Freebie & Sample Packs

Tis the season of fall, a time of great change. In the northern hemisphere, leaves are turning brown, days are shorter, and the weather is getting cloudy and rainy. While in the southern hemisphere… lucky you… the weather is getting arid, warm, and the sun is remaining out longer. With this change in season, Mt Baker Vapor has decided to change a few things as well.

UPDATE: As of 8/4/2016, freebies and sample packs are unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We have joined the fight to reverse the FDA Deeming Regulations by partnering with Right to be Smoke Free Coalition. You can do your part by joining the Right to be Smoke Free Coalition. Any donation you make goes directly to opposing this unconstitutional ruling. Make your voice heard.

This was not Mt Baker Vapor’s decision. Freebies have been a part of our business since its beginning. Now, we bow our heads and watch one of our favorite things fade into history, like the Tasmanian tiger and Pontiac Trans Am. You will be missed, old friend. While we’re at it, congratulations, FDA, for finding yet another way to step on the people’s hearts while cloaking yourself in the guise of altruism.

Should common sense somehow prevail in the future, you can rest assured you’ll see a triumphant freebie return. You can still expect Mt Baker Vapor’s unmatched quality and customer service going forward. The 15 mL freebie is yet another casualty of governmental over-reach. Your understanding is appreciated during this time of mourning.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and we will try to answer them to the best of our ability!

Vape on!



Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • joey says:

    on the new freebie policy for example with the pack of u pay the 8.99 can we add our nictotine amount?

  • Anthony says:

    So what you are saying is…is you are making the freebie smaller, less customization, and we cant even pick a flavor anymore. I dont care about pre-steeping. What i do care about was being able to try a flavor at the mix that i like and my nic level to see if it was something i would like to buy more of in the future. Now i have no reason to even want the freebie because with it being at a 50/50 mix and 0 nic its going to be completely different than my 100 PG 12mg nic juice would tasted like.

    I have a feeling that this was done for the international buyers. I understand that you may want to be able to give them a freebie like you do your US buyers and that is great. The problem is is that if you lower the quality of option in order to do so, it makes no one happy. This is a big mistake on Mt Baker Vapors part.

  • Mary says:

    This is pretty lame. I don’t mind the smaller size, but 0 nic makes it useless. I’ll still buy from you because I have never liked any of the samples anyway.

  • Bob says:

    Soo..I get a 1/3 size sample, with no nic, and 50/50? So I should throw it away when it comes?

    • The purpose of the free sample is to provide you with the ability to taste a different type of flavor. This is allowing us to provide this option to everyone, not just customers that spend of $15.

  • James says:

    You guys just lost a customer

  • kkgardneronline says:

    Of course freebies get smaller after my first month of ordering ($100+ order)

  • Lindsey says:

    This is bad news. A 50/50 blend is useless to many of us who use rebuildables or are allergic to pg. Also many flavors taste different when nicotine is added. People over at ecr are saying that you have lost their business over this.

    I know free is free, but you should consider letting orders over $20 or $25 continue to receive a 15ml sample in the ratio and nic level of the rest of their order.

    • We are working towards a more efficient process and although there are a few negative sides to this change it allows us to provide a sample for testing flavors to every customer now, rather than those who spend over $15. Again we understand that there are some negative aspects to this change, however the change is allowing us to develop new ideas that will serve our customers better in the long run.

  • Adam says:

    You guys really don’t see anything wrong with 0 nic level?

  • Daniel Albrittain says:

    So if you vape 50/50 your good some people have allergies with pg and would like a higher vg

  • Floyd says:

    If I went to a local B&M to try some samples of liquids that I might be interested in purchasing, they wouldn’t give me 0mg juice. What am I even supposed to do with 0mg juice? I guess a lot of people will also be changing to another value eliquid vendor that still offers free samples of their flavors.

  • nate says:

    on the freebie, will we still be able to substitute it for a free flavoring instead?

  • Opal says:

    well.. the comment box on my orders (assuming I remember) will now say.. no sample please.. I hate to waste juice and only vape max VG

  • Frank says:

    This is definitely lame.

    Juice tastes different with different PG/VG ratios and nic content, so you won’t get to taste what it would taste like with your preferred ratios. Just like going to a B&M and sampling out of a clearo gives you no hint of how it will taste in a dripper.

  • Jason says:

    Lame indeed! The freebie was one of the best things about getting juice from you. Zero Nic = worthless

  • nshades says:

    Considering the price and quality of the overall product selection. What MtBaker gives away for free is a taste test, and having to pay the 5$ to get 15ml to my specs in not unreasonable. I am perfectly happy getting what I pay for, and if they want to kick me a little something to entice me, who am I to argue what it is they give me?

    I would like to see more of these sample packs in the future.

  • Jessica says:

    I agree with most of the above, aforementioned. The smaller freebie? Ok, can’t complain…it’s free, however; as someone else stated, I want to taste the flavor I’m trying with MY preferred combo of pg/vg and nicotine, otherwise…it’s useless. Some (majority) flavors change completely when these two areas are adjusted up or down. Big bummer. Also, how hard is it to rack up $15 at MBV?? It’s not! Therefore, if someone is only coming to buy one 15ml bottle, why should they expect a freebie, anyway?? Your loyal, paying customers are spending well over (in my household’s case) $40-$60 a month and I know there are customers of yours spending WAY more…these people should get to choose a flavor they want to try INHO. It’s not like you’re saying all orders over $50! lol People expecting something for nothing, isn’t fair for those who frequently spend their money at MBV. Just saying.

  • Jason says:

    The problem is that most juices taste far different with 0 nic as they do with the 18mg nic i prefer to vape at. Even if I did like one of your 0 nic samples, it is guaranteed to taste different when I order it in 18mg.

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m sad to see so many negative comments. I’ve often wondered how you were able to give so many freebies away in the first place. The fact that you consider it a bonus for your customers is awesome. The fact that you see the value to your customers is also awesome. The amount of attention that is paid to your customer base is the main reason I purchase from you. Thank you for trying to find a way to continue a good thing. Keep up the great work!

  • Jeff Marcum says:

    I have no beef with the change. I have preferences when it comes to vaping but it seems to me that people are getting a little full of themselves when asking for specifics with a freebie. My prior order was the first time I asked for a specific freebie only because I learned I could opt against the tobacco flavored juice. People are getting a bit too selfish in this issue if you ask me. If it’s free, don’t argue or complain if you don’t like it. Mt Baker Vapor offers great prices to begin with. Why complain in the change of what is free?

  • Bob says:

    I think you are missing the point of the matter which is that people factored in that free 15ml bottle (one they would actually use) as a huge part of the value of buying from you guys. You just got rid of that. So saying “just vape it forward” is like saying I should buy juice just to give away…

  • Shelley says:

    Sad…. useless to me…. that mix level makes my face itch like I have the pox.

  • Bob says:

    Hate to break it to you, but your customers will not take kindly to a change that is somehow supposed to benefit OTHER customers, just not themselves. Why would I as a customer care if this is good for other people?

  • Elisabeth Smith says:

    I think it’s cool that everyone will get a free sample, no matter what they spend. While a smaller amount is a bit of a bummer, I can also understand from the perspective of a small business owner, as to why making such changes may be necessary.
    People need to step back and chill out over it.
    I know several people who order through MBV, none of whom realized they could make any requests as to their free sample. We usually end up trading them around with each other, sharing them, and learning what we simply do or do not like.
    A friend who orders non-nicotine juice has received freebies with and without nicotine. I get those freebies with nicotine, and if I’ve gotten a zero nicotine juice, I give it to them. While the new policy means that our current system will change, it also means it will open up our ability to share and try more flavors.
    Non-nicotine Vapers will have more options, and it means that you can learn more about what flavor you want to order next time!
    I learned something I’d suspected would be the case, thanks to a free sample. I learned that I don’t like to vape anything with menthol. I’ve also found flavors I was wary of ordering are really good and have ordered them since.
    I do think it would be awesome if you could get more than one freebie. For example, spend over $20 and get two or more than $50 and get three. But either way, I haven’t found any other company that gives away juice.
    Thanks MBV! I’m excited for you and your growth as a business. VAPE ON!

    • Thank you for your positive comments. We spent a lot of time working out the best way to provide a free sample to our customers in a way that will still allow us to be efficient and provide a sample tester to each and every one of our customers, regardless of where they live and what they spend.

  • Jessica says:

    Bob, I could not agree more with both statements.

  • Bootyclapthunder says:

    There is zero value in the sample now. Not a good move.

  • Justice Simmons says:

    A lot of people see you as a cheap somewhat low quality vendor. Also can’t begin to explain how racist “Thug Juice” is.

    • Thug juice is a type of beverage where several juices are mixed together to create something unique. There is no racial undertones intended in any way shape or form. Our goal is to take care of our vaping community and provide quality juice at a price that allows everyone (of legal age) the ability to access vaping supplies and juice.

  • Ernie says:

    So basically you are telling me to buy at my local shop if i want a usable incentive when buying my e juice. I dont mind the smaller size but what you are giving me (0 nic) is not useful. Local shops have better deals and instant gratification, but i buy from Mt Baker because of the fun free bottle and awesome customer service, I may still buy my 1 or 2 favs from you but thats probably it since i wont vape 0 nic at 50/50.

    • The new freebie tasters are intended to be just that, an opportunity to taste the flavor of the juice and determine if it is something you would enjoy. While we understand there are some draw-backs, this change offers us the ability to provide this option to everyone. We work hard to take care of our vaping community.

  • Bob says:

    “Everyone gets a 5ml freebie now, EVERYONE (finally)!”

    Why do we care about everyone?

  • Richard says:

    I have never seen so much negativity over something that is FREE. Jeez, take your sense of entitlement somewhere else. They had a great thing, wanted to do something for more people, so they changed it to a different great thing. It’s called a freebie for a reason.

    In any case, I think the folks at MBV did the right thing. It’s a good business decision that also keeps its customers in mind.

  • Kevin says:

    I always intentionally ordered over $15 for the fact that I could get and customize a freebie to try or to get another bottle of something I already enjoy. Absolutely hate 50/50 blends and 5 ml 0 nic no customization just seems lazy. Bad PR in my opinion for regular MBV customers. A bold move but probably not a wise one.

  • Jessica says:

    I don’t see how anyone is “full of themselves” when expecting, when it’s what was offered 🙂 If you say one thing and do another…of course there are going to be problems. You’ve got a little something brown your nose…no..right…right there. 😉

  • Cheryl C. says:

    I cannot believe how ungrateful some people can be! It’s FREE people!!! Would you complain if you were hungry & you didn’t like the free food that was given to you? Mt Baker doesn’t HAVE to give you anything but what you pay for! Their prices are great and you still complain??? Un freaking believable!!!

  • Not an Ingrate says:

    Can’t believe you f*** are complaining about a free juice. Don’t like it, don’t vape it. I for one have not ordered any juice from MBV, but just to spite all of you little babies, I may very well start ordering from them now. I’m going to take my 5ML bottle and enjoy it, or give it to someone else who might. ungrateful pieces of s***.

  • Dave A says:

    well iv supported mount baker since iv found out about them and have got a lot of people to go to them for juice. The thing that sold them was telling them they get a free 15ml bottle of juice with every order over 15$. Now there acting like a lot of other company’s with the free 5ml with 0 nic. Think it’s time I start looking for a new vape company and I’m sure the many friends I have refered to them will agree. Iv been very loyal to mout baker and now I feel this was all in vain. There juice is great and the free 15 ml took the cake and gave people a chance to try a flavor they might not have tryed before mixed the way they liked it. There goes that idea. Well I’m done ranting time to search the web for a new vape company and spred the work to the friends of the change to my friends.

  • Jim says:

    Only us Americans can and will bitch about getting free stuff! MBV should just stop freebies all together, all you cry babies out there don’t deserve it anyway.

  • Ed Broun says:

    MBV has made a big mistake with their freebies. I’d rather not even get one as it will go in the trash. My reasons are simple: I vape for the nicotine (even though I am down to 6mg), and do not prefer to be without it. Freebies were a way for me to try a flavor that might become part of my rotation. FYI all the flavors that I use came from sampling a freebie. In order to decide what flavor I want, I want to be able to try it at the same PG/VG strength that I am used to, which isn’t 50/50.

    Just to set the record straight, I don’t buy from MBV to get a freebie — but it was a nice way to try a new flavor. And since you are going 50/50 with 0 nicotine, there is no way I can tell what it will taste like at my 65/35 with 6 mg nicotine. Last but not least, 5 ml of juice is not a sample. Vaping juice is not candy, but you are treating it like a piece of candy like they hand out samples at the grocery store. And in case anyone thinks this is a free way to try something, consider that you will waste an atomizer on each 5 ml of juice that you sample.

  • Jason says:

    I just got my first order from you guys this week. The freebie, while nice, is not a big deal. With the prices you have, it’s not an issue to just order the flavors I wish to try, with the nic level and mix I prefer. All 3 flavors I ordered are excellent, and the freebie is tasty as well. I have no problem with the changes, since it IS meant to allow us to try other flavors. Thank you for the high quality juices you make, and keep on vapin! 🙂

  • Bruce Nukem says:

    This is unfortunate but I can’t say I’m too surprised. A free 15ml of whatever juice you want just for spending $15 was fantastic. I would never order less than that, anyway, since it’s nicer to stock to cut down on the shipping wait.

    This is better than having price hikes across the board since the main appeal of MBV has always been the affordable juices in a variety of flavors and mixes. I truly wish, however, that at least some of the customization requests would stick around. I’d have no issue getting a random sample from one of the categories if I could at least choose a higher VG blend and 6mg nicotine. The VG/PG blend should be, at minimum, something that can be chosen from a few options (50/50 and max VG wouldn’t be hard to keep on hand). I know I am not alone in having some very unpleasant reactions to high PG liquids so it is troubling that the free sample is limited to something that will cause discomfort. Granted, I will likely mix them with pure VG to smooth it out but that kind of defeats the purpose since it isn’t a good representation of what you’re actually offering. But hey, at least it will be vapeable and a mere 5ml of juice can be stretched out to 10ml or more, depending on how PG intolerant you are.

    I definitely understand why some people are very upset about this but I think they just need time to settle down. I would hope that we all shop here first for the quality and value, with the freebie being an added value. I will continue to shop here but I still think there is room for improving this policy. I’d like to think that allowing domestic buyers to have their choice of flavor and blend (in the usual 15ml bottle) with a slightly increased minimum purchase would still be good business, but I’m no business man. I know I’d make all of my orders meet a $20 or $25 minimum if it meant getting a better sample but I can’t speak for everyone.

    Good luck with this new policy and congratulations to the international buyers that are finally going to get something for free. It’s just a shame that it had to come at a cost to everybody else and that they’re not actually getting the same impressive sample options that we have all grown to love. But that is business.

  • Tom says:

    I know there are a lot of negative comments here, and I’m sure you expected that to begin with.

    Let me just be one of the few to say that while I don’t necessarily favor the change, I’m certainly not going to complain about something you’re willing to give me for free. Your e-liquid prices are already VERY reasonable, and at least in my experience, your service is top-notch.

    The freebies are an awesome bonus, but I certainly wouldn’t take my business elsewhere if you decided not to do it anymore.

    • Thank you. The goal is to be able to give a free sample flavor to everyone. This allows us to do that.

      • Mic says:

        Okay I am checking you guys out for the first time. The neg comments are pretty lame considering that when I try a new flavor at my local vape shop it is always 0 mg they give me as a sample hit or two. I know people who do 0 mil so after my first time try and decide if I want to get it at my nic level I will vape it forward to them

  • vaper1 says:

    All of you guys lauding this new format are ridiculous. Everyone knows that that extra bottle isn’t “free”. The reason we buy from mbv is because we get a really good deal on the juices once we hit the $15 threshold. Knowing I won’t be able to determine which flavor I receive for “free” and the fact that it’s a blend I don’t like, sucks for me, and apparently most of the people commenting here. Hopefully some other juice sellers will step up and seize the opportunity to grab a lot of previously loyal disgruntled customers.

    Also, feeding people this “it’s for the greater good” and “in the long run we all win” really isn’t fooling anyone as you can see.

    This obviously is a better option for mbv, not the customers. Is there anyone out there not wanting to pick the juice they want, or the blend, or would prefer a bottle a third of the size? Didn’t think so.

    • The new policy allows us to provide a free sample to every customer, not limit the freebies to only those in the US who spend a certain dollar amount. While I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, our goal is to take care of all of our customers. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. Vape on!

  • Hex says:

    The only issue I have is I won’t be able to vape the freebies except maybe a puff or two so it goes wasted there for me since I have a PG allergy.

  • Becca says:

    I really can’t believe how many people are moaning on here! You’re complaining about something that is FREE and threatening to take your business elsewhere?? Wow. Babies. Also, you say you’re not concerned about “other” customers, just yourselves? If MBV has no other customers than just you, the selfish, immature, greedy ones… then MBV is outta business.

    Everything I’ve tried from MBV has been great, their prices are some of the best around, and their shipping/service is excellent. I say, keep up the good work!

  • Mason says:

    I don’t know about most other people, but there have been a lot of times when I was planning on only buying one thing but bought another to make my order over $15 so I would get the 15 ml freebie. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business but I really think this change is going to hurt you financially. The fact that you gave away 15 ml of ejuice for free was your selling point. 5 ml of non-customizable ejuice isn’t going to attract as many people.

  • Alex says:

    if I placed an order this morning what should I expect? I requested a flavor so will I get something similar instead?

  • Cameron says:

    I’ve been buying your guys’ products for a while now and I’ve always loved the freebie especially the way I was able to ask for a certain flavor that I was interested in. I will most likely be paying if forward to someone else since I don’t vape 0mg nicotine. The negative comments seem unnecessary but people will get over it and keep coming back to you guys simply because of your selection and prices. I haven’t found another vendor that even compare to Mt Baker Vapor. You still have a loyal customer here. Keep up the good work, best of luck.

  • Carol says:

    OMG all you people that are crying and telling MBV you are going to drop them over a free bottle, if you love MBV’s juice and prices, stop whinning, just order a 15ml bottle the way you want it, these people make great juice, and prices are good too, stop crying about something to can work around if you don’t like what they are changing, I think it’s great they are even giving a freebe .Oh wait, and to top that off they five you 10% off, keep the great juice coming MBV love you guys

  • michele says:

    Some of you people make me sick. Boo boo you will seriously whine over what you get FOR FREE? MVB has been awesome for letting us custom pick full size free juices for as long as they have. Get over yourselves, you sound like selfish kindergarten kids. Thank you MBV for your great juices, awesome prices and fast shipping. Thank you for always having coupons, and the special sales you have and low shipping fees.

  • Brian Goosen says:

    Even without the freebie MVB is the cheapest vendor I’ve seen on the web. They’re also the fastest shipping and have some of the best customer service. So while I’m not happy about this change, it isn’t a deal-breaker. Ps, when trying to read this blog on an iphone the side menu slides out every time I scroll down. That was almost a deal breaker for being able to read the blog! :p

  • K says:

    Well, like many others I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to get a freebie in my preferred mix anymore. But realistically, it was free to begin with, so what do I have to complain about? The fact of the matter is (for me at least), Mt Baker has more selection and better prices on juice than any other place I’ve found. I don’t buy my juice anywhere else, and I intend to continue that. The 0mg isn’t very useful to me, but again — it’s free so what do I have to complain about? The price for 15ml is still less than many b&m shops that like to charge around $10+ for 12-15ml. And MBV has great customer service too… I once received a defective (cracked metal base) kanger MPT2 from them and emailed them about it. Before I even got a reply back to my email, I received a shipping notification that a new one was shipped! The reply came shortly after, and they said I could keep the defective one too (which I later used for parts). Can’t beat ’em. Keep up the good juices and service. Wish the freebie was still at least customizable in blend and nic level but hey… it’s free 🙂

  • Chris says:

    One question though, will my desired $15 freebie will held up if I ordered before this announcement? I spent close to $30 on juice earlier this week, and asked for a specific flavor and nic amount.

    Will that change when I open my package?

  • RaChello says:

    So, when does this new policy apply? Does it start immediately or did it start prior to this? I just ordered $25+ worth of e-juice yesterday. Will I still be receiving a 15ml as a freebie?

    Also, I never knew you could choose what flavor you wanted in the Order Instructions/Comments box. ~_~

  • John Malar says:

    I’m for this change. Free is free. If you don’t like the flavor you get, toss it. If you do like it, order it in the size, ratio, and nic you vape from. I’m pg intolerant, but I can take a little bit. And I have a blister pack and some iclear 16’s that I use for tasting. We are lucky they even give us freebies. Most other companies charge twice the MBV price for 15ml, and quite a few don’t give you the customization MBV does.

  • Dan says:

    You’re taking away a big part of the majority of what brought you your customers.

    You guys do have good prices and decent juice, but offering a free sample that’s essentially useless to the majority of your customer base is a waste.

    Some people have PG allergies and also enjoy can you guess?……NICOTINE!..which changes the flavor quite a bit. We can’t base out judgment on wanting a coca cola if we’re recieving a diet coke..

    People are just gonna throw it in the trash. Saying “vape it forward” is ridiculous.. We shouldnt have to have the burden to search around for someone that wants a 5ml 0nic 50/50 juice, cause you make us feel bad for being wasteful. And we shouldnt have to buy nicotine to add to it. Not all of us want to do that stuff; that’s why we pay you.

    I’m not going to stop buying from you, but my orders will definitely not be as frequent.

    I’m hoping you guys do make some kind of revision to your new policy. All comments via Facebook/reddit/here have been mostly negative.

  • twelve dogs says:

    i’ve never really cared about the freebie, i’ve only gotten it twice previously even though all of my orders so far have been over $50 because i’m international (i guess?)

    that said i’m not sure i’d ever get around to bothering to vape a 5 ml of nic free unless i fucked up my ordering royally.

    do with that what you will, not complaining, just continuing to not care about that

    • International customers have not previously been able to receive the freebies due to different factors. By making the freebie 0 nic we will be able to send them to all customers, regardless of where they live.

  • Aaron Summers says:

    This is a huge turn off for me. I always made a point of ordering at least $15 worth for the free sample. I’m not even that upset about the 1/3rd sample size which sucks but whatever its free. What im really upset about is the 0nic. I’ve always used my samples as ways to try new flavors and ive found several new flavors from that I love and that I rebuy. I also have a shelf full of samples I don’t like and would never buy but with making all samples 0nic I have no want to even try it. I’ve purchased all my juice from MBV exclusively since I started vaping, and I will continue to order the juices that I love so much from MBV but I will also start shopping on other online juice vendor sites as there is nothing here anymore that keeps me saying “WOW, this is amazing” everytime I order.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. We understand the frustration. However, there will be a 5ml of juice added to every order so you can taste flavors you may not have tried before, giving you the ability to see if it’s something you would like or not.

  • Gupp says:

    I’m completely ok with the 5 ml, where I think stuff gets messed up is the nic level, and pg/vg ratio. Many folks vape at what they like. Yea it’s free, but what is something worth if it’s free and you won’t use it… You won’t lose my business cause of this, it just seems kinda regressive. Maybe I’ll take up art, and make a sculpture with all the juice bottles….

    • While I know you’re kidding, I would actually love to see that sculpture. That could be awesome! Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. Efficiency is the key word, especially when it comes to being able to provide a free taste sample to every single order placed.

  • Cermait says:

    This is your business, do what makes good business sense for you. I shop here for the price, choices and abilities to get the nic/mix ratio i want. Freebie or no freebie, matters not, the quality of the product is the important factor and if that doesn’t change then I will remain a customer.

  • Jon says:

    I have been a MBV customer for only a couple of months when I made the switch from cigalikes. I haven’t purchased from anyone else. I’ve been very happy and plan to continue to be so. Price, quality, service and great shipping (usually about 3 days to Colorado with Std shipping, arew the criteria. The freebie was a bonus but not the reason I chose MBV. Flavor hunting for me is an adventure. Some I like, some I do not care for. Same with the freebies. Nothing will change with the new policy. MBV has undergone tremendous growth in the last few years. Some things that were possible as a startup may not work as well as a more mature company. By the same token, maybe some things MBV could only dream about as a small startup may now be possible with the success they’ve had. I’m more than willing to give them the opportunity to grow anf mature even more. ‘Nuf said.

  • Steve says:

    I will miss the 15Ml sample simply because I live overseas and don’t have the opportunity to try anything before I buy it. This always gave me the chance to sample new stuff which many times, I bought later (peach as an example). Always got free samples since I send my orders to friends/family in the US who come visit every few months. I would have zero problem if the juice had some nicotine but with 0 it is sort of useless to me not to mention, I’ve found I need to vape 10Ml to get a good feel for the juice. However, MBV won’t lose my business. Great service, great juice, super fast shipping and very reliable. Will just have to stick to the old flavors I know.

  • Randall says:

    I understand the need you probably have to change the freebie from 15ml to 5ml. My orders are usually $50+ and getting a 5ml instead is fine with me, but getting it at 0 nic? Anyone ordering juice at any nic level isn’t going to want to use this. Very few people have multiple tanks (or are drippers) and they are not going to want to go through the trouble of a juice change just to try something they won’t want to use, even if they like it.

    The change to 5ml, perfectly understandable, the none negotiable 0 nic, you are basically just wasting most of what you are sending out.

    In addition to what I said. I don’t shop at MBV for the free 15ml bottle, I didn’t even know they offered it on my first order. I get my juice here because I like it and the prices can’t be beat. You could completely remove the freebie and I would still have no problem ordering. I just really think it is a waste. If you refuse to offer a nic option, then please give an option to simply not include it.

  • thebaldkid says:


    I’m having a hard time finding the positive in this new policy. But maybe I am missing something. Let’s break it down.

    1. Every order gets a free sample now rather than only orders over $15. Well, I have always received free sample because I have never put in an order for less than $50. So in this aspect, there is no change for me. But it is good for deadbeats who only have five or ten bucks to spend, I guess.

    2.No more requesting specific flavors. I never knew that you could customize the free samples. I always received them in the same blends that the other juices in my order contained, which was great. So not being able to choose is not a change for me, but I wouldn’t call it a positive thing, not for me.

    3. 50/50 blend…that’s fine for a sample as I’m not sensitive to either pg or vg. Is it better? No. I’ll say there is no net change here.

    4. Zero nicotine? That’s pretty useless for me. I understand that allows you to give your international customers free samples, but how does that help me? Also, the presence (or absence) of nicotine changes both the flavor and the throat hit. Big negative here.

    5. Going from 15ml to 5ml size? That’s an obvious negative. No need to get into that.

    I’m failing to find even one positive here. And while I won’t say that I won’t buy from Mt Baker anymore, what I will say is this:

    At the end of the day, free samples don’t make or break the deal. But don’t stand up and say that there is anything positive in it for someone like me. Because there isn’t anything positive about it, and saying that there are positives when there really isn’t is a slap in the face and an insult to the intelligence.

    And for people who for some god-unknown reason feel the need to suck ass and say that people shouldn’t complain about something that is free…When there is a banner on the website advertising something as “free” with every order over X dollars, that ain’t free. It’s a part of the deal. Something thrown in to sweeten the pot. Believe me when I say that the cost of it is more than covered by everything else that you buy.

    The bottom line is that for me, a 5mil sample of zero nic juice is useless. It’s the same as getting nothing.

    I’m not saying that I won’t be dealing with Mt Baker anymore. But I will be checking out other online companies and spending part of my ejuice budget elsewhere, something that up until now, I have never had the desire to do.

    • I apologize for any inconvenience this new policy change may cause you. It offers us as a company the opportunity to provide a free taste sample to each and every customer. As a company, our goal is to take the best possible care of the entire vaping community.

  • Hugh says:

    You gotta be kidding. These new “freebies” accomplish absolutely nothing, both for your company and the end user. 90% of your customers will just throw those freebies in the trash and there is no customer satisfaction in something that is perceived as useless. Save your money and just keep your infernal freebies.
    Having said that I must say that I really enjoyed your old freebie program. I has caused me to expand my purchases from you to flavors that I would have never ordered otherwise. I have been a completely satisfied customer of Mt. Baker for many months and never would have thought of buying anywhere else. Now, that may be changing. Sounds like more than a few others will be looking around, too.

    Well, since I noticed that you have not posted my previous (somewhat negative) post, I thought I might try again, with a positive suggestion.

    If we look at reality, the reason that you are in business it that 99% of your customers are nicotine addicts. Yep, that’s us! The multitudes of flavorings the you add to nicotine solutions of varying strength and PG?VG ratios are icing on the cake and provides us with incentive to buy more juice than we would need merely to satisfy our addiction.

    So, why send out freebies without a choice of nicotine content or PG/VG ratios? That’s like shooting a gun in pitch black darkness! You have no idea what you’re aiming at and no confirmation that you will hit anything. You completely disregard a number of customers with PG allergies and an even larger number of customers with ingrained preferences on PG?VG ratios.

    So, here’s the positive part. Why don’t you just send out freebie flavorings-only in those 5ml bottles an le us, your customers, add those flavorings to a nicotine base of the strength and PG/VG ratio of our choosing? That way we would know exactly what to order when we order new flavors from you. I don’t think anyone would object to ordering and paying for an extra bottle of neutral nicotine juice of their choosing that would be dedicated to trying the new freebie flavorings that you send out. You will increase your sales from those of us who are serious about their vaping, as many of us would dedicate a new atomizer to properly try a new flavor.

    I see this as a definite win-win situation: you get to sell more stuff and we, your customers, get to experience a wider world of vaping. Freebies mean nothing unless they produce results.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and concerns. To address the issue of not responding to your first comment, we pride ourselves in being real and taking care of our vaping community. I was in no way trying to keep your voice from being heard. It simply took a bit of time to reply to each of the comments we received personally. I understand the frustration, I do. However, there are positives. I do not say this as a brush off, but because it’s true. We truly do care about the vaping community. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for taking the time to share with us. Vape on!

  • Lynelle Henr says:

    I understand your new policy, don’t like it much. Since I am allergic to PG, this freebie is of no use to me. Is there somewhere on our order that we can ask you to not send the free sample. Don’t want to waste your juice by throwing it in the trash. Hate to say I may be looking for a new juice company. I always order over $50+ on each order and the freebie was a good selling point.

  • Steve says:

    Perhaps you should try offering the 15Ml bottle or at the least, customizable nicotine content on larger order, perhaps over $50. Could be an incentive to order that one extra bottle…

  • Eric says:

    I’m trying to figure out why people are complaining about something that is free. It’s free people. MBV has some of the best prices on juice that I’ve seen, the fact that they do freebies makes me wonder how they turn a profit. If people want to stop giving this company business over a change to what they give away, then they aren’t the kind of customers MBV needs IMO.

    BTW, I’ll be all over that sample pack tomorrow. It’s an amazing price.

    Now something to consider for the future: allowing customers to pick the five sample flavors, vg/pg mix and nic strength. do that for 15-25 dollars in 5ml bottles. You could run your picks of the week/month sample pack for a lower price in parallel with the set nic and pg/vg.

    For comparison, Viper Vape does a sample pack, 5 flavors of the customer’s pick, but they’re locked at 24mg nic and 70PG/30VG for $20.

  • Hugh says:

    Michelle, you completely neglected to respond to the most important part of my previous post , which was, “So, here’s the positive part. Why don’t you just send out freebie flavorings-only in those 5ml bottles an le us, your customers, add those flavorings to a nicotine base of the strength and PG/VG ratio of our choosing? That way we would know exactly what to order when we order new flavors from you. I don’t think anyone would object to ordering and paying for an extra bottle of neutral nicotine juice of their choosing that would be dedicated to trying the new freebie flavorings that you send out. You will increase your sales from those of us who are serious about their vaping, as many of us would dedicate a new atomizer to properly try a new flavor.

    I see this as a definite win-win situation: you get to sell more stuff and we, your customers, get to experience a wider world of vaping. Freebies mean nothing unless they produce results.”

    Please respond to this suggestion. What’s wrong with it?

  • LeeAnn says:

    Whew! Just made this order in time for one, last freebie!

    While I am a little disappointed, ( the freebie is sooo much fun!! ) and I miss the 36 mg, I still enjoy the flavors and prices and will continue to shop here.

  • Joe says:

    Michelle, I’ve placed many orders from MBV & have been very happy with your products and customer service. The “Freebee” 15 ml. Juice was a nice touch not offered by other companies

    However, I agree with most of the previous comments on this blog. I have no problem with the smaller 5 ml samples, but if you can no longer request a specific flavor you would like to try, PG/VG, or Nicotine strength, what good are they? I believe most people will just chuck them in the trash!

    Sounds like a waste of good juice and a bad marketing decision to me.
    Maybe it would have been better to solicit ideas from your loyal customers before implementing this new policy. Time will tell!

  • alldayvape says:

    So some of the main reasons MBV claims they did this is to reward people that spend under $15 and to finally give the international community what they have been waiting for……a random. 50/50 blend, nic free, 5ml juice? I know it costs extra labor to squeeze that extra 10 ml of personalized “freebie” juice you guys used to throw in, but man, that’s what made you guys different, that was that extra step that got you extra customer loyalty and talked about. It was good while it lasted.

  • Matt says:

    Wow … so disappointed in your new freebie policy. 🙁 I understand it’s free, and therefore we “shouldn’t complain”, but honestly a lot of folks are just going to throw that extra juice away and it will be a complete waste (0 nic? Seriously? Look at all your sales and tell me what the percentage is that order 0 nic). I know I will. I might smell it to get an idea, but I’m not dumping 0 nic in my tank so I can vape air, free or not. And of course you begin this program on the day of a discount offer ::smh::. Chalk up one major negative for Mt Baker Vapor. You know, it would be nice if instead you instituted some kind of loyalty program (where you get points for each order that can be accumulated and spent once a certain threshold is met) or tiered incentives for higher-total purchases. Something that let your regular customers know you care about them, whereas this move seems more like a slap in the face. You still have great prices, but now rather than being excited to get my juice package to check out the freebie, I’m going to be sad knowing that I’m going to have to throw a small bottle of nothing away instead.

  • Matt says:

    Additionally, claiming that making the freebies 0 nic will allow you to send freebies internationally has zero bearing on those of us here in the States. We *can* receive nic products, so why would you refuse to do it? It’s not difficult; you pre-make both 0 nic samples and samples with nic, then you send the 0 nic to international customers and you send regular nic to those here at home. You’d be using less nic anyway due to the smaller sample size (which I also dislike, but can begrudgingly get along with). So cost shouldn’t be an issue. I really wish you guys would just be straightforward with us instead of acting like politicians.

  • Randall says:

    Here is an idea.

    Why don’t you give the option of your current 5ml freebie OR have a box to tic to forgo the 5ml freebie and instead donate $1 to CASAA.

  • Randall says:

    To be clear, have MBV donate $1 to CASAA in place of receiving the free sample.

  • Silvenium says:

    I don’t mind zero nicotine at all – I vape as an appetite suppressant and am all about flavor chasing anyway. I like the ‘surprise flavor’ thing, too. …Bad thing is, 50/50 breaks my mouth out in sores if I don’t watch myself and vape it a lot. Secondly, I buy a little every month for my whole household to vape, and we’re already at each other’s throats for a sample (if it’s any good, like last month’s Caramel Candy). With 15 mL, it was just enough to share between the three of us. Only one will be able to really get a good judgement on a flavor with the 5 mL. Is there any way that you could offer 15 mL samples to those that purchase more?

  • Dale says:

    Love your service, juices and pricing. I am disappointed with the new decision, BUT it was free. My suggestion is to do away with the free samples altogether. Then all these whiners and cry -babies can take their sniveling somewhere else. Business is business and expanding the freebies is great. It is hard to believe that there are so many entitled people out there. Keep up the good work MBV!

  • Tony says:

    Im relatively new to the vaping community and have just recently found out about MBV but OMG cant believe all the pi****g and moaning over something that is free to begin with. love the free offer. But ( Maybe) keep the custom deal for orders over $15 for all the whiners out there also. Honestly ppl geezz.

  • Chris says:

    Meh, lost 15 (free) mls of e-liquid from my order. Still a lot cheaper to buy 30 mls from MBV for $8 then go to almost any B&M and spend 20. I think the biggest change was making it 0 nic, and at 0 nic 15 mls would be next to useless. So 5 mls of 0 nic for an IDEA of what it may taste like and can now be shipped to everyone sounds like a decent idea to me. Lost some liquid but I think it was a good decision for the business and as a whole the vaping community. And I certainly care far more about the vaping community as a whole than a $5 bottle of liquid. No complaints here, Keep it up MBV.

  • mr. chainsaw says:

    I’m getting an itaste mvp 2.0 starter kit for my birthday in 4 weeks. I see that most mods come with the free bottle of flavor, pg/vg, and nic level of your choice. Do you also include the free random sample in these type of orders?

  • Paul L. says:

    I think the plan: “to give everyone a free sample of their juices with every order, despite the dollar value of the order”, is a very generous move on MBV’s part.
    The fact that there are many who are actually whining and crying, because they can’t chose, “exactly” what FREE, FREE, FREE……….. juice they’re going to get, just proves how overly immature, self righteous, and overly self important, they feel they are.
    Clue #1….. you’re NOT! Clue #2……you’re NOT!
    There are far more vape sites, that give you NOTHING, when you order from them, other than the items you’ve ordered.
    I’ve run across sites that will give you a; “free sample, of their juice”, which you do get to pick the flavor and nic level of………but only if you spend over a certain dollar amount for your order.
    With MBV’s prices already being some of the cheapest on the net, for extremely high quality products, having the speed of delivering their orders that other vape companies only wish they could match, and superior customer service on everything they sell………… you’re going to piss and moan, over getting something for FREE??
    Hell…………you’d probably also whine, if you were hung with a used rope!
    Keep up the great work, Mt.Baker!
    Most of us don’t think of ourselves as being so “special”, that we’d complain about, let alone……turn down; FREE merchandise!

  • Elik Anoa'i says:

    I was looking forward to placing my first order with Mt. Baker Vapor. I also was looking forward to receiving my free sample bottle of e juice 12 mg 50/50 blend. I had a flavor picked out which was Blubaco… Then you decide to change your freebie policy. To make it worse a true slap in the face of your loyal customers and veterans who served their country you do it on Veteran’s day!!! On 11/11/14 it took effect… Well I understand the real reason behind this change. Mt Baker Vapor has gotten big… It’s going to behave as a large corporation that only cares about profits and margins. No need to have done that. I just wish that Mt. Baker Vapor will still ship out a free 15 ml bottle to this Air Force vet… With his order over 150$… This isn’t fair to your loyal customers. It is also very unfair to your new customers and all of those that will become customers in the future. I never got to enjoy the old freebie program… This is a terrible business decision from one of the most if not the most respected e liquid manufacturer in the U.S. What made Mt Baker different is that they put the customer first. Not like others. Please don’t respond with your politics. Cause that’s what they are… Just politics…. The majority of your customers know it’s totally unfair… So quit repeating the same things over and over again….

  • Ryan Chase LoCicero says:

    You guys continue to be awesome. The fact that you give away so much free juice, that is made in the US, is even cooler. The people who are hating on you for not giving a large enough freebie or not letting them pick there freebie, are being selfish jerks. I understand that some may have preferences or allergies, but follow the golden rule: be polite, say thank you, and move on with your day. I will try whatever flavor I get. Vape on

  • brian says:

    How many people are going to be willing to waste a atomizer head on obligating it to 5mil of a ZERO nic juice flavor? Not too many id imagine. What a shame/
    and a waste. Oh well.

  • Chris says:

    I was literally putting in an order, about to make it over $15 so I could get my freebie, and I saw this.

    0mg? I don’t care about the flavor selection or even the PGVG really but 0mg will sit in my drawer unused for a very long time. May as well not include a freebie. there goes my incentive to order from MBV… back to the local vape shop, at least i get rewards there. Thanks for a good few months though.

    Also to everyone saying “don’t complain, it’s free” – the old sample program wasn’t “free”, that’s just marketing, it was just more juice for your money. You had to spend $15 to get it. This is just a price increase, nothing more nothing less.

  • Hugh says:

    Chris pretty much said it all. Forget about the “0” nicotine (and that’s a hard one to forget!!). The next big problem is not being to chose your pg/vg preference. Altering that will give you an entirely different vaping experience. I recently ordered 4 15ml bottles of 65pg/35vg with the same nic content I always use. There was a heavier throat hit, but less taste and mouthfeel. I really didn’t like it as much as the 50/50 blend. Changing the nic level makes a big difference in taste, too. I still think a better idea would be to ship out the freebies in flavor only, and let us buy our own flavorless nic juice of our choice to add the flavors to. That would be an excellent way to know what to expect when you order premixed flavors

  • Ryan says:

    I don’t see how international customers are going to benefit from this. 0mg juice is worthless. You can’t make an informed decision how it’s going to taste w/o it customized to your tastes whether it be pg/vg or nic content.

  • Mike says:

    good luck with all of this.free is free but 0nic makes zero sense to me.

    • We are working towards a more efficient process and although there are a few negative sides to this change it allows us to provide a sample for testing flavors to every customer now, rather than those who spend over $15. Again we understand that there are some negative aspects to this change, however the change is allowing us to develop new ideas that will serve our customers better in the long run.

  • Mark A, says:

    Aw! I am going to miss asking for a specific sample and ratio of PG/VG as well as nicotine level.

    I am going to also miss the handwritten labels. That is how i knew who made it and if it was good. I got a few samples that had it handwritten as well as a smile face those were an exact hit on flavor. So whom ever put the smile face on my request on a free sample. thank you

  • DEEZ nuts says:

    I must say this sucks the reason I came to MbV is I got 105 m of juice for $22 !!! I guess I’ll go some where else !!!!!!

  • walter says:

    Another option would be to keep the old policy and add the new one for international customers and persons spending less than the $15 and make it a win win or a win not lose

  • Hugh says:

    With your new “0” nic free sample policy you are making the Microsoft Mistake. Millions of Microsoft customers world wide were literally locked in to Microsoft operating systems and associated products for many, many years. You just kept using you old operating system until your computer crashed. When you got a new computer, it came loaded with a newer version of the operating system and life went on. Along the way, you noticed that there were competing systems, but you completely ignored them because you always used Microsoft and their associated programs, like Explorer, Outlook, etc. always worked and got the job done. I was a Microsoft customer for 25 years and never would have thought of changing. That is, until Microsoft made the stupid decision to no longer support Windows XP. All of a sudden, all of us with XP had to explore the offerings of competitors just to be able to browse the web and we found out that (damn!) those competitors, the ones we ignored all of those years out of loyalty, had some great product that would keep our old XP programs functional.

    By changing your freebie policy you, like Microsoft, are slapping the majority of your loyal customers in the face! Until you changed this policy I was as “locked in” to Mt. Baker Vapor exactly the same way I was married to Microsoft for over 25 years. You had great product at very good prices and the “freebie” was icing on the cake. Why even look anywhere else?

    Well, now you have given us a reason to. I’m sad to say that you have broken that blind loyalty that I once had for your company, just as did Microsoft. I hope all of those valued “international” customers enjoy their nicotine-free samples.

  • walter says:

    For those who think this is generous and have never received the free 15 ml of chice before I see your meaning, but for those of us who are expecting it and found out about the change only after placing an order and making sure we met the $15 minimum, it was like a slap in the face.

    I placed an order the other day and didn’t use the LIVECHAT 10% discount which would have saved me about $1.50, but taking my purchase to $14.98 and so for that $1.50 I was going to get a 15 ml bottle of a liquid of my choice.

    When I checked on my order that had already been sent, SLAP.

    My life doesn’t revolve around Mt baker and their blogs and they hadn’t sent an email notice of change and the fact that there are still web pages stating that I will in fact get my 15 mill bottle
    I had to go searching to find this back road blog, whicht wasn’t easy to find, to understand why I had in fact been slapped.

    So not only did I not get the 15 ml, I also didn’t get the 5 ml because I didn’t see the link. I didn’t know to look for the link.

    The thing to do would have been to have a disclaimer open on their front page like the one to “continue if you are of age”, explaining this change or send out an email to all customers, especially the ones who have received free bottles in the past, informing them of the change.
    Or best idea, add the free 5 mil to international orders and orders under the required $15 and leave the rest in place.
    MBV had trained their loyal customers to:
    A: Place a $15 order
    B: make a comment as to what they would like in their bonus bottle that they will receive for placing this $15 order
    C: enjoy receiving a bottle blended to their likes.
    MBV referred to this as FREE bottle,but I thought of it as a REWARD bottle or a BONUS bottle.
    It is only FREE if no purchase is required. IF that had been the case then nobody would have a thing to be upset about.

    If you make 100 customers happy one might tell someone else. If you make one customer upset they will stop strangers on the street and tell them what you did. Now they have the internet to tell the world.
    You learn these things when you work 20 years in retail management.

  • Andy says:

    Why not make it a free 5ml for international customers only it you want them to be happy and still offer the free 15ml for any order over $15 to US customers? Best of both worlds and less hassle. I was about to purchase a 236ml bottle but am holding back for now since the change. A little disapointed in the change as like others have said 0 nic. I would make sure in the past to spend at least $15 and a lot of the time much more. If people are not willing to spend the $15 why send a freebie? And I can’t choose a flavor is a big downer.

  • Scott says:

    Sort of figured that as MBV grew, it would become too much of a burden to continue w/a free, customized 15ml bottle of juice. Certainly, it would be too time consuming. The new sampler makes far more sense from a business perspective.

    Hey, and don’t toss out that 5ml sample because it will be perfect to mix with other flavors. A few drops isn’t going to lower the nic or change the ratio enough to really notice. (Doesn’t near everyone mix flavors from MBV?)

  • Amanda says:

    99.9% of the comments left here, are absolutely horrid.. unbelievable! No appreciation, without any gratitude & zero understanding for anyone but their own (self-admittedly) selfish selves. Shame on all of you! I can only hope & pray that I’ve been raising my young son to act with better morals & values than any of you apparently have been.. All along, you’ve been getting something free with your purchase.. for nothing. That… turned into wanting even that customized… TO a specific flavor….. then to a specific blend (& no… it didn’t start that way) A bonus… costing you zero.. nada.. that they, frankly… aren’t required to even give you at all! You are not, therefore, entitled to receive such things….. for an unlimited amount of time because you say so! You are, however, free to decide where to shop or not shop….. so good luck! Esp. based on the response, I really just hope they stick to their decisions here. Only thing I might change is to add a checkbox to orders… checked & then sent… IF the customer wants the 0mg, 5ml 50/50 try-me bonus you’re offering………… If not……………. leave it out, don’t bother & save the money- Then, those who won’t even use it, esp. drippers or complainers……….. won’t have to even worry (or complain more) about the long trip they’d have to take to throw it away. Pffffft….. Ridiculous, I tell ya! =) Happy vaping!

  • Greg says:

    One of the reasons I come back to MBV for ejuices is for the free ejuice that I was able to request and customize to my liking. It was nice being able to choose a ejuice that I was interested in but wasnt sure I wanted to take a chance on. My last order I placed you gave me a ejuice sample that was in my order. Why would you think I would want a none nic sample of a ejuice that I had allready ordered. Ill be looking into other ejuice companies as you guys did away with the best feature that made this comapny grow into what it is now.

    • We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. While there are some negative side effects to the policy change it is allowing us to be more efficient and provide a free sample to every customer. Enjoy your e-juice and vape on!

  • Greg says:

    I was a loyal customer to MBV but my next ejuice order I will be trying out Vista Vapors. They have comparable prices and alot of people actually rank thier ejuices higher then MBV. Good luck with your decision to get rid of the customizable part of your freebies.

  • Wendy says:

    I really liked being able to choose a flavor to try and my own mix. I understand why the changes were made for the free samples but I honestly don’t like it. The 0nic part of it makes no sense at all. Isn’t that the main part we rely on? So now I’m going to end up having a bunch of little bottles just sitting somewhere. Today I’ll be browsing elsewhere for my juices. Sorry MBV but the way was better.

  • ile says:

    on a happy note michelle, i love ur juices, love ur prices, love ur fast shipping, love ur customer service & especially love the “lets talk window. so whether you give me a free sample or not, i will continue to buy from mt. baker. but, i also loved the free customized free sample to try the flavor before buying a bigger bottle. unfortunately, i will not buy a bigger bottle of something that i have tried to the specifications that i vape. i see that you have a lot of unhappy, going to die young from a heart attack or stroke exiting customers on your hands. here are my 2 cents to hopefully make everyone happy. give the 5ml pre-made to int’l customers (not sure what the deal is w/int’l customers) & orders under $15. and give the customized 15ml to orders over $15. i do agree with my unhappy fellow vapers that being able to sample what you vape is important. hope this helps & happy turkey day to all

  • Rick says:

    I discovered one of my favorite flavors, through the freebie, a flavor I would not have ordered and have now ordered it several times. With the new policy of zero nicotine, I won’t even try the free samples,theres no point. The free sample was very clever and beneficial the customer, you get to try something new, it was fun. It’s a shame it’s over. Re-think the policy.

  • Cathy says:

    Why are so many people being so ungrateful for such a wonderful gesture from a company you trusted and loved for their product. Even go as far as saying them losing a costumer. Have you guys read what you wrote? It’s totally ridiculous. You wouldn’t be buying the product in the first place if it weren’t good enough for you. As for the freebies not being in your particular taste shouldn’t really matter much since it was really just a “sample”, a FREEBIE. It isn’t even an “ordered-juice”. Don’t like it? Share it with someone who will. Or at least, give it a go just for the flavoring. You might be surprised. There’s really no need for all that drama talks guys. Be adventurous. Stop acting like a buncha spoiled kids and grow up. Sorry for babbling on. I hope more people would more grateful and appreciative of the stuff that they don’t have to pay to get a taste. This is a great new policy. Great price on juices and great peoples behind the awesome company working hard to achieve great products. Please keep up the good work Mt Baker Vapor crews!

  • Art says:

    won’t be spending as much here anymore

  • W. Joseph says:

    “You are welcome to notate that you would prefer not to receive the freebie if that is your wish in the comment section when ordering.”

    That’s very good advice, Michelle. While I am sorry to see the old freebie policy go, I always have appreciated the low prices on MBV ejuice and the ability to customize my order more than anything, including the freebie. Most vendors charge the same price (or more) for 5ml “sample” bottles that MBV charges for 15ml, and some don’t even offer any alteration to their PG/VG ratio either. I just hate to waste ejuice, even if it is 0mg nic, as I will never vape it anyway.
    PS – Plus with MBV you can add extra flavoring shots! Who else gives you that? Nobody!

  • John says:

    I’ll start by saying… You guys ROCK!!

    I received my order in four days and my juices were mixed the day after I ordered. Two 30ml bottles of your best selling juices for a total of $15.73. FREE SHIPPING code online and a FREE SAMPLE of juice. This is the type of business I want to order from.

    My response to subject above as a consumer…

    If you stand behind your juice and your customers, I do agree that a variety of PG/VG mixtures and a choice of nicotine level to sample is invaluable. I’d rather have a 1ml vial of my choosing to sample. In fact, consider a dollar menu that is customizable – I’d buy 10 with every order. Just think how fast that would spread… If you could find a way to make a profit off of it everyone would win.

    BTW, I’ve never tried your juice as I received my first order from you today. I’m going to let it age for a couple weeks as recommended. This waiting game is torture!

    BTW, Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  • Leslie says:

    I don’t mind the smaller bottle, or the random flavor, or the blend – but at zero nicotine, what’s the point?

  • Matt says:

    “You are welcome to notate that you would prefer not to receive the freebie if that is your wish in the comment section when ordering.”

    Oh really? Is that why on my last two orders, when I specifically asked not to send me a 0 nic “freebie”, I was sent one anyway? On the first order I asked that no sample be sent to me unless it contained nicotine. Instead, not only was I sent a 5ml bottle of 0 nic juice, but I was also sent a 15ml bottle of 0 nic juice! A total of 20ml of wasted juice that I won’t vape. Is that some kind of middle finger to my request, or what? Then again, on the 2nd order, I didn’t even bother to add the 5ml “freebie” to my cart at all, and stated again in the comments that I didn’t want it, and yet I still was sent one (that was a “sample” of a flavor I had already purchased in that order!).

    So no, it appears if you ask MBV to keep their 0 nic bottle, they won’t. Guess where all three 0 nic bottles ended up? Yep – the trash.

    As for those who feel like they get to take the moral high ground here and chastise those of us who complain about this policy change — please, stop acting like because something is “free”, it must be good and therefore everyone must be thankful. If Amazon had previously been sending you a free bag of chips with every order, then suddenly started sending you an empty bag of chips with each order, should you be thankful you’re at least still getting that “free” bag? Zero nic juice is like a bottle of air for the vast majority of vapers. To go from a 15ml bottle of nic juice (which wasn’t “free” … you had to pay a certain amount to get it, so it’s a “bonus”, not free) to a 5ml bottle of 0 nic juice is like going from a bonus bag of chips to a free bag of nothing. And customers have every right to complain, so please, let’s do away with the “you’re all so ungrateful” routine. We’re not freeloaders, we’re paying customers who enjoy MBV’s products but find their reasoning for this policy change to be illogical.

  • Robert says:

    Been a loyal customer for a year. To say the least I’m not happy. Keep changing and I’m sure I will go elsewhere.

  • Hugh says:

    I like you guys and appreciate your good juice and prices, but your 0 nic sample policy has disgruntled me enough to see what else is out there. I found a competitor that sells a 17ml bottle for the same price as you sell your 15 ml bottle, plus they give out samples with nicotine in them. If this juice is any good (I’ve ordered some) , you will be loosing a lot of my business. I will still order a couple of my faves from you, but the bulk of my business will go elsewhere.

    I’m afraid this 0 nic policy will prove to be a disaster for your company. Please reconsider this!

  • Adam says:

    Really thought you guys cared about your customers. Some of us have been with you from the beginning and this is how we’re repaid. I will be telling everyone that I was wrong when I used to say that this was the only place to buy e-juice. Looks like me and everyone I know will be looking for a new vendor.
    Bye Mt. Baker, it was good while it lasted. Someone there made a really BAD decision, hope it was worth it!!!!

    • We work hard to take care of our vaping community, and we do care about our customers. While we understand there are some negative aspects to this change, it is allowing us the ability to provide better service overall to our customers. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.

  • M says:

    Please just don’t sacrifice the pricing, in the name of a noble cause. I seriously admire the fact the cost hasn’t increased, do what you need to so to keep it that way. Cmon guys stop complaining these guys have great juice, top notch service(They’re live!) and they ship fast. Not to mention tgose coupons…
    P. S. I keep pulling the sidebar on my android. Its glitchy

    • Thanks for your feedback. We pride ourselves in offering the best prices for great e-juice. To avoid the sidebar on your phone or tablet, consider downloading our app 🙂 Much easier to use on the smaller screens.

  • Mike says:

    Yea just got a 5ml 50/50 0nic in my order. Thought it was a mistake, apparently not. Into the trash it goes. MBV pricing is what 95% of the people shop here for, not the flavor or the freebie.

  • Mike says:

    Why even offer the freebie? No one is going to want it. Especially with 0nic. Wtf is the point. Just man up and say no more feebies, it’s the same thing as your new policy anyway.

  • Fernando Rodriguez says:

    I understand the new policy in order to include the international buyers and allow to also receive freebies. I don’t like that change but I can understand why you did it.

    What I recommend is something extra (larger size bottle, bigger coupon discount, free shipping) for your customers that spend $15 or $20 or more. Just a thought…

  • Anna G. says:

    Will you greedy people STOP ALREADY???? MtBaker is thanking their customers by giving them something for FREE! If you want to try a 0mg juice flavor with some nic, just buy yourself a little bottle of nic juice for $4.99 and squirt a couple of drops in your freebie! Voilà!

    I use Mt Baker as my primary vendor because they’re helpful and friendly, they are fast with their processing and they have options so I can order different formulations based on my own specific tastes.

    Sorry about calling you “greedy,” but I’m very happy with MtBaker and hope you will reconsider your viewpoints. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  • M B says:

    I am fine with the 5ml reduction and the change of VG/PG but what doesn’t make sense to me is the 0mg nicotine. I won’t waste a tank on 0mg nicotine. I would for 6mg or more.

    Simply give a 5ml sample with some nicotine out to US addresses and a 0mg to non-US addresses if you don’t want to ship nicotine ones internationally.

  • Pablo says:

    This is a bad business move. You make us loyal customers then give less product to satisfy others. I believe you want to keep your existing customers happy. You will make loyal customer look for better deals in other companies, i know i will.

  • Hugh says:

    Well, I’m back in the MBV fold. After happily ordering exclusively MVP for over a year, you came up with that ridiculous “0 nic” freebie policy. That was so outrageously nonsensical that it just pissed me off. From the looks of this blog, it pissed off a lot of others, too!

    As I explained in another post, you incentivized me to search for another e-liquid vendor. I ordered a bunch of juice from another company that had slightly cheaper prices AND offered free samples with nicotine. I’ve had those juices for over three weeks and they’ve all had time to steep. I ordered seven different flavors and all but one of them pretty much suck. They’re usable, but that’s all I can say for them. A good juice should be uplifting, not merely a vehicle for nicotine!

    Just about the time I was beginning to search for yet another juice vendor, my last order that I had placed with MBV was lost by the Post Office, although the USPS tracking system said it had been delivered. Obviously, it had been delivered – but to the wrong house! Usually, when this happens, the package is returned to the Post Office and it is redelivered in a few days. I waited nearly two weeks and got nothing.

    I contacted MBV’s customer support and, to make a long story short. MVB replaced my lost shipment the following day at no charge! This was way beyond the call of duty, as MVB was in no way responsible for the shipment loss, but they replaced it, anyway.

    Now, that’s customer service!! So, I’m back in the fold. I will never complain again about not receiving a nicotine-containing freebie. You can even send me a “0 nic” one, it it makes you feel better, though I’ll never use it. Nor will any of my friends who vape.

    I’m a happy camper and all of my juice orders will be to MBV from now on. You guys are great. You offer consistently wonderful juice at very competitive prices, and provide extraordinary customer service. What more can one ask?

  • Chase says:

    Jeez, what a bunch of crybabies.

    There’s no way MBV could continue to mix up a custom $5.99 bottle of juice for a $15 dollar order forever. Thats more than a 30 PERCENT LOSS. It was EXTREMELY generous of them and I’m glad it got them on the map in the vaping community because they truly strive to deliver excellent quality juice at the best prices around.

    I enjoyed the freebie policy of the past and it got me to a point where I know now all the juices I love from you guys.

    I’m not stoked about the 0% nicotine either but I suggest you specify flavors you can mix in with your existing juices to get some use out of them.

    Or better yet, use them to ween you down on nicotine level. Thats the ultimate goal isn’t it? To break dependency?

    Keep on being awesome MBV, anyone who’s too frugal and sensitive about this change to drop you as a vendor doesn’t deserve your product.

  • Rsunderl says:

    … or ….

    Buy some unflavored nic juice to mix in with the free 0 nic juice. Yes, it will mute the flavor a bit, but u will still get an idea of whether the flavor is worth trying on your next order.

  • Hugh says:

    A much better idea would be to send out flavor-only samples. You could buy the neutral juice of your choice with the PG/VG ratios and nic content that you prefer. That way you would know how strong to make the flavor when you order.

    Adding 0 nic flavored juice to unflavored nic juice would be practically useless, IMO. With most flavors the dilution would be so severe that you would not get the proper taste. Nice try, but no banana.

  • Christo says:

    i can 100% say some of the International customers are spending per order ALOT more than some domestic customers due to the delivery charges [ BTW never get rid of FedEX its the best service at an awesome price }

    all my orders are $100 plus because there is so much to try here at MBV just wish i could finally get a T-shirt

    also its a sample drop it in your RBA and have a puff if you like it mix up with something that has nic in it and you think might taste nice. its a small gift from MBV

    then next time you can get a bigger bottle maybe a 15ml then when your confident grab a big boy bottle 236ml

    MBV has the best value for all its customers be it international and domestic, its a great company that is not GOUGING its customer, think of that next time you complain or go spend $20-$30 a bottle elsewhere its really that simple

    the only small thing i dislike about MBV and its not related is the removal of flavors its a little annoying when you really like a basic flavor and its gone [ like iced tea and salted caramel]

    have a happy new years guys from an Australian MBV customer

  • John says:

    Really silly question from a newbie here, but is it possible to mix nicotine into the freebie bottle at all?

    • Not a silly question, and not really an easy answer. Just adding a pg/vg nic blend to the flavor will dilute the flavor, So adding nicotine makes it a bit more of a complicated process. If you’d like some individual assistance, feel free to visit our site and chat live with a customer service rep!

  • BocaRatso says:

    My gawd! You’ve released the Kraken with this change!
    Glad I just discovered you.

  • Barbie Bella says:

    I am blown away by all the negative comments. MBV has the best flavored juices I have found to date… and the prices are incredible.. and some of you are crying over a free bottle? How many other companies give you a free bottle? I ordered from about 15 online companies before finding MBV and I never got a free bottle. What I have gotten from MBV is a chance to try something I wouldn’t normally buy..hence SAMPLE.. and because of the SAMPLE I’m buying more flavors.. So MBV, thank you for what you do, some of us really appreciate it.
    (P.S.) My last free SAMPLE was SLIM MINTS.. something I would have never tried but am oh so glad I did! It’s FANTASTIC!! Thanks!

  • Adrianna says:

    To MBV, I support your freebie policy. No one else gives freebies so I’m just thankful you do.

    To the cry baby customers, quit crying & grow up. Y’all remind me of a bunch of spoiled 2yr olds who only like it their way. The 0nic is just for flavor tasting. Put it in a 1.5ml tank & only fill about 1/2 way or so. If you don’t like it, pass it on to someone else. If you like it, order it. While you are waiting to/for your order, you can mix the sample flavor with one you already have for a flavor boost or custom flavor.

    As for the pg allergy, they have a max vg option just for you so stop crying.

    Think of the sample as a taste tester. Just like going in the store, sitting on the stool, & trying every flavor before committing to a full bottle.

    I hope this has helped you people open your eyes & realize what a truly great company Mt Baker Vapor is & the awesome company they’re trying to become.

    If I offended anyone, than you still haven’t grown up & I’m sorry for that.

  • Nick says:

    First off I would love to say Thank you for the wonderful service! Vape shops where I live continue to dissatisfy me; entailing employees that know less than the average customer, crumby flavors recommended by these employees, and unruly prices. Not to mention they don’t give free Juice, but a free head ache on set by dissatisfaction !! I’m glad to have MBV as my home page. The prices are wonderful and the shipping speed is just phenomenal! I live across the country and you guys have it in my mail box 2-3 days later. I’ve kicked the Marlboro’s, buying online makes the old habit feel a lot more like a hobby (rather than going to a shop that I really don’t want to go too, much like going to a gas station for a ciggerate fix). I no longer have anxiety of being around important business people and smelling like an ash tray. I feel like a new man thanks to the care and service of MBV.
    Now for my question, I recently received a sample flavor, cucumber mint. The label says 50PG/50VG, yet the ingredients description does not mention Vegetable Glycerin. I checked the labels of all of the other bottles I bought from MBV and they all include Vegetable Glycerin in the ingredients and they too are all 50/50. I’m just wondering if it’s a flaw due to the new system or If I am missing something?
    Now concerning the new freebie system, I know the loss of choosing a flavor and customizing the composition of it is highly disputed. My thought is, if you liked a flavor but was worried of the flavor change due to added nicotine, wouldn’t you just include a couple flavor shots to balance it out? Or am I wrong?
    I love the free sample and think it’s a nice way to reach the community and possibly help those trying to quit. The people who buy less than the old 15$ requirement are usually new and trying to find a good flavor. The sample for anyone is a great idea. My only concern is the tank crackers. Most new people like my self haven’t gotten into higher level atomizers much less even know about plastic vs. glass. Every sample I have received besides the cucumber mint is a tank cracker. My first two atomizers are done for due to a bottle of pineapple with 18mg nic, not knowing it was a danger to my tank. Because of that I am very weary of what I put in my iclear 30b, I’m afraid to try the freebies I have received. I’m waiting on the arrival of my new Pyrex atomizer because I want to try more favors. But I think it should be more cautioned when buying bottles and receiving samples. Possibly even giving the option of receiving a sample from the line of flavors that are not tank crackers.

    • Congratulations on making the switch! There is vegetable glycerin in the 50/50 sample, we will look into the labeling to make sure it’s accurate. Thanks for the suggestion about the tank crackers, I will be sure to pass it on. Glad to have you as part of the Mt Baker Vapor family!

  • Rick Anderson says:

    I see now why I got as 0% nicotine freebie. I never was sure how that happened. That’s okay and by me getting the slim mints I actually got to try something that I never would consider purchasing since I don’t like mint/menthal flavors. It is free and it is only 5ml, but thank you for this. My only concern is I did ask for fruit and got this instead. I also noticed in the slim mint reviews several other people received that flavor as a freebie. I’m going to place another order and once again will request fruit. I just hope that I won’t receive another slim mints. yes, It Is free, and only 5ml, but it will be dissapointing if in fact it is a slim mints. anyway thank you for having such a great product that I trust you with my lings on the great product I purchase from you…loyal customer 🙂

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      Thank you for your support and appreciation! As our packers are human and add the freebies by hand, they do mess up occasionally on the requests. I’m sure we will get you a fruit freebie next time!

  • Rick Anderson says:

    LOL my lungs

  • Matt C. says:

    For the record, MBV is not the only company that provides free samples. I’m not going to hawk other sites on here (though I have been using them), but it’s tiring to hear people berate others for making a valid complaint about the freebie change by using the excuse that MBV is the “only one” that does this. MBV is a good company, no doubt, with awesome prices on their juice … that simply made a rather inane policy change. I wouldn’t even mind the 2/3 cut in bottle size if they’d just allow us some nicotine in them.

  • Angel says:

    I think giving freebies is nice just started ordering from your company and i must say i am blown away by your customer service you have a steady customer here and i will recommend everyone i know to your company keep up the good work totally satisfied

  • Jonathan says:

    I fail to understand why people would get upset about a new sample program..I order from MBV for the great juice made the way I want it,not the free samples. I would continue to order even if the samples were discontinued! You make a quality vape juice at a great price,shipped quickly..You are the only place I order from and thank you for all you do!

    • Thank you for your kind words! It is customers like yourself that keep this company alive, with your constant support and your unwavering dedication, it makes us who we are today! So Thank you! We will make sure to keep up the great work!

  • Geno says:

    You know…. it wasn’t until my 2nd order that I realized I had received a free sample. I thought someone messed up on the first order so I chalked it up to: MBV 0 / Me 1. I can’t believe how self serving these complainers are. As my Grandpa used to say” they would bitch if you hung them with a new rope”. 1st of all I don’t think anyone would have even noticed the no nic in the sample had MBV not been upfront about it.Good lord, we have folks here threatening to order elsewhere because they can’t have their FREE item made to their particular specs. It’s like the spoiled kid from down the block that takes his ball and runs home because you won’t play the game his way. It boggles my mind how some people can’t just be happy they are getting something for nothing. Anyway…. I just want to say thanks for the free sample and the lightning fast shipping (never more than 2 days) You have a customer for the long term here. At least until I ween myself down to 0 nic and quit altogether. Thanks again…..

  • Valerie L says:

    Long time customer here – only found this page after wondering why my last sample was at zero nic.

    Simply put, the old freebie program was a great seller for me – I was able to turn on a lot of people I knew to MBV by telling them about the samples.

    Personally, I never requested a flavor for my samples; I kind of enjoyed the “mystery” of what i would get. Some were big misses – others were huge hits – for example; the Vanishing Oatmeal Treat is something I NEVER would have ordered for myself- but became an all day vape for me once I tried it, and my brother ran to order some too once I gave him a taste of mine. 🙂

    I can live with a smaller size bottle, and the ratio doesn’t affect me (I vape 50/50 anyhow) but zero nicis the nail in the coffin…which makes me feel sad and a little guilty as I hate you guys going through the cost and trouble of sending me something I can’t use. Even with the old 15ml samples – if I found one I didn’t like – I could always pass it along to a fellow vapor for free. But at zero nic, nobody is really interested. 🙁 I’m probably on my next order just going to request you not send a sample if it comes at zero nic.

    Bummer, I hate to see the sample program change. Those samples are what brought several flavors into my world that I purchase all the time now. :/

  • Hugh says:

    Well, it looks like our good friends at MBV are not listening to the great majority of objections concerning 0 nic samples. So I have a solution, at least if you can live with the 50/50 pg/vg ratio.

    You just get a small bottle of 100% nicotine and add the amount that you normally use to the free 0 nic sample. This way, you will get your nic hit and be able to taste what it will be like if you order from MBV with your preferred nic content.

    Since nicotine is a very powerful poison, you need to know what you’re doing and invest in a calibrated syringe, protective gloves and glasses and follow good lab practices. There are calculators on the Internet that will tell you how much nic to add. It’s pretty simple stuff, but I wouldn’t try it unless you did well in a lab class in school.

  • Pauly says:

    Any business is obligated to only send items that are ordered. Nothing more. To complain about something that is free is plain ridiculous. I guess that’s the American way. Everyone wants something for nothing. Then expect to have it their way.
    So, what about the previous samples that a person may not like? That would be thrown away. I don’t need 15 ml to see if I like something or not. I will know after the first 1-3 puffs. These are samples! B&M stores use 0 nic as the samples too.

    I mix my own liquids. I use a Nautilus for 70/30 blends with high nic. Then I use my Subtank and Atlantis for max VG low nic. When I make a new flavor I use one of my 3 RDAs.

    What the hell are you pansies complaining for? I have ordered hundreds of dollars of mercy from other places and did not get any freebies from them. I still got my order as expected.

    Keep up the good work MBV! Screw all these whining titty babies. I think you did right.

    Sorry to those who are allergic to pg or VG. But no nic is not a reason to be upset. It’s a taste test.

  • amy says:

    To keep my response short & simple, ditto what the poster before me said(my terminology would probably be different(lol), but the point would be the same). He is dead on as well as all of the other supporters. Keep up the great work & thank you for giving away as much as you do!

  • jeremy hillenburg says:

    About free samples its kind of senseless that sample is not matched to ratio and nic content of majority of the order being placed. Also cutting sample size for all orders as people have said makes no sense that $5 order would get the same sample asa 50 or $100 order. At least give 3 nic.

    • By making our samples uniform and random, we have the ability to offer them pre-steeped on every order and increase our efficiency. This has allowed us to offer more to our vaping community, including lower prices and faster shipping.

  • Tracy says:

    What’s the point of getting a sample if there is no nicotine? I”ve tried adding some to my own liquid, but you can’t get a taste for it, and I’m not vaping anything with no nicotine. Thank you for the offer, though.

  • Todd Carr says:

    Personally, I’m going to miss being able to choose the 15ml sample of what I’m interested in trying that I might want to order the next time I need juice. That’s what made your company so unique. To me, the free sample doesn’t have to have nicotine (after all, the main goal for a big portion of us as vapers, is to quit smoking and hopefully get to a zero nic level at some point, then maybe continue to vape for fun) and 50/50 is just fine. So is the 5ml size. It’s a free sample. Plain and simple. I understand why, as a business owner myself, you’d need to make a few changes now and then. But whatever you do with the free sample, it’s not going to make me run off in a huff to some other vendor. You’re not going to loose me as a loyal customer over something like a free sample, when I’ve always enjoyed your juices and other products. Your prices and customer service are always stellar, which is the big reason I keep coming back. Not because of a sample. Do what you have to do. You can’t please everyone. The loyal customers will stick around. Keep up the good work. Ya’ll are very much appreciated in the service you provide, and I will look forward to many continued vape orders from MBV.

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      Thank you for your words of support! We do what we can for our customers, but you’re right, we can’t please everyone. It is refreshing to hear that we still have a fan in you despite the change to our policy. We will continue to keep our prices low and our customer service stellar for you. Thank you, and vape on!

  • I seriously do not know why everyone is so up in arms about the adjustments in the freebie policy. I, for one, am a major fan of this change. I’ve had many people ask me what kind of juice I am vaping on, both on my livestream, and out on the town. There are times where I have the tester juice I’m given with my order, and I vape it forward to turn them to you guys. I may not be a fan of some of the juices I get sent, but it’s an excellent way to spread the word about MBV. I love this company for it’s customer service and it’s juices (even though some may not be on my particular pallate choice). Vape on MBV!

    • We love being a part of the vaping community. I personally am very pleased to hear how you’re using the freebies to introduce others to the joys of vaping. I think that is amazing. Thank you for your support and for being a positive example within the community.

  • Logan says:

    After reading the comments on this I noticed that the MBV replies are all copy and pasted…
    I understand there is a lot of replies for obvious reasons but at least make them personable.
    If you can’t handle the volume why not hire me to respond? I’ll even work for e juice

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      We apologize for the appearance of our responses of being robotic, however when receiving the same question a multitude of times there is only so many ways to phrase our answers. However, if you have a suggestion on how we might be able to improve our interaction with you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@mtbakervapor.com and we would be happy to hear your ideas!

  • Rachael Albano says:


    I like that I have the option to try different flavours, no matter what the price of my order is… but I vape 18mg and 24mg liquid and I find that the flavours change drastically when I order a flavour I thought that I would like at my preferred nicotine level. I admire the good intent behind this change, but just remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions… lol.

  • Jane says:

    I realize that it does seem weird that we are complaining about ‘free’ ejuice but please consider that we actually end up with nothing if you keep tossing in the same ole freebie we already know we don’t want or like anyway.

    One of the MBV people above said….”Freebies will no longer be able to be chosen specifically in the comment section….” No longer? That’s a little disingenuous when you consider that MBV ignores our requests in that Comments box anyway.

    Another MBV person above said…. “The purpose of the free sample is to provide you with the ability to taste a different type of flavor.” Really? Then why do you send me the same freebie flavor I don’t like almost every time?

    You said that MBV is making these changes to make things better for the customers but it looks like the changes are done for MBV’s sake instead.

    I just wish I could get a free 5ml ejuice I think I might like. But so far, almost every single freebie I’ve gotten has turned out to be a big disappointment, because they’re juices I’ve already tried and rejected. I’d rather not get a freebie at all than to just be disappointed again.

    And face it, it just seems such a waste to have the ejuice leave your facility and travel so far just to end up in the trash.

    • I understand your frustration, truly. To clarify, we used to offer the option of putting a specific flavor, nic level and pg/vg blend in the comments and that was what we would give you as your freebie. That is no longer available, which is why the comment was made that we no longer offer that option. When placing your order you can now choose a flavor profile, i.e. sweets, tobacco, etc. And we will be happy to send you the pre-steeped sample of that profile. If you would prefer not to receive a freebie at all, please note that in the comments and we will do what we can to oblige your request. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.

  • Hugh says:

    I have made several posts regarding the futility of 0 nic samples. I have solved this problem perfectly by purchasing pure nicotine and a syringe and adding the amount of nicotine I prefer (it is different for sub ohm tanks). The only drawback to this is that you have to deal with the stronger pure nicotine very carefully, since it is a strong poison. Also, you usually have to let it steep for a week or so longer.
    No problem for an old ex-lab rat like me, but, if you choose to do this, make sure to learn and observe all safety procedures and calculate the nicotine percent in your final mix accurately.

  • Jane says:

    I don’t think there’s a good solution if we can’t at least choose the ejuice we want to try out. “Category” just doesn’t cut it, because I know I might like only one ejuice in a large Category. My chances of getting to try the one I’d like is slim to none.

  • Kendell says:


  • Dv says:

    The freebie is 10ml 50/50 0nic

  • Angi says:

    There 0 nicotine freebies have helped me titre down how much nicotine I use. Love them.

  • joe says:

    well vapewild gives multiple free 10ml bottles in each order free nd they match it to how you vape. just saying

  • Shonna Panarelli says:

    Love the freebies, but disappointing when you get the same ones. Also Def miss the sample packs, please bring sample packs back. Thank you for your awesome service, fast shipping and great customer service.

  • Rebecca says:

    As to the freebie bottle I like it because I can now try Menthol (which is my staple flavor) in the Max VG option and am excited to be able to do so in a sample. Not sure if I will like the difference. My main question is that this is supposed to be about sample packs also. I haven’t found any posts about this and can not find sample packs on the website. Are they on there and I don’t know where to look? I want to be able to try that out. Please help!

    Thank you

    • Isaiah Davey says:

      Well hopefully you enjoy your Max VG sample 🙂 We don’t have the sample packs available at the moment because we are still trying to get situated in our new location! Stay tuned for updates!

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the quick response Isiah! I love trying new anything! I will look forward to the sample packs coming back. Just a suggestion – offer them at 0 nic of those you already send out as freebies for a good price and see if there is any excitement about it. I think others may be getting over the “sticker shock” of the new program and wold like the idea of trying more new flavors in smaller sizes. I would!!!

  • Scott says:

    i love when people bitch about freebies. free samples are a COURTESY, not a RIGHT. this is business. nothing is free, and expecting anything free is just selfish and spoiled. you should never expect a vendor to give you anything for free, and when they do, the proper response is one of gratitude. why would you be up in arms about something you didn’t pay for? it’s a GIFT.

  • Dawn says:

    I love you dedication to your products and customers

  • Rob says:

    ?Mt.Baker probably loses over 100,000 dollars a year giving away free stuff and your all complaining its not exactly what you want.I may not be happy but I understand and still love the site.Thank you for what you do give.

  • Christina says:

    I’m a new customer and placed my 1st order 2 weeks ago. I saved a lot of money buying e juice from u and its good vapor.
    It’s cool that we get a free bottle. Can I make a suggestion though? Instead of having no option to add nicotine, what about giving the customer the option to have 0 nic or the same mg of nicotine as the e juice they purchased? I think a lot of people just don’t wanna waste a new wick on something with 0 nicotine just to try it. At least that’s how I feel. When I got my freebie 2 weeks ago, it was a flavor that I really wanted to try, but, without nicotine, I won’t vape it and I really don’t want to waste a wick on it, especially if I don’t like it. It’s just a suggestion. Either way , I’ll still order from u. I do save a LOTTA MOOLA & I thank you for that!!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      There was a time when we offered customizable freebies with a nicotine option, but we ran into issues shipping nicotine internationally. We apologize that we had to change our policy.

      We hope to keep saving you money on vaping products!

  • Hugh says:

    This thread has been going on for years. All I can say is you must be making a hell of a lot of money selling to international buyers! For most of us in the US, like the poster above, the nic free samples are useless, as nicotine can radically change the taste of a flavor, nevermind that a nic free sample can’t be vaped because its lack of nicotine content.

    So, why can’t you just send nic free samples to international buyers and nic containing ones to us in the US? I used to buy all of my juice from MBV but this policy encouraged me to shop around and now I buy most of my juice from another vendor. I still like MBV for their service and hardware selection, but you have lost most of my juice business. I know a lot of vapers who feel the same way.

    • John Swanke says:

      But nic free e-juice can totally be vaped! In fact there’s a couple people in our office who only vape 0 nic. I know a lot of people like the freebies just for a chance to try something new and some even mix them in with other flavors that do have nicotine. There are just too many variables for us to deal with, so for now the freebies shall remain 0 nic. If you’d like to opt out of receiving a freebie just let us know in the order comments!

  • Hugh says:

    Of course 0-nic juices can be vaped, but most of us will not be bothered if we can’t get a nicotine jolt. After all, 98% of us are nicotine addicts! That’s why we started vaping in the first place. Those people who vape 0-nic in your office are in a tiny, tiny minority. And, besides, THEY are not your customers!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      You might be surprised at how many vapers have switched to 0 nic, some of them as a result of our 0 nicotine freebies! The vast majority of the subohm vapers vape 3 mg or lower. Appreciate your input!

  • Hugh says:

    You people can be like politicians when you obfuscate certain facts to support an untenable position! The fact that most people use lower nic levels when using sub-ohm devices is because more vapor is produced by sub-ohm units so the nic content must be reduced to receive the same blood serum levels of nicotine. If a user’s normal nic level is 12 mg. at a higher impedance of, say, 1.8 ohms, they will have to drop the nic level down to 3-6 mg. when vaping at a lower sub-ohm impedance. You wind up getting roughly the SAME LEVELS of nicotine in the blood to support the nicotine addiction, even though the actual nic level has been reduced.

    To imply that vapers are lowering their nicotine blood saturation by decreasing the nicotine content of their juice when sub-ohming is misleading and disingenous, at the least.

    The fact remains the the far, far majority majority of us vape because we are nicotine addicts. If we want to wean ourselves off of nicotine, we can do it on our own, gradually. I, for one, would just stop vaping if I ever reached the “0” nic level. Why bother?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Excellent points made, Hugh.

      Though the bulk of our orders sent out contain nicotine, many vapers consider vaping to be a journey to a nicotine-free life. We provide a service here, and nicotine level is up to the customer.

      Keep in mind, our freebies are an added service we’ve included to introduce vapers to flavors they might not have tried otherwise, to expand vaping palettes and reward customers for choosing Mt. Baker Vapor. The 0 nicotine freebie policy is a recent change that occurred in response to various international nicotine importation and customs policies, and we had little to no choice in the matter.

      We’ve recently published a blog on how to get free e-juice here: http://blog.mtbakervapor.com/dear-summit-how-do-i-get-free-e-juice/

      I hope this helps 🙂

      I thank you for the robust debate, and your continued, spirited support of Mt. Baker Vapor!

  • Hugh says:

    I just hit send before I finished my post! just wanted to add that, contrary to the seemingly negative tone of my last post, I love MBV in all respects and recommend them to all of my friends. MBV has unparalleled service, great juice, and very good prices.

    The previous post was in the spirit of correcting a wayward friend and not meant to be mean spirited In any way!

  • Marz says:

    I just purchased 2, 30 ML Bottles from you guys, regardless of being 0 nic. level, I feel it gives me a chance to try a different flavor when I get the free trial. I feel we know what nicotine tastes like and it should not be too difficult to imagine what a freebie would taste like at your nic level, especially if you have been vaping at that level. So I just want to say thank you, I appreciate you guys for the free taste test. Wonder what the mystery flave will be Mwuhahaha.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      You are welcome! We like to send these out so you can try new flavors that you make not think you would like. Then you taste them and find out they are good 🙂

  • Garbage Sample says:

    I how the new FDA rules put you out of business. 0mg 50/50 blend sample? GFY!!

  • mary johnson says:

    E-cigs are the best

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