Dear Summit – E Liquid Sales

Hey there, vape fans! In this week’s Dear Summit blog, we are alerting our readers of some of the current and upcoming sales. Everyone loves e liquids and hardware, and we love to make deals that will help our customers. Without awesome customers, we could not do what we do.

40% Off Sale Juice

We have many e liquids on sale for 40% off!  The deal includes 15 mL, 30 mL, and 8-ounce bottles of e liquid! That means you can get an 236 mL bottle of e liquid for $20.99. I can proudly say, without hyperbole, that this is the greatest event in human history.  We have something for every vaper’s palate.  You can view all of our amazing e liquid deals by clicking the image below:

Summer Sale Juice Carousel 40

4th Of July Sale

Every year, Americans celebrate their independence on the 4th of July.    The Declaration of Independence was signed into effect on this date in 1776.  To help you remember the year that it was signed, we have made our discount percentage to be 17.76%.  The code to use at checkout will be FREEDOM, and it will last from 12am EST to 11:59pm PST on July 4th.  The sale price will be on everything except Third Party e liquid.

4July Business_Card

Well, that’s it for this week, vape fans!  We are always here to inform you of upcoming events, and would love for everyone to be able to partake in this, no matter where you come from!  Remember to stay safe this summer and keep well-hydrated!  We want to see you come back for many years.

Josh Hanna

  • Brian says:

    So if the 40% sale runs until the liquid is out of stock, does that mean the flavors will be discontinued when the stock is gone?


    Good? Left us hanging on that1

  • Joe says:

    These sales got me so excited! What are you doing to my wallet baker vapor?

  • Teresa Adcock says:

    Will the 40% off sale still be here on July 4?

  • Michael Harris says:


  • Sarah Scobey says:

    Sooo wish I would have waited a few days to place my order ?

  • Matt says:

    Great deal

  • Sure would be nice to be able to enjoy these sales! How about an update for your California customers who aren’t able to purchase from your site?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We want our California customers to get in on the action 🙁 We are trying still to integrate the system into our website. As soon as we have an update, we will blast it everywhere and let everyone know.

  • tony says:

    gotta get on this fo sho

  • Matt says:

    MBV your the best

  • Matt says:

    Best prices around

  • Matt says:

    Will be stocking up thanks MBV

  • Matt says:

    Best prices and quality

  • Tyler says:

    Whatever you do, please do not discontinue the USA MENTHOL. I need at least 236 ml for every two months, LOl.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It is a good flavor but the ones on sale right now are going to be discontinued when we run out of stock 🙁 I am sorry for this.

  • Autumn says:

    $20.99 for a 236? Can’t beat that!

  • Steve says:

    I’m excited to find 2 of the 3 juices I like well enough to buy the 236ml bottles on sale, but very upset that this could be the last time I can get them. Orange dream bar and pear flavors, please reconsider discontinuing these

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