Flavor Fridays Featuring Honey Berries, Jawbreaker and Old Fashioned

Flavor Friday

Hello all, welcome to another Flavor Friday, a day where we go in depth with new flavors, and flavors that are a diamond in the rough. Today we will be discussing Honey Berries, Jawbreaker, and Old Fashioned.  What we like about these flavors, what they taste like to us, and we would love to hear what you think about these flavors if you have recently tried them.

Honey Berries


Honey Berries is one of those Mt Baker Vapor specialty flavors where we looked at all of our fruity, melon flavors and created something magical. There is a fruit melody with fruits of all kinds, that you will definitely detect once you vape it yourself. This is a flavor that holds its own and does not require any extra flavoring shots.

Opinion of MBV Employee: Ashley Ubil, Customer Service Rep.

“Personally not my #1 but definitely in my top 10 at least. It was definitely a strong sweet fruit flavor ending with a subtle rich tropical flavor.”




On our website we state that Jawbreaker is a rich imitation of your favorite ball-style hard candy. Finally you can get all of that delicious flavor vaping this hard style candy, without the worry that you may break a tooth ;p.  Delectable notes of strawberry, orange, and lemon are ready to flow into your mouth, making for a sugary sweet, and not overpowering, taste. Warning: this flavor has been reported to damage plastic tanks.

Opinion of MBV Employee: Andrew Jones, Lead of Returns

“Jaw Breaker is one of my favorites of the new flavors. I think it is just sweet enough, and it almost tastes like Gobstoppers. Having a sweet tart taste. Now if only the juice lasted longer, like a real Gobstopper, I wouldn’t have to keep buying more! Nom Nom Nom”


Old Fashioned


Not to worry! We didn’t  just mix an alcoholic beverage and place it into e-juice bottle (Which, by the way, we never do… seriously, we don’t!). For our Old Fashioned, we utilized many flavors on our line to create an interesting blend that pretty much replicates an old fashioned drink. Never had one? Oh jeeze! Go to a bar that is known for cocktails and get an Old Fashioned (yes you have to pay over 8 dollars to get it). Once you have tasted this delicious drink, you will know why we blended fruity, citrus and amaretto, which itself, has a slightly sweet and bitter taste. Warning: this flavor has been reported to damage plastic tanks.

Opinion of MBV Employee: Chuck Ubil, Production Lead

“It’s very smooth, pretty heavy on the amaretto but the berry/fruit and citrus flavors mellow it out. It’s like an after meal type of vape, something I could see being vaped at the end of a relaxing day.”

Surprise Second Quote from MBV Employee: Andrew Bohannon, Chief Production Officer

“Old fashioned got its name based on the whiskey drink, which the smell is similar to. Intended for classy motherf***ers wearing tweed suits, sitting behind a large oak desk, with a fire going in the hearth, surrounded by his library of books, and reminiscing on how awesome it was back in their day. Scrubs not welcome.”

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.