Florida Ban On Indoor Vaping Used Unconstitutional Tactics

Recently, the country voted in the mid-term elections. Florida was one of the states with a vaping amendment which proposed a Florida band on indoor vaping on the ballot. Specifically, it was seen in Amendment 9 which stated:

  • Prohibits drilling for oil and gas extraction in coastal waters
  • Bans the use of e-cigarettes and vape devices in indoor spaces

Uhh..those two seemingly opposite things were lumped together as an unconstitutional tactic to push through the amendment. Florida ban on indoor vaping was pushed through the state-wide ballot by attaching to a proposed law that nearly nobody wants to say no to. I myself am an avid vaper AND environmentalist. I live in Florida and had to vote yes on this amendment based on the implication of oil drilling in coastal waters. It was a completely unfair pairing of two totally opposite and unrelated proposed amendments. 69% of Florida Residents agreed with me and I can’t help but wonder if that result would have been different if the vaping legislation stood on its own.

It is yet another attack on the vaping community.

Florida Ban On Indoor Vaping Based On Fear-Mongering

The CDC itself has published two studies which show that vaping does not have any lasting effects. The first showed that evaporated vape mist doesn’t contain any more formaldehyde than the air we breathe (and that mist evaporates in seconds). And the second showed that vapor doesn’t diminish air quality at all.

This phrasing and lumping of the two amendments is unconstitutional because it takes away the full power of choice from Americans by taking the Florida ban on indoor vaping and lumping onto a much larger environmental concern, all but guaranteeing it will be pushed through and taking away true choice.

The attack on vaping continues.

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Caroline Sparks

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