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Hey vape fans! Today we’re going to discuss airflow, and how it affects our vape. I’m going to go over all the different types of airflow, and why they are used on certain devices. I’ll start by saying that airflow design has come along way since the cigalike era, and continues to evolve as you read this. It seems like airflow design has become sort of a signature for manufacturers’ products, and some atomizers are recognized by the airflow configuration they feature. For instance: The airflow on the Vulcan is unique to it’s brand. They include the logo in the design of the airflow, which I think is a great way to make your product unique.

So lets start with a oldie but a goodie: coil head airflow. With coil head airflow, the air travels through the 510 connection or near it, through the middle of the coil head  and into the chimney. Most common types of coil head airflow would be found on tanks like the EVOD or Protank 1. The benefits of this type of airflow is that you get a sleeker design overall since the need for AFC (airflow control) rings etc.

Then you have your standard AFC holes like on the majority of RDAs. These can be large and few, or small and plenty. Atomizers like the Patriot or some of the earlier RDAs In the I-go line from Youde are good examples of this type of airflow. These designs were the first to really offer a good draw, but weren’t adjustable, so once you drilled out the airflow holes, you could never go back to a smaller hole diameter. This could be a pain to someone like myself who has a few different vaping styles and would want to be able to change how my airflow works.

The next type of design to come out was the AFC ring type, which allowed you to adjust the amount of airflow you received. This was a huge leap towards fully adjustable atomizers and made it so that people didn’t have to be stuck with one setting or another. I remember using my Igo w-6 which had the airflow ring on it. I loved how versatile It was and that I could adjust it on the fly. Basically any of the atomizers that you can adjust that also get their airflow from the side fit into this category. Other attys use the same concept, but choose to integrate the ring into the barrel design like the Stillaire.

During the time of the adjustable airflow ring, some manufacturers started to think a little differently about Where the airflow should come from. They took a page from both the adjustable AFC RDAs and added the flavor concentration of a Kayfun’s bottom fed airflow. What they came up with was the Magma. This RDA changed everything in terms of where the air should come from when we vape. By forcing the air around the bottom of the coil, flavor production was increased, and juice no longer leaked out of the airflow. The only downside to this atty was the cloud production, which wasn’t quite there. Since then we have seen a few other attys that use this technology The Kennedy comp Atty has four 4 mm air holes that come straight from the bottom of the RDA. This greatly improved cloud production, and along with other designs, eliminated the low cloud production of the Magma.

There are many many different  shapes, sizes, and placement of airflow on our devices. It’s up to the user to determine what works best for him/her. I love that we are no longer stuck with set airflow, and that the innovations in airflow technology has allowed us to customize for each person. I think the more adjustments we are able to make with our gear, the more successful vaping can be for people looking to make the switch.

That wraps it up for us with this installment in the Drip Tips with Grant series. Watch out for our next blog, where we will be talking about…… Vapor production!

Written by: Grant

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Dan Frost says:

    I have purchased an air control vale V3 for my kanger pro tank, I am having an issue with the coils since i started using it. The coils often are only lasting for a day or two. The actual vape when it is working is amazing and i want to continue using it but it seems to be an issue for me. maybe i am doing something wrong , such as tightening the coil to much , i dont know but i have noticed if the coil isnt quite secure when i screw on the tank it loosens the coil then i dont have contact with the battery and no vape , so i try to make sure the coil is in well but then i am having the problem that my coils are only working for a day or two . any help would be appreciated .
    Thanks Dan

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