Drip Tips with Grant – Actual Drip Tips!

So today, we’re actually going to talk about drip tips! The actual ones! There have got to be a million of these little guys on the market, and each can affect the way we vape. From long thin tips meant for cooling the vapor, to Chuff caps with a diameter you could fit a dime into, each has it’s own purpose and pros/cons.


Standard drip tip- This is the most common type of drip tip on the market today. If you own just about any clearomizer, it will come with a standard drip tip. They are usually 10-15mm tall and around 5-6mm in diameter and are designed for the average amount of airflow and the average amount of cooling. They sometimes come with different features like airflow adjustments, delrin sleeves, or custom lathe work. I’ve seen them made out of aluminum, steel, wood, delrin, glass, and other various metals and plastics.

Wide bore (2)Wide bore- A wide bore drip tip is similar to a standard except for a few minor differences. A wide bore drip tip is going to have an inside diameter of more than 6mm and unlike a standard tip, will be easy to drip into. They are primarily found on 26650 attys, and with other atomizers that may have a “cloud chasing” aspect to them, but also used as everyday gear.
Flute Drip Tip (2)Extended/flute style- These drip tips are for flavor chasers in my opinion. Lots of folks like to run their gear at high wattages to get that dense flavor, but don’t like the heat that is a result of those high power settings. These drip tips can be identified by their long, slender appearance. The long distance the vapor must travel coupled with the thinner metal and small diameter can greatly reduce the temperature of the vapor from the coil to the user. It also concentrates the flavor more than others so you will get a cool, flavorful vape.

Chuff CapsChuff caps- Chuff caps are not technically drip tips, but the serve the same purpose as one, so I decided to include them. A chuff cap is basically a drip tip the size of your outer barrel on an RDA. These are for people who want to chuck clouds, plain and simple. The flavor is there, but it’s no better or worse than a wide bore or even a standard. They are convenient to drip into since they are so wide, making it easier to just drip into your chuff cap than remove your entire top cap to drip.

Whichever tip you decide to go with, make sure that it’s going to suit your style. If a nice cool vape with lots of flavor is what you are looking for, then go with a flute style. If monster clouds of vapor is the goal, then a wide bore or chuff cap is what you need.

Watch out for drip tips #7 where we will be talking about airflow and how it affects our vape. Until then Vape on breathe strong, vapers!

Written by: Grant

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

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    Cool, I just wish that Mt Baker offered more 510 drip tips. Like a swivel drip tip for example.

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