Dear Summit – Our Favorite GWAR Videos

Hello, vape fans!  Today, we are going to show you some of our favorite GWAR content.  The members are awesome and objectively insane.  They want to take over planet Earth, as demonstrated in their performances!  Check out some of these videos!  Some may not be safe for work.


GWAR does a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop.”

GWAR performing Immortal Corrupter – The name of one of our new GWAR Fluids going live tomorrow!

Here are Oderous and Beefcake going on Joan to do an interview.  It is on a whole new level.

Their shows are epic!  Blood, spew, and other liquids everywhere!

Those are a few of our favorite GWAR moments.  Remember, we have new GWAR Fluid flavors releasing tomorrow!  You can go to our website and click Notify Me, and we will let you know exactly what time they become available! For more news from us and to join in on contests, join the Mt Baker Vapor Facebook group “Mt Baker Vapor Summit Club.”

Josh Hanna

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    Thank you MBV for all you do…

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    GWAR is amazing, and so is Mt. Baker Vapor.

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