Green Apple E Juice | Juicy, Crisp and a Bit Sour

Happy Friday everyone! It is the end of the week which means that we are going to spotlight one of our E Juices for Flavor Friday. Today, we are going over Green Apple E Juice, a crisp and delicious vape juice which is loved by many of our customers! Check out its description:

Green Apple E Juice perfectly captures that deliciously sweet and sour, crisp, apple taste as if it were freshly picked from the tree.

But what is the history behind the “Green Apple” so we can better understand Green Apple E Juice? Let’s take a look!

Green Apple E Juice History

The “Green Apple”, also known as the Granny Smith apple, originated in Australia and was named after Maria Ann Smith, who grew the tree from a seedling by accident. Many believe this apple to be a hybrid of the European wild apple and the Northern American apple. When it ripens completely, it turns yellow. As it ripens more and more, it gets less and less sour. When unripe, the apple is extremely popular for cooking.

The first mention of the Granny Smith Apple was in 1924, when a magazine called the Farmer and the Settler, interviewed a farmer who remembered going to Smith’s farm in 1868 for his father to inspect the newly cultivated apple. Soon afterwards, the apple gained in popularity, as Smith sold it at farmer’s markets,  making quite a name for herself.

The green apple itself has many health benefits due to its very high levels of antioxidants. They have the highest levels of phenols among any type of apple. Phenols are known to protect against heart disease and cancer. Maybe that’s where the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” comes from! The Granny Smith is also one of the 15 most popular apples in the United States.

Now you can not only eat green apples but vape this amazing flavor, too! Check out the reviews for Green Apple E Juice below:

Green Apple E Juice Reviews

Grant K.
I have tried many different brands of Apple e juice. This is the best so far.

Felipe R.
I can defeninently see why is a best seller!after steeping, the flavor concentrates wonderfully. Defeninently one of my favorites.

Kim P.
Lovely flavour and one of my favourites

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