Drip Tips with Grant – Temperature Control Part 2

I have never been one to say “I told ya so” but I’m going to anyways! Since my last blog that went over temperature control in the DNA 40 chip, A few other brands have launched temp control boards and mods to the public. As I said, temp control is going to catch on once people get their hands on these devices. With mods like the HCigar HeartBeat, the smok m80, the IPV4, Sigelei 75w, The Snowwolf 50 and 200-watt boxes, you can be certain that there is a market for the technology.

I expect to see many more of these products emerge as time goes on, and the technology becomes more readily available to mom and pop shops and other retailers. With many modular devices being designed as well, temperature control boards will fit right in with the mod builder community and hopefully become a steeple for high wattage mod safety. With the ability to regulate temperature comes an element of safety that we hadn’t seen before. We know that E-cigs can produce toxic chemicals when overheated. With temperature control, we can set the temp of our device to be within an area that those chemicals aren’t produced. This technology renders studies like the one published by The New England Journal of Medicine’s” study irrelevant. They had found levels of formaldehyde at higher levels than a cigarette when literally dry burning a coil at an outrageous temperature. With temperature control, this is not an issue.

So what does that mean for the rest of the vape tech? Well, nothing really- there are still millions of folks happily and safely using non-temp control devices. It does mean, however, that the industry is gearing itself towards making more safe-to-use mods and actually addressing some of the concerns about electronic cigarettes. That may in turn mean that the vaping industry could be taken more seriously, and not as some backyard movement. In each instance where a new, safer technology is invented, we move forward in our efforts to reduce the harm from smoking. With vaping companies competing freely with each other, we have affordable products. One could buy an entire authentic sub-ohm kit for under 100 dollars in today’s market. Compare that to what $100 got you in the cigalike days, it seems like a pretty good deal, right?

That is why it is important for vaping to evolve (no pun intended). Innovation drives our industry and allows it to prosper and grow. It also benefits us as users! In the 70s, a 25mb hard drive was the size of a recliner. Now you can fit 10,000x that amount on a chip the size of your thumbnail. That is how the advancement of technology can benefit us; by making things cheaper and more efficient we get better products at lower prices.

Even if re-building or dripping isn’t for you, temperature control may be right up your alley. Many of the manufacturers of the sub-ohm tanks are producing replaceable coil heads using pure nickel wire, and can be used with temperature control mods. These are a fantastic way to benefit from temperature control while still retaining the ease of use and convenience of a tank. Given the growing availability and popularity of temperature control, I think this will be the future (albeit a potentially short reign) of advanced high-wattage mods. Even lower wattage mods could benefit, heck, it may even be able to make cigalikes better!
I am so glad to work in an industry where innovation is king. It keeps life interesting and always gives me something to look forward to. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog, and I hope you get a chance to check out a temperature control mod for yourself. Until next time, breathe strong!

Written by: Grant

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Ken C says:

    I’ve been using my first temperature control mod now for almost a week. So far I’m digging it. I’ve only tried it with a prebuilt nickle coil as of yet. So I guess time will tell if temp control becomes my preferred way to vape.

  • zach says:

    I’d love to see manufacturers and vendors publishing data on ideal temps. As more people are becoming aware of what exactly is in their e liquid and since we now have such precise control we can get a better idea of what is in our vapor. Studies seem to focus on cigalike models or unrealistic exposures to straight e liquid or high power mods. If we know what’s in a liquid and we can control the temp we vape at we can have a clear idea of chemical composition and nicotine levels.

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