Drip Tips with Grant – Dripping Misconceptions

Hey, vape fans! Welcome back to another installment in the drip tips series. Today we are going to be talking about the misconceptions surrounding dripping and sub ohming.

Drip Question

When you see people blowing massive clouds of vapor, you have to think to yourself, how can that be safe? With the studies coming out that show formaldehyde production at high power settings, how can they possibly stand it? Well, one of the first misconceptions about subohm dripping is the formaldehyde scare. While you can produce toxins when you run a top fed clearo at 5 volts (and completely burn the coil), you won’t get that when you run a properly saturated dripper at the same voltage. “But how does that even make sense? Surely if it happens in a CE5, then it’s going to happen in my subtank right?” Wrong. The reason that a CE5 will pump out formaldehyde and other chemicals when overheated is because there isn’t enough juice getting to the coil. Aside from carrying our flavors and nicotine, e-juice also helps to cool your coil, keeping it from overheating and burning the juice rather than vaporizing it.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) are specifically designed to keep e-juice flowing to the coil. In an RDA, you are using a much more absorbent material for wicking, meaning more juice can get to the coil. You also have to take into account that an RDA has much larger air holes. Airflow through the device will also cause a cooling effect on the coil.

A clearomizer like the CE5 just simply doesn’t have the wicking capabilities, nor the airflow to be able to run safely at 5 volts. An RDA can be run at 5 volts no sweat, as long as you have the proper amount of wicking, and you are able to keep the coil relatively cool.

Another misconception about sub-ohm vaping is that we are getting dangerous amounts of nicotine into our systems. Aside from the fact that most vapers know how many pulls they need to take to get to their desired buzz; most vapers who drip are using 6,3, or even 0 mg nicotine strength juice. This goes to show that many people who take up dripping are actually reducing their nicotine content.

I remember when I was still using tanks with 12mg nicotine. I would take tons of hits just to feel content. With a dripper, I have been able to work my way down to 6, sometimes even 3mg if there is enough PG for a good throat hit. I feel like I have drastically reduced the amount of nicotine I need by using a dripper, the benefits of which I can feel.

The misconception I find most annoying about drippers, especially when used with a mechanical (mech) mod, is that every mech and every RDA is going to explode. This is just plain silly and not true at all. With the proper battery and the right build, using a mech mod is no more going to explode than any other electronic item. When you see someone walking around with one of these, don’t throw your arms in the air and start running for the hills, ask them to show you their build! I think that the main reason people to fear something is because they don’t understand it. I want to see more people going out and seeking the information first before demonizing anything, especially e-cigs. We already have enough people after us guys, so let’s start educating people so we can enjoy dripping our juice for years to come.

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Written by: Grant


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