Drip Tips with Grant – How much powa is too much powa?

The God mod. The IPV 3. The TI slim. What do these mods all have in common? They all feature over 150 watts of power. They are all multi-battery, and in my opinion, they are all a bit overkill.


I apologize in advance if you own one of these mods and think I’m knocking them down. That is not the case, I really enjoy the form and design of all three of these mods.These are just my opinions folks. However, what is the point of having a 250w mod? Are these high wattages, 150, 180, and 250, what people are using day to day, and does anyone really vape at 250 watts ever? Is it safe? Is it cost effective when the average premium juice is around 12 bucks/15ml? All of these factors lead me to believe that super high wattage devices are sort of a fad and that the novelty will wear off as new technologies come out. Let’s put a few things into perspective in hopes of better understanding why these gimmicky mods have been so successful, and why they will soon be on their way out. Many people know that I am a huge fan of temperature control, recently available on the new DNA 40 chip. You can get a nice hot, flavorful vape at relatively low wattage thus saving battery life and eliminating dry hits. When this type of technology becomes more “mainstream” with modders, will super high wattage devices be able to utilize it? Is there a point to having 180 watts when your coil is limited to 450 degrees? I really don’t think so. There is another aspect to these types of mods that also makes me lean more towards calling them a gimmick. The fact that most of these products are made very cheaply overseas makes me leery to throw a .5 ohm coil on top and crank it to 180. It’s just a risk that I’m not willing to take, and I think that I am not alone in that. That being said, if that’s how you vape and that’s how you keep off the cigarettes than who am I to tell you otherwise? With the recent “study” done on formaldehyde produced by vape pens that are pushed past their limit, does something like this help when we go to defend mods, in general? Can we stand in front of a regulatory committee and defend 250 watt mods being sold to anyone who has the money? I really doubt it guys. I think that we have got to focus on what we can do to make mods safer for the everyday user if we want them to have any chance of surviving the FDA, folks. Where the most important innovation will happen for us, is in making the authorities aware that we are just as dedicated to making mods safe, as well as capable of fitting everyone’s needs. Because, those are the two arguments against us; The question of ‘are they safe?’, and the question of, ‘do they actually work to quit smoking?’ If we can ensure that those two questions are answered with a resounding yes, then we have a much better chance of being able to continue to produce and purchase new drippers and mods. A world without mods and drippers is a world in which I still smoke cigarettes, so like many of you, it is very important to me that these devices stay available. Written by Grant Collmann Retail Marketing Manager

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • David says:

    My thoughts on the wattage race as we see it starting to ramp up more and more since China is becoming the big player. In the sense of safety I say these boxes are safe to use. Regulated boxes are designed for safety in my mind. Everyone on the block has to have the fastest or more powerful toy on the block so 150 or 260 they have to have it. I agree I cannot see anyone vaping at 260 watts unless they enjoy there throat on fire, but there might individuals capable of vaping at 260 watts.

    Now you mention the DNA-40 now what I am about to say will probably strike up some debate and some backlash toward me so here it goes. The DNA-40 is a gimmick and let me explain why I feel this way. In reality when you vape and say you have a 50 watt device or even a 30 watt device. How long are you holding that fire button down? When you measure the heat of your coil at a .5 ohm and 30 watts what is the temperature of that coil at a normal vape at 5 seconds? Well it does not even come close to reaching 400 degrees so what is so special setting your mod to 420 or max of 450 degrees? Who holds the fire button down to 15 seconds in order to reach 450 degrees?

    I understand what Evolv was going after since hey they did not want to go into the wattage race. But the DNA-40 is a great idea, but I feel they released it too soon. There is more worked to be done with this chip if they want to regulate temperature. I have tried the device and personally I am not seeing any difference with that vape from my Sigelei 50 W and I never get a try hit or burnt it. I assume that is because I am not holding my fire button down for 15 seconds….

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