Extreme Ice E-Juice | A Powerful Menthol Flavor

This week’s flavor spotlight is going to focus on our most radical menthol flavor — Extreme Ice E-Juice. According to its description, “Just like the name suggests, Extreme Ice is a radically cool and frigidly smooth, minty vape.” Extreme Ice E-Juice takes menthol to the next level and delivers a cooling blast of mint flavor that doesn’t quit.

Where does the concept of menthol come from? And what’s the history of mint flavoring. Let’s take a look:

Extreme Ice E-Juice | A Breakdown

Menthol is actually a chemical compound derived from peppermint oil. It is also known as peppermint camphor and has a strong minty flavor. It is produced by extraction from the peppermint plant, or it can be made synthetically from the hydrogenation of thymol. Menthol has a lot of uses in society today. It is used in things such as perfumes, foods, cough drops, cosmetics, and liqueurs. Menthol can also be obtained from a plant called corn mint. In its solid form, it is a waxy substance and is a crystalline substance which is clear or white. It melts when slightly heated. The species of wild mint used to make menthol is almost exclusively grown in the Uttar Pradesh region in India. The compound traces its history back to 1771, when a scientist named Hieronymous David Gaubius isolated the chemical.

Peppermint is an herb which is a cross between spearmint and watermint. It is indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, but can be found all over the world now. Peppermint was first described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus and found to be a hybrid. The herb itself can treat many maladies, including irritable bowl syndrome, nausea, muscle pain, and more.

In terms of smoking and vaping, menthol is known to increase the throat hit and flavor. Many vapors prefer this.

Extreme Ice E-Juice | Reviews

I loved it. It has a wonderful cooling sensation, its wonderful.
I strongly recommend it. For me extreme ice will always be in my one to order list. Please don’t ever discontinue this one.
Extreme Ice ia the best e juice out there. For anyone that like extra menthol refreshing flavour.
Is excellant on it’s own, also mixes well with other flavours
Caroline Sparks

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  • David wright says:

    I like menthol in its milder forms. Its refreshing.

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