DNA 200: The Last Device You’ll Ever Buy?

The DNA 200 is one of the hottest topics in high-end vaping right now. Wondering whether you should invest in a DNA 200 device? Wondering what in tarnation a DNA 200 is? I’ll answer both questions in today’s blog.

Chips ‘n Drip:

All regulated devices have a chip inside. The chip regulates your voltage/watts, protects against shorts, monitors battery life, determines ramp-up time, screen display and other variables. You might not know it, but devices from companies that seem to have nothing in common are often using the same handful of chips available to the market. Two mods that both use the same chip and take the same batteries are essentially the same, and the difference lies in style, size, and color. This is what the DNA 200 is, not a specific device, but the chip that powers it. Mod developers are scrambling to get their devices to the market with this new chip, and for good reason. This chip has more features than any other chip before it.

Take Charge of Your Vape:

The main concept of the DNA 200 is user customizability. Many, if not all, of the features have existed on devices before. Want to do 200w? There’s a slew of devices that will do that. Temp Control? Check! We have an oversaturated market of devices available for $60. So, how do you currently shop for a new mod? Simple, you wade through the hundreds of options available, and pick the one that gives you most of the features you want, without sacrificing too many others. Imagine if your pick was based entirely on aesthetics–this is essentially what the DNA 200 aims to do. By using its accompanying “Escribe” software, you can adjust nearly everything the chip does. Want it to preheat to 150w when you press the button? Don’t want preheat at all? Want it to give you a compliment whenever you turn it on? Want to see only your battery life and amp drawn on the screen? How about if your warning for temp protection said, “It’s getting hot in here, you better slow your roll!”  The list goes on and on, and the options are limitless. The main point is, you’re no longer limited to what the designer of the mod thinks you want. It’s all up to you!

The Catch:

So is it the last device you’ll ever buy? Well, in short…no.

Ecigs advance at the speed of light, and it’ll only be another couple months before somebody comes up with the next great thing (Disruptor TC, I’m looking at you). The DNA 200 still suffers from cripplingly low battery capacity in most devices using it. With the power cranked all the way up, Pbusardo (a great e-cig reviewer on youtube) ran his three-cell LiPo pack empty in a cool four minutes. There’s also the price to consider: one of these devices will set you back at least $150.

So, should you get one? Well, that’s a bit like the difference between buying a four-door sedan or a Bugatti. One is more practical, and will do mostly everything you need it to. Sure the other one will go 200mph, but how often are you going to do that? If the answer is all day, every day, then spring for the Bugatti. If the answer is, “I went 80 mph once,” then there are many more practical devices out there. Fortunately, they’ve never been more affordable. I highly recommend the new Evic VTC Mini or IPVD2, both great mods that will serve you well and won’t break the bank.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • dragon says:

    I thought innokin was working with evolv…wont the disruptor (like several other manufacturers) utilize the same dna?

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    Very Interesting read, I think Innokin knows whats up!

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    Almost everything I vape is from Innokin. They make good stuff, can’t wait to try this one.

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