A Blast of Berries: Forest Berry Fusion Feature

Some swore it couldn’t be done. Others tried and failed. And then, one day, Forest Berry Fusion EJuice happened. A creamy mix of raspberry, blackberry, and wild cherry sweetness.

 First of All, What Are Customers Saying?

Absolute FAVE flavor!!!!

“I order and reorder this flavor ALL the time because I just can’t get enough.
Fruity, with a little dark cherry kunda tartness. The closest flavor I’ve found that reminds me of pixy stix. Love, love, love!!!!” – Shellie Spies

Very sweet

“Or should I say berry sweet?
Wakka wakka. I’ll be here all day, folks.
Anyway, I don’t taste much of the mint that others have mentioned, but I do get a very sweet berry flavor that is incredibly pleasant. I’m a big fan of sweet flavors without traditional dessert flavors like vanilla/chocolate/cinnamon, so it’s just perfect for me. I highly recommend it for an all-day sweet juice.” – Megan

 “Just the right amount of fruity.” – Stanley S.

Best juice ever!

“Best juice ever! Can’t get enough. If fruit is your thing, this is for you.” – Mary S.

How did Forest Berry Fusion come to be?

It was a dark and stormy night… just kidding.

Forest Berry Fusion very well could have been given life under some stormy weather. Bellingham, Washington, the birthplace of Mt Baker Vapor, is known for having such inclement weather.

The Creator of Forest Berry Fusion E Juice

Brandon Reis, (shown in the above image), is the creator of Forest Berry Fusion E-Juice. Brandon joined the company in May of 2015 — as a mixologist — taking orders and mixing juice. During those days, the table(s) used for concocting various blends and flavor combinations were set up like a bar. Brandon, along with other team members, would jam out to music as they experimented with e-juice flavors ingredients like a top-notch chef would do with different meats, vegetables, and spices.

“During my free time, I learned flavor combination, ratios. Essentially, I learned to hear the flavor,” says Brandon.

When did you know you had a seriously delicious flavor in your possession?

“When it became my all-time vape. But by this point, I was keeping the flavor to myself, because I thought the flavor was specific to myself as a consumer. And so basically, as vaping became more of a thing, people started asking to try my vape and were surprised by the flavor.”

Did you know the name of the flavor before it was launched?

“Yes. But that wasn’t the original name. Initially, forest berry was called Tropical Fusion because it just flowed, you know. The flavor had a breezy, tropical feel to it.”

What brought about the name change?

“The components in the juice itself.”

What led to the flavor being launched?

“Back in Washington, Mt Baker Vapor was considering cutting flavors due to regulations. Because it was my all-time favorite vape, I wanted to ensure that the flavor survived, so I submitted the flavor to R&D (Research and Development) and the rest is history.”

More About Brandon

Born in Seattle and raised in Tacoma, Reis relocated to Bellingham where Mt Baker Vapor was headquartered before making the move to Mesa, Arizona. Brandon hates bad e-juice, burnt coils, bad attitudes, and slow drives. What makes Brandon smile are fast cars, his lovely lady, the elderly, and MBV customers. If you are a fruity person, like the lot of us at Mt Baker Vapor, and haven’t tried Forest Berry Fusion EJuice, then you are truly missing out.

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Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.