El Paso’s Regulations on E-Cig’s

There has been a lot of chitter-chatter recently on vaping bans in different counties, lumping electronic cigarettes in with bans that already exist on regular analogue cigarettes; would you count this as fair? To make those who vape, and only breath out flavored vapor, vape outside in the cold? It’s an easy mistake for a person who doesn’t know about e-cigs to see a giant puff of vapor, think, “smoke! smoke is bad!” and try to steer clear of the cloud, but there has been a serious lack of research in finding whether or not electronic cigarettes emit a dangerous second hand smoke, and in educating the public on the what electronic cigarettes are and how different they are from analog cigarettes.

Recently in El Paso, legislators have  passed an ordinance, starting Monday, September 1st, stating that e-cig vapers will now have to follow the same rules that were put in place in 2002, that prohibit conventional smokers from lighting up in public, as well as in their workplaces. This ordinance will be regulated, and a person can even be fined up to $500 if caught vaping anywhere near a location they are not supposed to be vaping at.

There are interesting points from both sides of the argument. First you have those for E-Cig’s:

“Antonio Thomas, who used to be a chain smoker, said he is a great example of how using e-cigarettes helped him quit smoking….’When I smoked, I would be wheezing all the time, it was harder for me to breath and when I would go up and down stairs, I could feel it in my lungs and it was just harder to breath,’ Thomas said. ‘Since I started vaping, I can breath a lot easier and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night wanting to vape like I did with cigarettes.’”

And of course you have in the other corner the opposition and their view point:

“Ted Cooper, principal investigator for the Smoke Free Paso Del Norte foundation, said…’Cigarettes are really bad, and cancer causing, and the leading cause of death and disease in the United States. They (e-cigarettes) may or may not be less carcinogenetic; the data is not there,’ Cooper said. ‘An adult who’s trying to use this, in some way, as a cessation device really doesn’t know, like with a patch or a gum or a lozenge, what level of nicotine he or she is using. If one is trying to quit and you are using more nicotine, that is not going to help. That’s going to hurt.’”

Now, everyone is allowed to their own opinion, and it is true that there really isn’t enough data out there to say for sure whether e-cigs are safer or healthier than traditional cigarettes, but electronic cigarette users do in fact know how much nicotine they are ingesting. Most all electronic cigarette companies label on their bottles exactly what nicotine strength is in their e-juice. This is just the beginning of the idiosyncrasies that you see in the media, and from uninformed readers, and newspapers who do not know the difference between fact of fiction.

Source: (http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_26441482)

Something to Think About:

What do you guys think? Please forward, or link any websites that have been misinformed about electronic cigarettes, and tell us what your opinion is about those who speak out of turn!

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  • Butch says:

    Until all the studies are in I have no problem going by the same rules as the tobacco smokers. I just don’t want BIG Tobacco getting our government to but a ban on e-cigs. Some of the studies I have seen smoe the analog smoking is 400 times worst the e-cig/vaping

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