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Mt Baker Vapor, although the purveyor of many amazing vape juice flavors, also offers some amazing other products that we wanted to spotlight in our flavor feature. Today I wanted to talk about our Flavor Shots. These are concentrated, food grade flavors with no nicotine that boost the pre-existing flavor of the juice you are using. Have you ever wanted to mix your own flavors? Well, Flavor Shots are the perfect opportunity to do so! Just put a few drops in your favorite juice, and experience the fun of DIY vape juice!

DIY Vape Juice | Flavor Shot Offerings

So, now that you know a bit about what Flavor Shots actually are. Let’s go over some of the flavors we offer. Currently we have USA Blend Tobacco, Moo Juice, Juicy Cube, Fruity Hoops, Blue Moo, and Berry Crunch Cereal available on the site and perfect for DIY Vape Juice.

USA Blend Tobacco

This flavor is perfect if you want to add a bit of tobacco taste to any of our juices. This really delivers a kick, and is especially perfect for those who are just coming off cigarettes. It is available in 15 ml.

Check out what people are saying:

Great flavor

Moo Juice

Moo Juice shots are a stunningly delicious flavor of fresh strawberries and sweet creamy pastries. You can add this shot to any juice or seriously enhance the Moo Juice you are already vaping on! Check out the reviews below!


This is delicious stuff. Not to sweet, or sour.

Excellent for adding to or mixing in a different twist on flavor

Juicy Cube

Juicy Cube tastes like sweet strawberries, tart blackberries, and guava. Much like a hard candy. Great for DIY Vape Juice — adding to Juicy Cube Vape Juice, unflavored vape juice, or any other vape juice we offer!

Check out the reviews below:

Juicy Cube: The taste, the taste, the taste is gonna move you!
Is nice mixed with wacky Taffy 😋

Fruity Hoops

Fruity Hoops Flavor Shots are reminiscent of your favorite childhood fruity cereal. It is perfect to add to our Fruity Hoops Vape Juice, or just mix with whatever you have laying around!

Check out the reviews:

Fruity Hoops Flavor Shot is a great addition to the original juice, its good
I love this flavor its one of my favorites!

Blue Moo

Blue Moo tastes just like blueberries and cream. It is absolutely perfect to give an extra kick to your Blue Moo Vape Juice. Check out what people are saying:

The only reason I didn’t give this one 5 stars is because it isn’t as creamy as I was expecting. With that being said, it’s still in my top 10. Great milky blueberry flavor
Mixed in with the unflavoured juice gives a creamy vape with hints of berries.
Really like this one very much

Berry Crunch Cereal

Berry Crunch Cereal is the perfect Flavor Shot if you a big cereal vape juice fan. You can use it to kick up Berry Crunch Vape Juice a notch, or for DIY Vape Juice creations. Check out the reviews below:

If you like Berry Crunch e-liquid then you’ll like the flavor shot. I haven’t used this to DIY, but I’ve used it to added extra flavor to previously purchased Berry Crunch e-liquid from MBV and it’s an easy way to increase the potency of your e-liquid and I recommend (again if you like the Berry Crunch e-liquid). Hope this helps!
Another favorite of mine. I’m always chasing that sweet hit, and this one has wonderful twist of Berry goodness!

Hopefully this article has inspired you to get a little bit creative with your juices and exercise your DIY side! We have all you need to do just that!

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