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Dry hits are the bane of a vaper’s existence. One minute you’re enjoying some tasty vapor, and the next minute you have a disgusting tire fire in your mouth. Yuck. Nobody wants that. The majority of vapers, both new and old, have experienced dry hits. It’s never pleasant to have that tasty e-juice suddenly take a turn for the gross. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent this experience from occurring.



Dry hits occur when the atomizer, or coil, heats up but doesn’t have enough e-juice to vaporize. This causes the wick assembly to dry out quickly, which can char the liquid and produce unpleasant flavors. This can happen for many reasons.

One reason, is that the voltage or wattage settings on your battery may be set too high. This makes the atomizer heat up so quickly, that the liquid does not have enough time to saturate the wick after it’s vaporized. Turning the voltage or wattage down may help to alleviate the problem.

Another reason that dry hits occur is due to airflow control. Some tanks have an adjustable airflow setting. If that airflow is completely open, that means that air moves more freely across the coil and wick assembly. When this happens, the act of drawing air through the atomizer is not enough to pull more liquid into the wick. This causes the wick to dry out quickly, and produce those nasty dry hits.

Another common reason for dry hits in a tank is coil gunking. Your coil is constantly heating and passing e-juice  through it. Over time, the coil will wear out or the liquid will leave sediments in the wick. This will prevent liquid from wicking properly, and may contribute to an overall negative experience. Make sure to change your wicks regularly, every 1-2 weeks on average, and you should avoid this problem.

Finally, make sure that your tank has enough liquid in it. I know this sounds simple, and it is, but it can happen more often than you might realize. When your tank is empty, you’re just heating up a dry wick. And a dry wick equals a bad vape.

We hope that these tips will help elevate your vapor experience to the next level. As always, feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with your friends.

Thanks for reading and Happy Vaping!

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Written by: Kyle Chapman

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Mike says:

    Cool. Thanks for the info. I have wondered why I would get a “funky” taste from my vape. I am glad I checked out your site.

  • CG says:

    Glad I found this!! I go to a rather new Vape shop and just recently bought the Eleaf 50w. I ad 2 awful experiences that required the use of the nearest trash can…lol I asked the vape peeps what was going on they had no idea. HAHA after reading this I now know. I’m using 20W and have the kangerteck nano running a .5. This happened both times my stick was just sitting upright, then went to use and almost died. Makes sense…. wide open and sitting there drying out 🙂 Thanks so much

  • Eric Moore says:

    Great information! Thank you for sharing

  • Chris says:

    Is it ok to close off air flow and draw to bring more liquid into the wick or will that mess it up

  • mungkok says:

    Hi there, been using this e-cig system (IPV2 Mini+Kanger Subt V3/ DarkHorse RDA) since end of June 2015. Using ohm ranging from 0.6~1.0 (Averagely) most of the time. I must say, to prevent dry hits, you have to pull air furiously every time you fire your setup. Been able to fire around 3~4 seconds, with lotsa vapor and most importantly NO DRY HITS. Well, some people might have it differently, but so far for me…This is the best way. Nevermind if your airflow is half, quarter or fully open. You have to suck the air MADLY!

  • mungkok says:

    No problem man. If you (or everyone else) ever had any bad experience with the method that I’ve mentioned above, feel free to comments. So far, it’s the best way for me (with a bit extra works, pulling in the air of course!)

  • Mathena says:

    What if I get 1 dry hit on a new atomizer? Is the atomizer burnt out or can I still use it? I probably didn’t let it wick up long enough but I was just wondering if after 1 single dry hit is the atomizer done and should I put in a new one?

    • John Swanke says:

      Let it sit for awhile in a tank with some juice and try it again. I’ve had to get rid of some after a dry hit and other times not. It just depends on the situation. But, when in doubt, throw it out.

  • Roy says:

    What are the best types of wicks to use? The SS Mesh always worked best for me but would have dry hits at times. The cotton would hurt my throat after awhile. I’m still puzzled as a RBA user which works best..taste, hits and cost.

  • Andy Roderick says:

    Im using an istick eleaf 50w with a smok tfv4 tricore, giving me ,6 ohm. I have essex pink lips in right now, and im not getting good flavor out of it, at the vape shop it tasted amazing. What should i do to get the best flavor out of this little mod?

    • Andrew Figgs says:

      When you were at the store, was the stuff you tried samples that they had already pre-steeped? We recommend that you let our juice steep for about 2 weeks for the best flavor. Also, just saw your PS, With a higher VG you do risk losing a bit of flavor, but that could be fixed by bumping up your wattage. What wattage do you set your mod to?

    • John Swanke says:

      You might just need to try adjusting your wattage until you find that sweet spot!

  • Andy Roderick says:

    Ps vg/pg is 90/10

  • Marniel Koerbel-Bechtold says:

    I have a target75v, by vaporesso.
    It worked so well for about 2 months…
    After that no matter how many ccell ceremic coils I use, my hits ate dry almost every time.
    I’ve tried letting it steep all night, I’ve tried priming the coil more, turned down wattage, I have no idea what’s going on and these coils r costing me too much $..
    Please help
    Ty MEB

    • Josh Hanna says:

      What is the pg/vg of juice you are using? If it is max vg then that could be the problem. I would switch to 20pg/80vg. The coils could be a bad batch. It doesn’t happen often but occasionally is can. What wattage are you using and what ohms is the mod set at? I can get a semi good understanding from the answers and might be able to help.

    • jeremy boswell says:

      i had the same mod and tank for a while i got a new tank for it and its fine now i noticed the ceramic coils just weren’t any good they didn’t retain enough juice to stay saturated while vaping. check out the crown tank with the .25 coil its great and its only about $40.

  • Emily says:

    I have an iPV5 with a smok micro TFV4 sub tank and i just bought it a couple days ago and im getting dry hits with juice in it. My wattage ranges from 45-60

  • Jman says:

    The problem is that its all made in ‘China’ were cloning (faiking) is almost in there D&A.

    The companies over there actually clone (counterfit) there own stuff!

    Ever noticrd how the coils that come with your tank (when new) are great but then when u buy replacements (from the same company) they burn out asap?

    They dont care. Call there CS, if u dont believe me. Lol

    • Josh Hanna says:

      In a products life cycle, they find different ways to make it that cause the product to be made cheaper. Some of the methods are not good and actually diminish the product. This could happen in any company and it may very well be happening to some of the manufacturers. I do not like coils that come with tanks. I usually buy a new supply of coils when I buy a tank 🙂

  • Steven May says:

    I’m new to vaping and use the wismec presa tc and amor + tank. My problem is that after 3 or 4 draws I’m getting that dreaded taste, but by blowing through the mouth piece and pushing air bubbles from the atomizer into the tank I can then get another 3 or 4 hits without that burnt taste. I have no idea of what settings I should be on or what they mean. P 25 Watts. 3.61 very. (Volts).
    0.52. (Horseshoe shape) ohms I think.
    Please help as running out of puff

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Do you have a nickel coil in? This could be part of the problem. Also, did you prime the coil? Drip 3 or 4 drops on a new coil and then put it in. There can be many things that cause this. The coil could have bad flow and may need to sit for 10 seconds or so.

  • Hilmar Óskarsson says:


    Anybody get a juice that tasted rancid? Tried something called Vanilla Ice Cream from iFresh and it tasted + smelled like vomit. Had to eat toothpaste and light incense but the taste/smell does not go away! Replaced the coil, cleaned the tank and replaced the fluid with a brand and taste that i know and love. It’s like the taste is stuck in my nose or throat or whatever. Anybody experience anything similar? Any and all help appreciated as this is destroying my vaping joy!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I have had this happen with a flavor that we called pizza. It was terrible but it stuck with me for a little while. You can clean your tank out and do something super strong and that might help.

  • Ahmad Shawki says:

    Hi there
    Just got a new Unimax 25, managed to get a few draws before getting that harsh burnt taste in my throat and hardly any vapor. I did prime the coil. Any idea what’s wrong. Thanks

    • Tim Mechling says:

      After I prime a coil, I like to wait 5-15 minutes before I fire it. Also, taking hits without hitting the fire button draws liquid to the wick. Have you tried these two methods?

      • Ahmad Shawki says:

        What I did was unscrew the top with the coil, dunk it a couple times in the liquid in the tank, then screw it back on. But that only gave me about half a day before it seemed to dry out again. it’s been a few days now, you’d think the coil is primed and saturated enough, but still the same problem. The coil is one of those that draw liquid through the bottom!!

        • Kristian says:

          Ahmad, have you figured it out what was wrong? I got the same problem with unimax 25. So many dry hits even that the tank is nearly full filled. Anyone has any idea?

          • Corey Gefroh says:

            I would suggest using a lower temperature or try dripping directly on the coils.

          • Ahmad Shawki says:

            No Kristian. But it seems that some coils are better than others. Now this one lasts a couple of days before drying out. I think it’s a design flaw. Joyetech should know better. Somebody suggested unscrewing the coil a bit, but that didn’t work for me.
            I just fully unscrew the coil then screw it back on, that does it for a few days.

  • JDawg says:

    Be aware! If you like to chain vape.. like me, I tried putting my rig in front of the air conditioner after every hit or two.. This is not a good idea.. It made both my mods I was doing it to about the same time which was kinda freaky… they both showed 0.0 ohms and wouldn’t fire at all. I had to unscrew/screw the tank back in and fire the coil a cuple times before it got warm enough to stay registered to the proper ohms. So all I’m saying is that if you try to cool your gadget after hits in front of the a/c.. don’t you will most certainly have the same problems. I am running the new Arco Tank and an E-leaf 220w mod at 80w. its registering at .025 ohms right now. I just got this tank and it is the best tank I have ever owned! Can’t say enough about the Arco Tank! Well, good vaping everyone!

    • JDawg says:

      Just correcting my statement .. registering at .25 ohms not .025. Also I learned that priming is key in keeping your vape from getting a burned cotton hit. I had this same problem over and over because the joke is … is that the baby beast coils work for the Eleaf 220w mod that comes with its own tank… It’s true, they do screw into to the receptacle on the Eleaf mod and it fits inside the glass housing, but these coils are not made for the Eleaf mod like Eleaf coils are… The coils that come with the mod work well, but here in Nashville, Tn, where I shop I cannot find Eleaf coils, only Babybeast replacement coils.. Personally, I think this is bs.. I kept getting burned hits.. I tried coil after coil and kept getting burnt cotton taste after like 3 days… No way you can chain vape.. 2 hits back to back max or a guaranteed burnt taste hit… Its due in part to the beast coils being too small and cant wick fast enough… My advice- get yourself an aftermarket tank when you buy that mod. I recommend my newest tank, the Arco tank.. So far its awesome..

  • Sagar Vats says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for the information, but i had a question.
    Can putting 2 different liquids in the tank cause the coil to give dry hits?

  • Eric romero says:

    Wondering if someone can help o got the stick v8 with some naked lava flow o went to vape shop and changed Coils walked out put together in parking lot hit it and was burnt fast didnt wait for set is it ruined now do I have to get another coil or is it still salvageable.. any information would be appreciated thanks.

  • Mina says:

    Hi I have 3 mods 1 is a sigelei 213 with a super tank tobacco I keep getting dry hits with this point to coil I run it at 45 to 55 when I was using .5 I did not ever get no burnt it’s I had the same problem in my in my eleaf Pico same tank Super Tank then I have a sigelei 80 mod that I run is Super Tank Mini on I keep getting dry hits on each one did I just get a pack of bad and coils like I said I always used 5 but I went to point to and now I get dry hits what can I do

  • Mina says:

    Oops I was speak texting hope you can understand my post

  • James says:

    Hi, I just got a breeze and set it up and let the juul ice soak in and then started hitting it. It was hitting great for hours then later that day it won’t stop giving me dry hits. The tank is still full. I’m on my second coil from this issue.

  • Tim says:

    Yup.,you’re right. Even with a tank. So I close my air flow and suck the liquid every once in a while. Thank you for the advice.

  • Pete says:

    I get dry hits frome time to time i just re-wick the coils I use titan tank 28mill liquid i can go out all day and the liquid hardly moves bit expensive but they are worth it

  • Jack Nipper says:

    Vape on peeps!

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