Drip Tips with Grant: Temperature Control

Ok folks, I’m sure you’ve read about it. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. That’s right, today we will be discussing Temperature control on the new DNA40 board by Evolv. Many of you already know of Evolv, but for those who don’t, they are a leading designer/manufacturer of APV boards used in many high end e-cigs today. Their latest innovation, is the DNA40 temperature regulated board, most recognizable in the new Hana box mod. Let’s break it down into its specs and take a closer look!

The DNA 40 board allows you to regulate the max temperature of your coil, eliminating the possibility for a dry or burnt hit when used properly. Now I’m no scientist, but from my understanding, the board measures changing resistances that are a result of heating the coil. Whenever you heat a coil, the resistance changes. This happens because the electrons which are part of the molecules in the wire speed up, meaning the electrical resistance changes. The DNA 40 actively measures those changes in resistance to figure out how hot the coil is at any given time. By setting the maximum temperature to say 450 degrees F, the board will start to transfer power to the coil. When the equivalent resistance to 450 degrees is reached, the board stops increasing the power. This allows for a very consistent vape with no fear of getting a dry hit!

The wire you use is crucial for the DNA 40 to function in temperature control mode. Since this change in resistance is different in all metals, alloyed metals have a more difficult time when communicating to the board as to what change in resistance has happened. The electrons in pure nickel are more predictable and consistent to measure than a wire with multiple elements or alloys in the blend. This can only be why Evolv has made pure nickel wire the choice when using the DNA 40. Without nickel wire, the board will revert back to its VW mode which will not regulate your temperature while vaping.

How is this a good thing? It means that no matter how many watts you push, whether your wick is dry, or how long you hold that button, you will never get a dry hit, or a large dose of acrolein! This adds yet another great safety feature to our hardware, one that actively keeps you from inhaling the toxic chemicals produced from a dry hit. I for one applaud you Evolv, you have created something fantastic in my opinion.

If you get the chance to check one of these devices out, I strongly urge you to do so. It really will change your perspective on vaping and how we can make it safer for all of us. Until next time, Thanks for reading and Vape on!

Written by Grant

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.