French Toast E-Juice | A Delicious Vape Juice with History

For our flavor spotlight this week, we are going to focus on a vape juice that has a fascinating backstory — French Toast E-Juice. This vape juice combines cinnamon spices, maple syrup, and battered bread for an amazing flavor that you will love to vape all day. But where does french toast originate from? Everyone knows that it’s bread battered in egg and milk, then cooked. But is that how it started? Read on to find out more!

French Toast E-Juice | History Explained

French toast is essentially a dish made of bread soaked in milk and egg and then fried. It is also known as eggy bread, Bombay toast, and gypsy toast. In the 4th and 5th century, it was referenced in a collection of a Latin recipes and was labeled as aliter dulcia (or “another sweet dish” in Latin). This is the earliest mention of the dish. In France, the dish is not known as French toast, but rather pain perdu, or “lost bread”. This name references the fact that French toast often uses stale bread, or bread which would otherwise be thrown away, or “lost”.

The term “french toast” was actually first used in 17th century England and brought to America by settlers. Different areas of the country use different types of bread. West and Southwestern states often use sourdough while Jewish-American communities use challah bread. Often times, the bread is left in the egg and milk to soak over night and then flavored with cinnamon. Then it is topped with syrup or honey, powdered sugar, and fruit.

In New Orleans, French creole cuisine will use spirits in the batter, french bread, and typically top the the toast with cane syrup, powdered sugar, and fruit. This is one of the most famous place in the US to get French toast.

This is a great flavor of vape juice to experience if you like sweet and dessert flavored e-juice. So make sure to try out our French Toast E-Juice, and if anyone asks, now you know the rich history behind this amazing breakfast!

Reviews of French Toast E-Juice

I would recommend an extra flavoring shot or two; but otherwise its fantastic. It got me craving some real French Toast.

This juice has a smooth and great taste. Everyone says it smells really good.
My favorite vape so far! It smells like a dream. The cinnamon is a little strong, but that’s ok! I love it. It reminds me of the kind of cinnamon they use in cinnibons. The maple is sweet on the exhale, and it’s a great morning vape!
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    The family enjoys this flavor.

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