your research, the rules are pretty straightforward and you’ll be absolutely fine. 

First of all, whatever you do, don’t charge your battery or toke your vape while you’re up in the air. Both can get you in serious trouble and can be very dangerous — potentially starting fires or setting off alarms. 

The second main thing to remember is to always check the rules of the airline you’re flying with. Each company has slightly different regulations from each other and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Basic rundown of regulations

Most airlines allow passengers to bring electronic cigarettes, and all the gear associated with them, on their planes as long as they are kept in your carry-on luggage. 

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring stuff like batteries and atomizers in your checked bags because of security concerns, but luckily your hand luggage is fine. 

While it’s not part of the rules, or something you have to do, it’s worth carrying any batteries in a battery case just to be safe. There have been cases in the past of batteries malfunctioning and starting fires, so it’s definitely worth taking some extra precautions.

You can keep your juices in either your checked luggage or your hand luggage, but it’s best not to bring any glass because of the chance of it breaking and spilling everywhere. 

You’re also not allowed to have more than 100ml of e-liquids in your checked baggage, so anything more than that you’ll have to put in the hold. 

Put simply, you can bring all your gear with you on a plane, just make sure it’s in your carry-on bag.

If you’re taking e-juices, have them in a clear bag and don’t have more than 100ml on you, or if you want to bring more, check it. 

Using your vape on an airplane is strictly forbidden and can get you in serious trouble. 

There have been quite a few cases of people being arrested for vaping on planes in the past, so it’s definitely not worth taking the risk, just wait until you’re safely back on the ground. 

How they differ domestically and internationally

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, regulations around vaping tend to pretty much stay the same. However, some countries you’re flying to may have different rules regarding vaping. Make sure to do your research!

But rules do differ for each individual airline so it’s worth checking with the one you’re flying with before you set off. 

How to pack

Disassemble everything and keep it all separate. 

It’s important you disconnect your battery from your atomizer — or tank — as otherwise, it could accidentally go off in your bag. 

If you have an external battery then simply remove it from your mod, or if your battery is built into the device, then just turn it off and remove the atomizer instead. 

Another good trick is to store your tank upside down, and I’ll explain why below…

How the plane affects juice, tanks, etc. and why. Prevention?

In planes, the cabin has to be pressurized, so that when you’re up in the air there will still be breathable levels of oxygen. 

Unfortunately, this can cause a bunch of problems for stuff that you have stored in the plane. 

First off is your tank.

If it’s filled up with e-liquid then the air pressure can force the juice out of the airflow holes at the bottom, resulting in a sticky, messy spill. 

Luckily, this is easy to avoid. Just either empty your tank before flying, or store that bad boy upside down. 

You also need to be careful of your bottles of juice.

Because of the high air pressure in the cabin, if your bottles are full of juice they may expand and burst open. 

To minimize the chances of this happening, just don’t fly with full bottles. Bring some half-empty ones and then there will be room for the air to expand and your bag won’t end up covered in sticky juices. 


If you’re going abroad and you’re sensible about it, then it’s absolutely fine to bring your vape on an airplane.

Make sure to pack all your stuff in your hand luggage, don’t have more than 100ml’s of liquid on you and, whatever you do, don’t try and be sneaky and smoke it on the plane. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll be absolutely fine and have a great, vape filled and cigarette free trip. 

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