Drip Tips with Grant – How Button Design Affects Your Vape

There are many different mechanical mods out there and, as a result, there are also many button designs that go with them. From the ¼ twist turn of the V3 Flip, to the threaded, fine-tuned switch on the Stingray. For me, the switch is probably 85% of the weighing factor for me to buy a mod or not. I’m very particular on how my switches feel and operate and I can’t express enough how nice a well-made switch feels. But do different switches bring different attributes to the table?

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Being the owner of the V3 flip and the Shotgun mod, I have to say that they are by far the best switch design I have seen to date, and that is why I own them. I could honestly care less that the engraving is or who endorses it online. What matters to me is whether or not the mods moving parts work well.

But how does this play into sub ohm vaping? Certain switch designs don’t always work well when we drop our resistance lower than .5 ohms or so. Certain switches get hot to the touch when using these builds, but why? Well, technically the button you press is part of an electrical circuit. When you press the switch, you are completing the circuit, meaning that electricity is moving. When a switch reaches a certain point, some of that energy is dissipated throughout the connection points in the mod as an effect of voltage drop. This energy can cause the device to heat up, or even feel as if it is shocking you. Solutions to this problem may be thicker switches or better insulating techniques. What I do know is that my V3 Flip switch and my Shotgun switch NEVER gets hot, and I think that the reason is that they are thicker overall.

There is also another huge factor that plays into a good switch design, and that is ease of use. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overtightened a locking ring on one of my mechs, and had to almost totally disassemble my mod to get it unstuck. That’s the beauty of a well designed switch like the V3; just turn the whole switch ¼ turn to lock/unlock. It never gets stuck because of this design and really makes it stand out next to other mods. The switch on the Shotgun is flush with the bottom of the mod, meaning the locking ring (which it does have) is rarely needed providing seamless operation without the need to lock the ring.

Whatever mod you decide to go with, spend some extra time researching how the switch performs. I can almost guarantee that it will be the most crucial piece of the mod as far as everyday operation. And it will almost certainly be the deciding factor on whether or not you shelve the mod a month later and waste a bunch of money. Look for simple designs that are made of thick, quality material, with easy to use locking mechanisms and quality machining. Trust me, you will be glad you did your research on this subject. A Faulty switch can take your vaping from big clouds and big flavor to tiny puffs and a burnt finger.

Until next time, Vape on, breathe strong!

Written by Grant Collmann
Retail Marketing Manager



Tim Mechling

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