Drip Tips for Enhanced Vaping With Electronic Cigarettes

The majority of people who get into vaping are looking to make the e-cig as much like a real cigarette as possible. This is one of the reasons why most beginners purchase e-cigs and kits which make use of cartomizers or disposable cartridges. While this may be a more convenient way to continue vaping versus refilling the e-cig, the vapor cloud which is produced is not as large as those possible from the use of e-cig dripping.

What is dripping?

Dripping is the addition of small quantities of e-liquid into the atomizer of the e-cigarette. Simply place a drip tip directly over the atomizer and hold the drip tip in a position which allows for the e-liquid to flow into the atomizer. The use of a drip results in a larger vapor cloud which has a fuller flavor.

Is dripping difficult to do?

Dripping may feel awkward at first and you may even make a bit of a mess. If you practice developing your own unique technique for dripping you will soon get the hang of what works best for you. You’ll be glad that you did, as dripping provides an enhanced vaping experience.

The Role of Drip Tips

Drip tips are made of metal or plastic materials and they are designed to fit over the atomizer. They create an avenue for the e-liquid to flow into the atomizer and they are the equivalent of a mouthpiece. It is best to limit the quantity of e-liquid to a few drops and to allow for the liquid to settle into the atomizer before you use it.

Some Words of Caution

E-cigarette drip tips should not be used with automatic batteries as any leakage of the fluid into an unsealed battery can cause permanent damage which could render the battery useless. Make sure that the battery and terminals which connect it are sealed before you opt for dripping with a particular e-cigarette.

Make sure that you do not allow the atomizer to run dry while dripping. If you do, it could result in a burning of the wick or even destruction of the unit. In addition to that, the vapor which will be produced becomes very harsh and may cause an unpleasant burning sensation in the back of the throat during use.

Advancing from beginner to intermediate or advanced vaping means experimenting with new ways to heighten your vaping enjoyment. So long as the proper precautions are taken and we use the right components and techniques, such is the case of dripping with quality drip tips; we can take our vaping to a whole new level.


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