Flavor Friday Features Cinnamon Roll, Coumarin Pipe Tobacco and Blue Drake

Flavor Friday

Hello all, welcome to another Flavor Friday, a day where we go in depth with new flavors, and flavors that are a diamond in the rough. Today we will be discussing Cinnamon Roll, Coumarin Pipe Tobacco, and Blue Drake. What we like about these flavors, what they taste like to us, and we would love to hear what you think about these flavors if you have recently tried them.

Cinnamon Roll


Cinnamon Roll … oh nooo (or oh yeeessss)… breakfast foods in your vape, what will we think of next? This Cinnamon Roll e-juice tastes just like that first bite into a warm, creamy, sugary, delicious cinnamon roll. Strong hints of cinnamon combine with more mellow notes of a sweet sugary frosting, striking the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. This favor is one you can vape for days and never get bored (well, that’s what our employee Jamie tells us).  Warning:This flavor has been reported to damage plastic tanks.

Opinion of MBV Employee: Jamie Pinks, Chief Assistant

“Honestly, it tastes like the dankest (a.k.a most delicious) Cinnabon breakfast you will ever have the pleasure of vaping. It not only has that strong taste of cinnamon, but you are not overpowered to where it is too much cinnamon.”


Coumarin Pipe Tobacco


Coumarin Pipe Tobacco e-juice is a sweet and light tobacco flavor, that perfectly combines complementary notes of sweet coumarin spice and bold tobacco flavor. That light tobacco flavor creates a clean vape and allows you to vape all day long, without too many issues from coils or vapors tongue.

Opinion of MBV Employee: Katrina Schuster, Administrative Coordinator

“It’s a really nice light vanilla tobacco, great to drip into your more complex juices, to bring them down from overpowering your vape. But by itself it is a wonderful, light, all day vape.”


Blue Drake


First Albino Drake, now Blue Drake, what’s next? Every color under the sun Drake? Well we would be fine with that, as long as they remain as delicious as the last two. Our newest addition, Blue Drake, is a wonderful blend of all of the blue berries of the world, distilled down to a flavorful, slightly sweet, slightly tart vape. I will give you a hint, one of the flavors you are tasting, is Blueberries ;p

Opinion of MBV Employee: Katie Mccahon, Administrative Bookkeeper

“This flavor is a great balance, its fruity but not crazy sweet, which is what i like from my flavors. You definitely taste, like a Blue Jolly Rancher during the beginning, middle and the end while vaping this flavor.”

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.